FIFA 23 – Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona – La Liga 22/23 Full Match | PS5™ [4K60]

FIFA 23 PS5 Gameplay in 4K.

Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona – La Liga 22/23 Full Match at Wanda Metropolitano.

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11 respuestas a FIFA 23 – Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona – La Liga 22/23 Full Match | PS5™ [4K60]

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  2. David G dijo:

    Do weghorst in united vs city

  3. Œ_Æ dijo:

    🛑Guys I play on ps4 but there is no hypermotion after goal's rewiev, what to do?

  4. PANDA dijo:

    Nice pro Am I allowed to take 30 seconds to aim

  5. Mert Karaketir dijo:

    Turkey's biggest derby is tomorrow. Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray.

    play this match too (you be Fenerbahce)

  6. HAMOODY92 SAIB dijo:

    2-2 DRAW

  7. Ghost750.19 dijo:

    Could you change the noise of the nets to put a more realistic one plz ?

  8. ASJM dijo:


  9. wolfyrealzplayzRoblox dijo:

    Ik u can do it

  10. wolfyrealzplayzRoblox dijo:

    Keep up the content mj7

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