Vini Jr. hits out at LaLiga chief over racism inaction

Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior spoke out on Twitter following alleged racist taunts at Camp de Mestalla during Real Madrid’s match against Valencia.
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40 respuestas a Vini Jr. hits out at LaLiga chief over racism inaction

  1. Kelly Granadillo dijo:

    The worst part is he got a red for grabbing someone’s neck even do the Valencia players were just pushing him fouling him and the ref didn’t care🙅👎👎👎RACISM😩

  2. Lucas Portela dijo:

    Que pena que o nosso futebol regional não se desenvolveu o suficiente para que os nossos talentos permaneçam no nosso pais, nunca o Vini seria tratado assim no Brasil.

  3. _chsetu. dijo:

    Bro i don't understand what's wrong with people, He didn't do nothing to them and he was just standing up for himself, People get bullied in school for wearing anything. And now this? What's wrong with generation nowadays? This is why I miss the old times.

  4. Joumalonje dijo:

    They want to distroy him.
    What a terrible world.
    Jesus is coming back to end that.

  5. Steven King dijo:

    Pls everyone stand for Vini we're one and same blood

  6. a1 brandon dijo:

    As a Barca fan I support vini

  7. Youth Enlightenment dijo:

    Vini you should be packing your belongings; I know the Premier league will love to have a good player like you.

  8. Guy Orlik dijo:

    Vini is the goat for standing up for himself i hope it all goes away

  9. Marcel Value dijo:

    I stopped watching FB for over 15 year – because of RACISM in the sport
    – i once owned a Football blog I purchased for 4000 USD and sold it for 4000 USD.
    – Used to listen to French Footbalall results on Short wave radio.
    The football authorities are idiots and lazy.

  10. Zayan's Gaming dijo:

    Vinicius doesnt deserve that disrespect😢

  11. Michael Aguiar dijo:


  12. DANYAR dijo:

    People on top they don’t do nothing , because they are not afraid of normal people. Ban stadiums, don’t go matches , don’t go to Valencia matches, teams don’t go out to the peach, don’t play against Valencia now, you’ll lose 3 points or whatever, don’t buy merchandise,but the league Tops will pay attention. They will start loosing money, and and then will listen and be scared of people. It’s that simple. People have to understand they have a power over bunch of authorities. Talking ain’t going to get nowhere.

  13. HaseebBhat dijo:

    We are Here For Vini

  14. William T Bono Jr dijo:

    Vini is one of my best player's i love im the world 🌎 of sports ❤

  15. Jon Snow dijo:

    Spain belongs to racists.

  16. OUR WORLD dijo:

    We are with vini❤

  17. Ariel Saborit dijo:

    Vamos…sabemos que mas del 50% de españoles son racistas..
    Es lamentable pero es la realidad..

  18. hey ramiz this video is banned dijo:

    Racism is a kid thing, but people don't know what racism is…

  19. Munene wa DC dijo:

    Valencia fans are just frustrated their club is in finished

  20. Business R dijo:

    Spain being so racist to Vinicius is not a surprise. It's a barbaric country like many other European countries. They all benefit from Africa's wealth. Without Africa, Spain would be deep in the gutter, deep in 💩. Barbaric and animalistic European countries. Honor Africa and Africans because without us you are nothing.

  21. Me lon dijo:

    If there are people who should be racists, it is us – the once colonized. Spain's race are those of colonizers who are evil! U being racist like this, boils my blood. Hypocrite Spanish-racist people. Shame on them

  22. flow Gabz dijo:

    He has something special which some do not have.The most skilled player.keep head up Jr they won't stop you.

  23. Arinze Anajemba dijo:

    Spanish, if not for EU, would have been a third world country.

  24. Sam Dark dijo:

    Say no to racism!

  25. Brain fuel dijo:

    Ban La liga from football


    Their ancestral spirit of colonization is still lingering in the minds

  27. Linguar999 dijo:

    This is so stupid when a La Liga president himself stands against the the victim this so stupid Fifa should ban The entire team

  28. Spino Boy dijo:

    Why does courtois speak better English than England's football international team💀

  29. Odel Lowe dijo:

    Totally embarrassing, racist Spain people, from this day forward I will see everyone from Spain as racist, everyone, I am watching to see if the president will be fired

  30. Mate Para Hoy dijo:

    Lamentable, España, Liga de futbol Español, son racistas, gente racista. Igual que Hitller.

  31. mwakoa dijo:

    Football is the most beautiful game in the world. So, let us all behave beautifully. Love does not hurt. Love, love and love the beautiful game. Thank you all.

  32. Mozammel Hossen dijo:

    একজন প্রতিভাবান খেলোয়াড়ের প্রতিভা মুছে দিতে বর্ণবাদ মাথাচাড়া দিয়ে উঠছে। এটা গোটা পৃথিবীর কালো লোকদের জন্য হতাশাজনক

  33. Baim x dijo:

    Come to EPL, Vini!

  34. Klient Hilli dijo:

    Vini is the goat❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  35. Lil Clown dijo:

    They done this because they know vinicius is one of the best player so they wanna make him down. I don't why these fu*king peoples are like this we all are humans. God give us different skin colour and all. The reality is skin colour doesn't matters he is a best player and he has a skill that racists don't have. So sad for this f**king thing.

  36. Neliswani Mkhwanazi dijo:

    Suspend that stadium, no matches should happen there for a long time so the locals will feel it.

  37. Melani Beukes dijo:


  38. reuben kiprono dijo:

    Yes he pointed 👉 the guy who was racist to him because if he can't talk the Spain league president couldn't do anything 😢😢😢😢😢

  39. ROGER B-D-R dijo:

    You know what is strange and shameless it s not many white player spoke to this event

  40. Staywoke People dijo:

    Their saying "Mono, Tonto, Mono, Tonto"

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