FC Barcelona v Real Madrid (Tactical Preview): How Barcelona Can DEFEAT Real Madrid At The Camp Nou

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35 respuestas a FC Barcelona v Real Madrid (Tactical Preview): How Barcelona Can DEFEAT Real Madrid At The Camp Nou

  1. BARCA MEDIA dijo:

    🚨Dembele and Pedri WILL NOT be available for the upcoming Clasico. (Javi Miguel)

  2. Ryan Veira dijo:

    I like your energy in this vid, brudda

  3. Saso Star dijo:

    Mannnn i wish Dembele was there to eat Nacho 🌮

  4. Mana Barine dijo:

    We love and celebrate you for all the consistent updates

  5. Red Dragon dijo:

    Santiago Bernabeu is Barca's training pitch lol



  7. Devi dijo:

    Hopefully we don't get overconfident and we just win, our backline should focus on the right players always, midfield taking the control over and our attack well hope it's their day and they are in the right mind

  8. Henry Kojo dijo:

    I want us to bring Iñigo Martinez and Gundogan

  9. Henry Kojo dijo:

    It feels like a long time that we have played El Clasico at Spotify Camp Nou. Madness

  10. superdupertrooper dijo:

    Kevin why do you think we don’t use pablo torre when we’ve had the injuries for him to play?

  11. Or Alemu dijo:

    Araujo pocketing vini incoming

  12. Richard1 dijo:

    Damn i was expecting pedri to be ready, that's really disappointing, since there is no good replacement for pedri.

  13. Elton Masekesa dijo:

    we NEED PABLO TORRE to play in place of Kessie

  14. Obihood1 dijo:

    One thing is for sure we would see a prime Busquet and De Jong like always

  15. Kunmite dijo:

    Can you create a WhatsApp group

  16. k peter g dolo dijo:

    Kevin this game will be treated as a War because on Sunday night. As it should be because they will go in defensive mode at the Camp Nou but we will match them for everything because we have a better defense, and Vini Jr daddy will be back, and we will see who will be laughing come Sunday night. Because the first leg we went into the game with the wrong mentality and the players didn't listen to the instructions Xavi Hernandez gave to them, but that's not the case anymore. And I want us to target Nacho because he is the worst left back in the league under pressure, and Toni Kross, Luka Modric, and Camavinga, all crumbled under the pressure. And this team that we have it's the complete opposite to them. So let's do this. Visca Barca, and Visca Catalunya.

  17. Santa Maya Rai dijo:

    Vamos barge ❤❤

  18. Marlon Brown dijo:

    La Liga would be in Barcas hands if Barca wins

  19. Clifford David dijo:

    I wish you could be telling xavi this directly

  20. MoneysInvesto dijo:

    Win tomorrow then we have won the league! For the remaining 12 games we just need to win 7.

  21. Dabeluchukwu Isaac dijo:

    You couldn't resist taking a pop at Real Madrid "the Santiago Bernabeu is Barcalona's home, that's out training pitch" 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Zackee21 dijo:

    We lack any form of creativity. It wouldn't be easy at all. We need lewa to be on his A game . Our clinicality is a big determinant of how this game will end. We need to take our chances and defend properly

  23. Kirt Connected dijo:

    That new jersey gonna loose the mattch

  24. Omer Phiri dijo:

    I know Pedri is been kept aware from the international duty.

  25. bernard matale dijo:

    I believe Dembele and Pedri have recovered but we don't want to declare that because that would mean they get national team calls. Smart Dr Pruna😂

  26. Ayaz Hassan dijo:

    can we apperciate how much content kevin puts up for us just so we can be up to date with everything in fc barcelona

  27. Cocoy Bibit dijo:

    Stop playing Alonso and our chances would exponentially go high 💯

  28. George Chima dijo:

    If Barcelona use Roberto instead of kessie they will lose the match ..Gavi ,kessie de jong and busquets should be our 4 man midfield

  29. Dark Avenger dijo:

    Pedri like for real .. He's a disease that Barcelona cannot seem to find solution to… True gem and i don't miss anyone more than pedri

  30. ViscaBarca201❤️💙 dijo:

    No Pedri no Dembele i doubt if we win

  31. Elbee Kb dijo:

    if we were to choose a player for each player….Real madrid is a little better comparing player to player, but not much….. But we have a better team work and play better together…thats why we will win again.

  32. S A dijo:

    saka » raphinha –or–garcia
    kvara » ez.abde +45
    mitoma » ? +33
    langkudus » collado

    ferran » felix
    nico > pellistrimartial or moriba

  33. lunar eclipse dijo:

    We must be humble and keep our heads down and not…….by any means ……. underestimate real Madrid
    We should remember the season where we lost 4 classicos back to back, stay focused and win
    And pray no one gets injured

  34. kelvin kamdani dijo:

    Without pedri its gonna be hard for us to beat madrid especially they got a ful squad right now. Maybe another scrappy 1 goal win or we lose. I dont see draw here cus both team want to win

  35. S A dijo:

    midfielders to decide to take. both or one :
    — alex jay scott
    — florian wirtz
alternatives : lovro majer — ravel morrison

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