'Real Madrid WAIT too long to bring their A game vs Atletico' – MADRID DERBY REACTION | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Luis Garcia and Alejandro Moreno join Kay Murray to react to Real Madrid drawing 1-1 vs. Atletico Madrid in the derby at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

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50 respuestas a 'Real Madrid WAIT too long to bring their A game vs Atletico' – MADRID DERBY REACTION | ESPN FC

  1. BJK41 dijo:

    90% percent of Referees are Real Madrid supports and the whole of Football Federation is ruled by Real Madrid supporters therefore the Referees can do what they like and they will continue to punish Atletico this is not a secret it is all out in the open,La Liga is corrupt because it is Real Madrid Nazi regime ruling.

  2. BJK41 dijo:

    90% percent of the Referees are Real Madrid supporters and the entire Football Federation are Real Madrid supporters and they are corrupt,in the next Madrid derby the referee will give a red card to Atletico Madrid player this is now normal as La Liga is corrupt,poor Atletico they are being punished.

  3. GM Godlove dijo:

    Real has no A game. It’s D game, desperation game.

  4. robinjoe1 dijo:

    RM were mediocre before Casemiro. I expect them to go back to that with him gone.

  5. Real Pirate dijo:

    Wonder how it feels to get payed to keep your mouth shut about obvious errors and controversies.

  6. Bertram Mallia dijo:

    Real getting help from referees in another derby, nothing new.

  7. Dr. Daniel Miezah dijo:

    Great Madrid

  8. Galactico dijo:

    I guess that have already accepted it that league isn’t their, and saving the energy for Copa Del Rey and UCL. Just hope that Barca doesn’t knock us out of the Copa. Ancelotti has bet his future on cup tournaments, and that’s a dangerous place to be. With likes of Arribas & Alvaro, I can’t believe Mariano and Hazard even make it the squad

  9. wayne bailey dijo:

    Just give the youngsters a chance you are already 8 points behind in laliga

  10. Roman69 dijo:

    We should now Give up on Laliga title this season and should try to be in top four and we should go all out for the UEFA Champions League again and Copa del Rey if we win the UCL this is the only way we can save our season

  11. Surendra Purohit dijo:

    Quite disrespectful for Atletico Madrid, this review.

  12. Mubarak Ibraheem dijo:

    Everytime Madrid wins league they have an inconsistent season next. This is why madrid keep failing to defend La Liga despite doing well in UCL knockouts. I am a madrid fan by the way. This is something the board should look at, the record in spanish competitions i.e La Liga and copa del rey is not sexy for a club like that. I dunno if there is this mentality of saving a lot of energy for the biggest of them(UCL) all still. Despite atleti’s red card madrid brought their game late so i can’t understand any of this whether they want us to be impressed by another comeback late

  13. Ahmad Alkhalaf dijo:

    That’s it .. Real Madrid wait too much to respond with a win mentality! It wasn’t enough yesterday.

  14. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    Madrid are coasting in the league. They seem primed for another Champions League though.

  15. Gabbie T dijo:

    I honestly don't expect these players to perform at their level best every match when they play every 3 days. The games are just too much and these players aren't machines. The league is most likely gone, but we can still end the season with 4 trophies. I say we go for those trophies instead and do rotation in Laliga games.

  16. Rohan Kanungo dijo:

    Playing with 10 men against 12 men isn't easy actually 💯

  17. Alfred Wayne dijo:

    No chances for Real Madrid, Barça is focused lol

  18. There are no facts, only interpretations dijo:

    Financial incentive to win UCL is far higher than to win La Liga
    (eg: if you go to UCL final, you get more matches,, more matches = more revenues.. but for the league,, you'll play fixed number of matches)
    If a club has to choose between UCL or the league,
    They will naturally choose UCL

  19. Game Star 954 dijo:

    Real Madrid is inevitable

  20. Trance. FC dijo:

    That Liverpool game and horrible defense made sme ppl forget that RM are fragile and have been struggling most of the season, if it weren't for some controversial Refereeing decisions today they would've even lost and Remember my words they will get knocked-out in the UCL the moment they play a decent team , Liverpool this year are a mid-team that's not even debatable , ppl seem to forget that last year UCL they were got dominated in every fixture and only individual brilliance from Benzema & courtois saved the day every time .

  21. melwyn lobo dijo:

    Gil Manzano???👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  22. michael richardson dijo:

    If these Spanish teams played in EPL they neither would have the energy nor a fit squad to win CL .. farmers’ league .. overrated VARdrid

  23. michael richardson dijo:

    Ref Gil Manzano was once photographed walking out with a bag full of gifts from Unreal VARdrid .. cheats

  24. Adam Felix dijo:

    Wow! These Pundits are a bunch of dummies. They act like Madrid should have won this game easily when Atletico was a though match to play. Just because Real Madrid destroyed Liverpool does not mean they will destroy a team in laliga. Stupid idiots. Why does these people even have a job..

  25. Raynaldo Garcia dijo:

    Absolutely no acknowledgement of refereeing error LMAO

  26. Faneriuba dijo:

    Manzano showed up again for RM, what a performance, saving the day for real again, what a player Gil Manzano is… I hope he can stay fit and play as long as possible for real in order for them to win a title. vamos gilll putaaaaaa

  27. Marco Hubner dijo:

    R MAdrid didnt way too long. They just cant play football. This is their entire season. People think that because playing counteres against a poor team like liverpool then RM is great. Is not dude. This Ale guy knows nothing of football.

  28. Eton Strawn dijo:

    They only have strength for liverpool 😆

  29. Daniel T dijo:

    no mention about the refs, classic.

  30. Vishal Ramadhin dijo:

    Asensio is a total waste of player, if he does not score that one goal he does nothing.

  31. Paul Azzar dijo:

    By the way, you all thought Vinicius is the best in the world after Liverpool. Where was he today?

  32. Paul Azzar dijo:

    RM lack long and fast passes. They allow the other team to build a wall and they just circle around it.

  33. Paul Phoenix dijo:

    Look at all the Barca dogs commenting here. First they get kicked out of UCL. Then get kicked out of the inferior Europa league. And they're still running their potty mouth. Bunch of shameless mutts

  34. Atletico Madrid dijo:

    Everytime we play against real, we always get disadvantage. Literally every single game. Remember the cl final offside goal and don't even have to go far just like last derby when Hermoso got sent off and oh don't forget Savic got a very easy red card again on the copa del Rey. But they are never talking about the referee
    Even today, players got so much yellow cards and very soft ones

  35. Name dijo:

    It felt like they were playing at 70% only. I believe, eventhough Ancelotti says they will fight for the League, they know Barca basically won the league, so they will focus more on everything else. We will see Modric Camavinga Tchouameni against Barca for sure.

  36. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio dijo:

    The production quality of this content is top-notch. 🎥👌

  37. George Chima dijo:

    13 vs 10 and still couldn't win…corrupt club.shame on real Madrid

  38. David Barker dijo:

    Madrid played right into Atleti hands if we are being honest. Just one of those things that happen, sadly it's a season wherein Barca be desperate for anything, to justify selling everything but their souls to be competitive, scrapping for every point. But Madrid ain't that insecure, not even with the fans whistling the just do there thing. Unfortunate to concede cuz they knew they will have their moment. Kudos to Alvaro.

  39. Christian WAG dijo:

    After next week Real 0 – 3 LFC, then drag to extra time then by miracle The Reds went thru last 8…..

    Book your hotel in Istanbul 😄😆😆

  40. Klara Milić dijo:

    MODRIĆ need start in game like this. He play only 20 minutes and assist one goal and make 4 chances…

  41. no name dijo:

    Barcelona probably bought the referee in this match.

  42. no name dijo:

    La Liga is a corrupt league by Barcelona anyway.

  43. Aafaq Ahmed dijo:

    Real madrid have been struggling against teams that play low block since the wc…They're lacking the spontaneity and intensity…

  44. Breno Rodrigues dijo:

    Saying again…. This Real Madrid team just think they're way superior than any opposition in La Liga (which is true), that bein said… they just dont care about La Liga at all. Its clear to see.

  45. Redpill Knowledge dijo:

    Waiting for Liverpool reaction 😅🤣🤣

  46. Emanuel Tudor dijo:

    Savic mvp

  47. Simon Oliver dijo:

    Am I the only person who doesn't understand how real Madrid can be as many points behind Barcelona this season because every time I watch Barcelona against a decent team they do not win I genuinely don't understand it do real Madrid only turn it on in Europe this season? do they not care about the league?🤣 I genuinely find it a puzzle I don't watch la liga religiously but Barcelona look like flat track bullies when I watch them at home in la liga but in Europe and against real Madrid imo they look inferior just my opinion maybe somebody can give me an alternative view on this ? 🤣

  48. K.F dijo:

    How come that u guy’s didn’t mentioned how Gil manzano tried his best to help Real Madrid, 2 penalties and the stretch leg from behind by Nacho on Correa and then Gil gives Correa red for a minor thing after Rudiger hold him etc. It’s sad you guys aren’t objective in your analysis. It’s a scandal that happened at Madrid. Poor reporting guys

  49. daschy t dijo:

    Just play the UCL music before every LaLiga match and they’ll be fine…

  50. Neiko McCalla dijo:

    As a Madrid fan. We have lost the league today. Hopefully we can win the UCL!

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