Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona [0-1], La Liga, 2023 – MATCH REVIEW

Ousmane Dembele’s first half goal secured a huge win for Xavi’s Barça team, coming live from the Metropolitano stadium on Sunday. Robert Lewandowski was suspended for Barcelona, but through Dembélé and a goal-line clearance from Ronald Araujo – they got the job done. Despite Ferran Torres being sent off late on, after an altercation with Stefan Savic.




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41 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona [0-1], La Liga, 2023 – MATCH REVIEW

  1. TalkFCB dijo:

    HUGE moments from Ousmane Dembélé and Ronald Araujo! 🔥👏

  2. Sum Gowda dijo:

    Absolutely spot on about not taking chances/finding the right pass..i blasted at gavi when he held the ball for too long and turned back

  3. Sum Gowda dijo:

    Atleti showed us why possession game won't work against teams that counter press…for once Atleti decide to play pressing football and it got us in all kinds of trouble

  4. King Bradley dijo:

    Xavi makes some questionable decisions imo. He just doesnt seem to want De Jong at the team at all. Why would he do such, only to put Kessie in his place. Doesnt make sense. Also Raphina being unused as he is being is stupid. Im not happy with this at all. All season, questionable lineups, questionable subs, questionable setups against certain teams. IDK, this is not it though.

  5. Henry Dre Bestman dijo:

  6. Orion🐐 dijo:

    Players who always play good for Barca these days:
    Frenkie (only sometimes plays poor)
    Ter stegen
    I think they all should be untouchables.

  7. jzr91 dijo:

    There’s a good team here, it’s just about building it up to be consistent. We’ve seen some brilliant moments, but there’s more work to be done. While I wasn’t convinced by the most of the performance, I’m very happy for the win. Atlético at home is tough no matter the circumstance and the fact that the players were able to hold on is massive for their confidence.

  8. Paschal Rapuluchukwu dijo:

    Stubborness on Sergio Busquet and Gavi is what will kill Xavi

  9. Paschal Rapuluchukwu dijo:

    Christensen is the best player tonight. Xavi is the problem. No Hunger from Barca. And I don't know why Xavi still insist on Busquets

  10. Allan Crawford dijo:

    Dembele no good

  11. MktNinja dijo:

    Now I know why Kessie hasn’t been getting playing time. Good thing we didn’t pay too much for him

  12. Dehron Harvey dijo:

    Jamie…yet another great video…but I strongly believe that we aren't training well, the lack of intensity especially in the second half, all speaks on our fitness and stamina and we are going get hurt over and over if we cant play to the highest level for 90+ mins

  13. Gowon Clasp dijo:

    Araujo is the man in control of that entire defense without him we would have been struggling in our defense he's the perfect defender for our team 💯💯💯💯

  14. Indra Chauhan dijo:

    Every game is different we must appreciate the players for the points what if we had to loss that game? It was big win Athletics are well prepared to face Barcelona but they couldn't take the results and it a response to Digo siminone for his pre match comments.

  15. Ifeanyi Philip dijo:

    Unimpressive performance from Barce… we were lucky to come of with all three points

  16. Samuel Ajou dijo:

    Happy to be back with jamy update

  17. Skillz Empire dijo:

    Balde was very negative..i was really disappointed 😞

  18. Reitu Dichabe dijo:

    We lacked control in the 2nd half. My biggest surprise was Xavi not starting Alonso, thank God for that. I'm tired of seeing Busquets starting games, especially big 1's. Our midfielders need to really work on their vision and execution of through balls. It's very alarming after seeing open areas with free runners not getting picked up. We can't be relying on scoring goals with long buildups only, sometimes it literally takes just 1 pass to split a team apart. Overall, controlling the tempo is surely a thorn in our team

  19. Masila Travel dijo:

    That was a massive win

  20. Cornelius Juwle Wreh dijo:

    The Shield 🛡️ of our defense is Araujo, no doubt. Many thanks to him for making sure that we collected the three points

  21. Ten Fitness Goals dijo:

    😂😂😂😂😂Ferran is emotional demotivated i think

  22. Logiic dijo:

    Dembele scoring in another one nil game, away at the Wanda Metropolitano 🔥

  23. SHAMAR SHAH dijo:

    The way we sat back when we got in the lead is the main reason we invited more pressure from athleti

  24. deehaz snow dijo:

    Not impressed ..I’ll take the win but I’m not impressed

  25. Carlos Mendez dijo:

    Jamie, can you expand your thoughts on Ansu? I am rooting for him to do well but I am just not seeing it, something is off and I think it should have Raphinha that started instead.

  26. Jason Rodriguez dijo:

    Barcelona should try and sign Moises caicedo he’s a cm/cdm from Brighton 20 years old and already a starter in the prem he is a wonder kid and I think Barca can sign him for 40 million

    They have to act fast tho because by next season that will probably double

  27. Jason Rodriguez dijo:

    De jong played bad after athleti started pressing us he looke confused in the midfield

    Ansu was just not in the spaces he should have been that’s why he came off

  28. 2Slick dijo:

    We did all of that just to draw vs Gatafe and lose to Girona in the next matches lol I can’t get my expectations up for this side

  29. Goatman dijo:

    You forgot to mention Raphinha getting on the field

  30. Bylo Band dijo:

    In American football, when you get a tough opponent like this, we have a saying: no such thing as a bad win. This was always going to be a tough match, we did that needed doing to secure the victory, on to the next.

  31. Mohammed Hossain dijo:

    Are these matches really live on ITV? You have that watermark on the top right…

  32. Muhd Afrid dijo:

    but still cant digest that draw against Espanyol if we won that match, we would be mile ahead of madrid

  33. Ras Alphar dijo:

    Pedri should copy Kevin debraine faster pass

  34. Jawad Shah dijo:

    Who else misses Auba now?

  35. Tanay Vaidya dijo:

    Barcelona delivered. Big game, a lead at the top of the league table on the line, tough opposition away from home.

    And we won. Not convincingly, but I'll allow it. I want this team to be obsessed with winning La Liga. If we can't do it with grace, we'll kick the other team off the pitch. We're exactly where we want to be right now. Let's stay there.

  36. Iniesta8 dijo:

    busquets was bad and kept doing passing mistakes

  37. Lionel Heng dijo:

    Dembele is most overrated on the team.

  38. Alexander Nielsen dijo:

    What a game by Christensen, one of the best performers last night/throughout the season. As a dane, I'm glad that he succeeds, he is getting better and better for each game. I knew he would become solid for us the day we signed him. Underrated and best of all, he was a free signing.

    You can tell that he wants to score his first goal for Barca with that shot yesterday and a header the game before. I cant wait till his first goal.

  39. Scor pio dijo:

    I don’t believe in Xavi anymore. He is not the one who can bring old barca back. Frankie should join another club who can give him the proper value. Xavi is sticking with his friends here.

  40. Kwame Sika ena dijo:

    The game was all about pressure 💔

  41. Nathan Moore dijo:

    difficult conditions there last night!

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