FC Porto Atletico Madrid REACTION Champions League 2-1 | Simeone is a CRIMINAL! Free Felix! 🤬🤬

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36 respuestas a FC Porto Atletico Madrid REACTION Champions League 2-1 | Simeone is a CRIMINAL! Free Felix! 🤬🤬

  1. snuuw dijo:

    Porto was in the quarters last year… remember they knocked out juve

    Even last year when they went to europa with that group of death they should have gone through since they were robbed of a goal vs atleti. Yes its embarassing atleti finished last, not so embarassing they lost to Porto.. they are there every year and they pretty much always make it through

  2. Nima outlaw dijo:

    Taremi 💙best FW IRANIAN 🇮🇷 player 😍😍😍😍

  3. Zahir Almodóvar dijo:

    I'll never understand how players FC Porto have sold the past two windows and Mehdi Taremi is still there? This guy is an absolute trojan as centre forward, so underated.

  4. Hugo Fernandes dijo:

    HH cmon last time we were in quarters was when you beat us and won your Cl at our stadium

  5. Kkronical dijo:

    HH don’t you remember when Chelsea played Porto in the quarters when we won the CL?

  6. AD744 dijo:

    I did see this coming tbf after they tied to Leverkusen…

  7. Martin Winter dijo:

    la Liga no longer Nr. 2

  8. Mindspeaker dijo:

    He is a terrorist, a con artist, a fraud. He should be banned from football.

  9. English Talent Fc dijo:

    Stop making excuses for Joao Felix

  10. Nafeesa Dulane dijo:

    Ayo how u only post when liverpool lose like cmon be fair my guy hh

  11. Schierke dijo:

    Remember the days of 2014-17 when aleti was a team absolutely no one wanted to face in UCL knockouts

  12. Vlad the3rd dijo:

    If you think this is a fair world, where hard work and results matters, just remember Simeone is one of highest paid managers in the world!

  13. OmzDinho dijo:

    Joao FreeLix 👀

  14. Joe dijo:

    Where is this venom for Klopp ?? Simone have won la Liga twice, Europa League twice, 2 CL finals, and 1 Copa del Rey.

  15. Tari Joe-Otuma dijo:

    Atlético Madrid are finished!
    Simeone's time is over!

  16. bondservent dijo:

    Announce Atletico Madbrick HH

  17. Lxfj 212 dijo:

    La liga is done for now.

  18. simon scowled dijo:

    Jao Felix is a joke.

  19. Ekow Aggrey dijo:

    Very disrespectful video. Athletico is not better then brugge, porto and leverkusen. Who exactly does Athletico have that is world class? It's not a surprise Athletico finish bottom. You people love to overrate these overrated Spanish teams. The only good Spanish team is real madrid.

  20. Ekow Aggrey dijo:

    Sweet sweet revenge

  21. Ekow Aggrey dijo:

    Give porto credit. They are the better team. 3 Portuguese teams through and athletico, barca and sevilla are all knocked out. Portuguese league deserves to be in the top 5 more than overrated slow la liga.

  22. LEP stream is needed again dijo:

    End of an era. Simeone football is dead.

  23. Jaheim_4pf dijo:


  24. Patrickk dijo:

    Simeone’s son will head to the knockout rounds of the UCL while he gets eliminated from Europa completely 😂😂

  25. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie dijo:

    Atletico Madrid miss out on European knockouts for the first time since 2010-11… respect Portuguese Liga??? 🤔

  26. Jose Santos dijo:

    Atleti are nowhere near big enough to have the arrogance of wanting to finish bottom to avoid the Europa League lol
    These guys used to be the EL merchants along with Sevilla. So there is no way Simeone planned this.
    It's just that him and this team is FINISHED.
    He's getting a hell of a paycheck if he gets sacked because apparently this criminal is the best paid manager 😆🤣

  27. Timbo Family dijo:

    I used to love this guy but he’s a fraud now he never progressed

  28. Wos Colchoneros 🏆 dijo:

    It’s a disgrace, we are finished. Simeone needs to leave ASAP. The balance in the lineup was absolutely horrible. Oh and don’t let me get onto those brainless players Saul, Carrasco and Savic omg

  29. The Watchman dijo:

    A PHD wing needs to be opened for the brick academy for SSimeone. This is downright genocide.

  30. mcLOVIN dijo:

    The highest paid manager in world football

  31. The Watchman dijo:

    Why did me comment get deleted ?

  32. Gedeao Da mata dijo:

    Joao felix need to move out

  33. Supernova 22 dijo:

    Portugal the REAL super league

  34. mr football news dijo:

    Simeone needs time to rebuild

  35. Zino dijo:

    Simeone needs his section in the brick academy plus an ankle monitor for crimes against the beautiful game

  36. Red Whites dijo:

    It’s the beginning of the end. The players look defeated on the field , lacking motivation. Joao Felix is the least of our problems. Let’s see what the board does now. Gallardo is available. I can’t take this no more . Simeone’s contract ends in June 2024, if the club board offers him a contract, I’m gonna have a heart attack

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