Should Atletico Madrid be concerned for their future? ‘It was too EASY for Real Madrid’ | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls show) discuss some of the concerns Atlético Madrid have after their 2-1 loss against Real Madrid.

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25 respuestas a Should Atletico Madrid be concerned for their future? ‘It was too EASY for Real Madrid’ | ESPN FC

  1. ANi dijo:

    They are passed it
    They are not moving forward , probably 2 years of underachievement

  2. ben ban dijo:

    Upfront they had no creative ideas as they had in defense.

  3. Tommy Smith dijo:

    All u 2 talk about is the greedy big clubs, start talking about Celtic,rangers etc, Juls u wore a Celtic too large week, show some interest ffs!

  4. Anthony Barlow dijo:

    Gee, Barca is arguing the language they put in their OWN contract with Antons loan deal. Can anyone out there not see the bitching over euros that's coming next? . Sluts. 😋🇬🇧⚽🥂

  5. bouzoukiman5000 dijo:

    Athleti look disorganized and have a terrible time scoring goals. It's hard to watch. Maybe Simeone needs a break. He has a deep, talented team and they just can't play

  6. Darren Holmes dijo:

    Athleti bossed the 1st half against Real, Real had 2 chances and scored 2 goals, typical of Real, goals change games, nothing major wrong at Athleti, just gotta put the ball in the net, same can be said about Barca vs Bayern……

  7. nejc sila dijo:

    just my opinion by i already gave up on simeone last year even he is the greatest and a reason that atletico is where it is he should go. he build a bad defence team that is not suited for his style. and needs more focus on attack. and after all this time starting felipe is disgusting and on it self deserving firing.

  8. Trevor Regis dijo:

    I am a Argentina fan so I like Atelie , the have to play counter acting football like Valancea back in the days.

  9. Nicholas Okunakpo dijo:


  10. Crypto Rule No1 dijo:

    Simeone must go. Learn from Wenger and Arsenal. A manager that does not shake hands is a weak man.

  11. Coach Chris dijo:


  12. Death From Above dijo:

    Who cares about Atletico Madrid?? people outside Spain don't even know and watch la liga clubs outside of Varca and Madrid

  13. Danijel Hrup dijo:

    Atletico needs Lovro Majer … get him before WC

  14. luckylu77777 dijo:

    Guys love you but fix your mics. There’s a buzz on both YouTube and Spotify.

  15. Mr. Blake dijo:

    Yes they should. If they want to win the UCL they should

  16. moon-friend dijo:

    girezmaan was the only positive in the game connecting the midfield and attack but even with griezmaans effort the team looks so disconnected they need to connect the defense to midfield so that the attack don’t have to push back and collect the ball

  17. Shawn7108 dijo:

    People keep saying to implement a new style yet last season when we tried to do that we shipped so many goals despite scoring a lot more ourselves.
    With the defence we have now it makes it very difficult to fully play old school Simeone ball or a more attacking style, and the board aren't likely to bring in another CB anytime soon given our finances.
    Simeone is stuck between a rock and hard place and he seems frustrated by it right now. That being said some of his choices do need to be criticised like the Felix-Griezmann combination up front.

  18. Kevin Ngoruh Monsang dijo:

    Cholo needs to go asap, it’s been like 10 years and they have to introduce a new style in their game, pochettino or tuchel would be some ideal names that would give refreshing look to them.

  19. marcus Bear dijo:

    There is a high frequency buzz sound on this video. Editors can you fix this sound issue

  20. Nicebot dijo:

    Sack simeone for gods sake

  21. Divers Chose dijo:

    Guys, I love your show and would love if you could spend more time talking about the Spanish league! BTW, you should check your microphones, there is a high pitch tone/noise recurring in your episodes over the last weeks (maybe I m crazy and hear noises that are not there).

  22. King Darwin dijo:

    They need to sack simeone and get tuchel ..tuchel may have ended in a a bad note at Chelsea but he got top 4 ,made it to top finals and nearly knocked out Real Madrid last season in the champions league .Coaches usually never end in a good note at Chelsea .I still think he’s a elite coach and I think he would suit atletico well

  23. acaritv dijo:

    Until Atleti realizes that Cholo isn't going to change then nothing with will change. They've had star studded attacking players for the past 2-3 years still playing defensive football. Those tactics worked almost a decade ago in the 2013/14 season with that group of players because no one was a star and everyone was willing to work for that strategy. Its almost been 10 years since Cholo had the incredible run of winning La Liga and going to the UCL final but he still thinks he has to absorb pressure. A new coach is needed immediately

  24. Veli Masuku dijo:

    Penny pinching Atletico at it again

  25. Louis Zablonski dijo:

    Athletico needs to start Griezmann. He s still good .

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