Griezmann secures PERMANENT move to Atletico Madrid! Will he make a bigger impact now? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Nedum Onuoha joins Julien Laurens on the Gab & Juls Show to react to Antoine Griezmann’s permanent transfer to Atletico Madrid from Barcelona.

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6 respuestas a Griezmann secures PERMANENT move to Atletico Madrid! Will he make a bigger impact now? | ESPN FC

  1. Aziz B dijo:

    griezmann is the 2nd most overrated player in football history behind mbashit, the guy spent over 10 years between barca and atletico without a single laliga or a single CL title lmaaaaao

  2. knandez7 __ dijo:

    For the one's who unsure about his situation or thinks he damaged his career, check how why he'll probably be the most loved player ever for Atletico when his career is over. Bussiness wise he's intelligent, Atleti is his family and his loyalty is unmatched business wise because of his sale of $120m. His timing is too impeccable to call that a coincidence. He left when his transfer market was almost at the highest. That immediately protected Atleti's future with a super Talent in Joao Felix. He took overally almost a 70% paycut to stay permanently. For Atletico, he an UNBELIVEABLE asset not just bussiness wise but a lot of times of the field too. He's probably Atleti's (internally) most cherished and loved player.

  3. Csptsinsixtynine dijo:

    Good riddance 👏

  4. Hewlett dijo:

    Barcelona should have never signed him in the first place. I always knew it wouldn't work.

  5. Ivan Diaz dijo:

    Sold him for a huge 120 million euros. Then Barca had to pay another 15 mill so Atleti wouldnt sue them for having negotiated with the player without their permission while still under a lengthy contract. 135 million. Then after 2 seasons we get him back for 20 million plus up to 4 in add ons. And now his wages are not as big as before either. Then while away at Barcelona, we get Luis Suarez from them for about 6 million and win La Liga. This is Atleti's best ever piece of business.

  6. Tsi Moi dijo:

    He has been a flop since "the decision" video. Needed to be humble. Still a flop missing pens but most importantly he plays for a racist club and I'll be rooting against his club hard.

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