FAN PREDICTIONS! | Man United vs Atletico Madrid | Outside Old Trafford

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22 respuestas a FAN PREDICTIONS! | Man United vs Atletico Madrid | Outside Old Trafford

  1. Rehan Beg dijo:

    You can’t blame them really, they were all on drugs!!

  2. Oracle__ dijo:

    5 years no trophy, love it

  3. J K dijo:

    There's a reason we write Maguire off he's fucking shiiiiiittte

  4. Christopher Mallett dijo:

    The same fans that complain that nothing changes. While they still be at the matches, buying the merchandise, supporting these mediocre players. Good job guys!

  5. The Leicester Reds dijo:

    Maguire header 👀 what was I thinking.. I was full of optimism BUT oh well, back to life back to reality! 😤

  6. Rodafowa dijo:

    Oh, how the tables have turned. Man U fans used to torch Arsenal fans for this exact behavior. Doesn’t feel good to walk a mile in those shoes, eh? Actually, it’s more like a few feet. Getting out of a downward spiral this bad takes years.

  7. DJ_B dijo:

    Hahahahah fucking Penaldo ghosted

  8. Mark Henry dijo:

    Harry.M header was correct but Twas Ronaldo that felt the heat🔥😂😂

  9. wrightyafc dijo:

    Predictions worked out well then 😂

  10. Stephen xx dijo:

    Most of them were less than two goals away 😹😹😹

  11. Shiv dijo:

    Thanks for having me on❤

  12. mca808 dijo:

    These fans man! There was a Maguire header… man head butted Ronaldo. Banter club💀 💀 💀

  13. Truth dijo:

    Poor Flex, he’s broken now.

  14. Mfundo Nkosi dijo:

    Aaaaaah, the delusion. Little Man United.

  15. Kai99 dijo:

    This didn’t age well

  16. Joga burrito dijo:


  17. Mr. Chocolate dijo:

    Overconfidence is a bad drug fellas 😂😂

  18. PlvS VltrA dijo:

    I feel bad for us. Confident and back the team and get kicked in the teeth

  19. Mc Chaser dijo:

    Lost 0-1😂

  20. DIlyan_is_Red Subashki dijo:

    Take all of your prediction and put into the wc office 0 goals pffddd

  21. Robbie vs Goldbridge dijo:

    It actually frustrates me how confident UTD fans are before a game. We seem to forget about our previous performances

  22. Allan Semah dijo:

    Happy to be among the first to view this

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