Atletico Madrid’s season goes from BAD to WORSE! | ESPN FC

Did anyone see Atletico Madrid’s collapse coming? After another disappointing defeat to see Real Sociedad eliminate them in the Copa del Rey, ESPN FC’s Ale Moreno tries to wrap his head around how Diego Simeone turns things around.
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10 respuestas a Atletico Madrid’s season goes from BAD to WORSE! | ESPN FC

  1. Mark Power dijo:

    0-2 at home now tonight. Players need to get fked out.

  2. EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup dijo:

    Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!!!

  3. James A dijo:

    Liverpool FC broke Atleti

  4. Mr. Blake dijo:

    As an Atleti fan it is getting frustrating to see Atleti lose. In the 2nd half they didn't have one single shot on target which for a a club like Atletico is bad. I know they have a lot of injuries, red cards, covid cases but still they play bad and they need to think of something. I think they don't have a constant line up and the formation is changing which is tiring the players but I think Simeone is looking for a more flexible line up with more offensive features

  5. Lewis Brazier dijo:

    Athletico and Simeone haven't been the same since Klopp schooled them at Anfield

  6. Prince dijo:

    Epl topic: 7 mins
    La Liga real vs barca or sevilla vs atl: 1:30 mins

    Seriously espn??????? 😤

  7. Rashad Siddiqui dijo:

    Antoine Griezmann has carried Atlético since he came back. Ever since he got injured, Atletico have won just one game among all their games. Goes to show, how important Griezmann is for them.

  8. Chia Kee Tong dijo:

    Atletico only won last season because Barca and Real were really rubbish

  9. Christiano Pulinaldo dijo:

    No saul no party

  10. Billy Dedon dijo:

    Diego Simeone has to leave this Atlectico Madrid team spend 100m last transfer window with the addition of Griezmann coming from Barcelona but still yet they are playing shambolic football scoring less goals and conceding like never before, who would have believe that Olbak could be conceding goals like Te Stegen at Barcelona.
    Right now they is absolutely nothing Atlectico are good at doing I think Simeone needs to leave he is out of his dept like Jose.

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