'Atletico Madrid HAVE to change!' – Steve McManaman on the Madrid Derby | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Ian Darke and Steve McManaman discuss Real Madrid’s 2-1 victory in LaLiga over their local rivals Atletico Madrid with McManaman insisting that Atletico Madrid must change their tactical approach.

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30 respuestas a 'Atletico Madrid HAVE to change!' – Steve McManaman on the Madrid Derby | ESPN FC

  1. G dijo:

    2012-2014 madrid derbies era will never be matched

  2. Paulo Da Silva dijo:

    What a boring football this Atletico plays,feel for players like Félix….

  3. Jaguar dijo:

    Atletico need better defenders.

  4. E-O N dijo:

    AGREED; Atletico need a new coach/ change after ask this time

  5. Niall MacA dijo:

    McManaman is an awful bore.

  6. javs707 dijo:

    Vini Jr 1 champions league
    Atletico 0 champions league

  7. Kiran Virk dijo:

    Atletico dont need to change. Simeone is the most successful manager in their history all whilst financially handicapped in comparison to Real and Barca and other huge european teams. No other manager available could make them as competitive as they are

  8. Justin Amazing dijo:

    Atletico has been uwatchable for years now. Even when playing at home vs El Che, Cadiz etc they have 40% posession and go on counterattacks with 8 yellow cards a match.

    They had some good runs but with the quality they have they are shockingly bad.

    To pay someone 40 million to play 10 guys behind the ball in every match is even funnier.

  9. Matt Roberts dijo:

    Atletico are too negative. 532 is so defensive. They have some good players, but play negative football.

  10. GM Godlove dijo:

    Atletico just knows how to buy the wrong players. Witsel is average at best.

  11. festus akpoymare dijo:

    Diego Simone thinks Football is UFC.. if Atletico Madrid don't waste 50milion pounds on him yearly. They could have build a decent squad with that money and play proper football.

  12. Craig Richardson dijo:

    The 2nd was never a booking 🤣

  13. Mr. Blake dijo:

    This is ridiculous. Saying or doing something that offends a person is just bad. Let him dance, let him have his moment of happiness when he or his team scores. Instead of focusing on Vini dancing the team and fans should focus on winning. That would be a better counter (or revenge) to the opposite team and fans but instead everyone is focused on a dance. And I don't know why but it seems Atleti players tend to do stupid and childish things and they do it in the final minutes of the game which is the most crucial time. Filipe did it against Man City and Hermoso did it last night. It only wastes time, reduces the team to 10 men and ruins any chance of scoring. This isn't the type of football to enjoy. And I before the game I said if you don't to see his dance you better play good and win. You lost so this is what you get

  14. rashford123 Marcus dijo:

    Mcmanaman 🤍true Madridsta

  15. Lee Phillips dijo:

    Imagine Trevor Sinclair being a pundit here his head would blow off

  16. Mohammad Sameer Kakar dijo:

    I think Thomas Tuchel could be a good Option for Madrid if they would change the Coach at some point.

  17. Nash ♛ dijo:

    Maybe Real Madrid is just better, not a crisis for Atleti? Also how long are they planning on keeping Deigo?

  18. A M dijo:

    It's great seeing both barcelona and real madrid having excellent crops of young players in their respective teams.

  19. PoBo dijo:

    I believe it's the formation! This 3 at the back is dead!

  20. timberhoff dijo:

    The second yellow for Hermosa was not a yellow we can agree on that BUT how did Reinildo get away with so many fouls I never know!!?? He took down a counter attack against Valverde and IT WASNT EVEN A YELLOW!??? He deliberately hit Valverdes knee so Velverde couldn’t run properly for 10 minutes. He should’ve been out with a second yellow WAAAY before Hermosa. Not even counting all the fouls he had before. Ref was so bad!

  21. Declan Wilson dijo:

    I so much love valverde, he's my man

  22. George Nuamah dijo:

    The only teams that have a chance against Real Madrid are Barcelona and Liverpool of course 🙈

  23. Nikhil Pande dijo:

    What would it take to sack someone
    When will the other side of Madrid stop playing street football
    2 cl 2 liga that's all they have
    I still remember CR7 celebration against someone, and no the celebration was not against Atletico it was against someone
    When will Atletico realise this
    How many more embarrassing celebrations, how much more of this style of football, how much more of players having verbal diarrhea
    New manager, change style… Evolve

  24. Darren Redden dijo:

    I've lived and worked in Madrid for years. Many of my students are Atleti fans . They love and adore Simeone…they don't want him sacked..in other words they are blind to the problems of this club..Simeone and his style has to go!!!

  25. Tebogo Oremeng dijo:

    Hala Madrid 👍😃⚪🔵

  26. Krankie Boolean dijo:

    Steve McManaman's new word for this clip is surreal.

  27. bouzoukiman5000 dijo:

    Atletico Madrid has a great group of players but the team is completely disorganized. I blame Simeone and the ownership that keeps throwing more weight on the sinking ship

  28. Nantha Kumar dijo:

    I feel joao felix need to hand in for transfer request if he want to progress in his career because he is almost like Dwight Mcneil in a Burnley side, where they are good attackers to cause danger for the opponent but limited by coaches who do not know what attack means and do not want to change his defensive game to progressive game even though he has 5 attackers in his team

  29. archipiratta dijo:

    Atleti should consider an attack-minded coach. They have weapons that are criminally underutilized. João Felix in particular comes to mind

  30. Said Ahmed dijo:

    Noor Ahmed if you love football you will love that game real beat man city in the semifinal….it's the best semifinal I had ever watched….what if this was VARsical then what would you name of the semifinal you won against Chelsea in 2009 where 5- 6 penalties were denied for Chelsea to advance and prevent 2engliah sides for the second season running the only reason we could think of….Barca won at the end pls compare the 2semis and find out which one was fairer…Barca thought city and their best daughter guardiola were best equiped to beat REAL but they failed big…and it was sweet for football..and bitter pill for Barca…Hala madrid

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