ESPN FC reacts to Atletico Madrid fans aiming racist behavior to Vinicius Junior

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Atletico Madrid fans aiming racist behavior to Vinicius Junior at the Madrid Derby.
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46 respuestas a ESPN FC reacts to Atletico Madrid fans aiming racist behavior to Vinicius Junior

  1. Jare Nare dijo:

    Florentino Perez expelled this awful type of people from the club and the stadium but Atletico president was not brave to do the same. They kept the monster alive.

  2. cheeze1102 dijo:

    Stadium ban? Na points deduction

  3. Jonathan Leung dijo:

    So from I understood last month, ATM was not willing to have CR7 on board because of their so called strong club values… 😝😅

  4. Sulaiman Bah dijo:

    Alejandro is direct, i love that.

  5. No Nonsense dijo:

    Racism will never die as long as money talks louder than reason. Athletic should be penalized to the max and every time this happen is a sign our society is doomed.

  6. Chris Ross dijo:

    I warned you black players come to premier league this won’t happen

  7. Blue bagel dijo:

    Atletico Madrid should be kicked out of the comp. The club is well known for their racist fans. If FIFA want to promote zero tolerance against racism then talk the talk and kick the club out! They are a disgrace 😤

  8. SuperSayian Tupac dijo:

    Any champions league, europa league or confence, or any cup titles ,should get kicked out of any tournament if they allow it…

  9. SuperSayian Tupac dijo:

    Racism will never stop because it keeps getting taught… racism is just ignorant people.. fkin pr!ks

  10. martin villegas dijo:

    Everyone is sick and tired of espn woke politics. Just focus on the game. Well what do you expect when la liga is flying Ukrainians Nazi flag

  11. Bad Gnasher dijo:

    Vinicius needs to stop acting like a child.

  12. Andre Coetzee dijo:

    It's always the case ,the excuses These ppl are making is that it's only a Few ,over and over again,but they are only a few, Why is it so Hard to Dail with these racist behaviour, because the ppl incharge is as white as these white racists,So really These behaviour will never ever go away , because the people incharge doesn't have the apatite to deal with it , because it doesn't affect them.

  13. kyllian dijo:

    So much disrespect

  14. Anatoliy Bakaev dijo:

    Sid, tell how it is, Right-wing radicals in Spain are Nazis!

  15. Gabriel Ordonez dijo:

    Racism at a football game in Europe. Anyone surprised?

  16. giovanni taylor dijo:

    It’s world known that Spain is full of racism. Even though the Moors taught them to clean themselves and save them from the plague they still hate.

  17. Mamumonkan dijo:

    que se jodan esos racistas del atleti

  18. Amanuel Tekletsion dijo:

    brooo ya white people always talk and talk yet don't care to understand nor wana hear us. ya need help to be educated cz this isn't an old problem but a sick problem. i don't care if 100 or 1 person does racist acts, they should be punished that's it. ya making excises cz ya don't live through the racism in this world. so, stop insulting black people's intelligence . to solve the problem is you make examples of the people who doing the racist acts.

  19. deno brown dijo:

    Craig and Steve was in the Crowd.. They do it in the Studio against young black players in a Disguise manner.

  20. Matty Ice dijo:

    Pretty sure Koke is a racist

  21. MAESTRO dijo:

    ESPN LOVE🤍🤍🤍🤍

  22. Erling Haaland dijo:

    Racist doesn’t mean far right political outlook you donkey. Racist is just racist.

  23. Ross O'Connor dijo:

    Real Madrid gonna walk the cl

  24. Lee Phillips dijo:

    Koke needs to look after his own game rather than whipping up the racist crowd and by the way there were more than a few chanting look at modric as an example out played him up until he went off and your manager has run his course also .

  25. Ivan Diaz dijo:

    The name of the Atletico Ultras is Frente Atletico, formed in 1982. Theres a few thousand members, but within it there are different sections, and there is one section in particular that is full of racist fascists. THAT is the section that always chant racist remarks, make Nazi salutes, and so on. Why on earth they are still allowed in the stadium to this day is beyond me. I stopped going to the Vicente Calderon years ago but from what I hear nothing has changed. Those animals do not represent the tens of thousands of other normal Atleti fans, but unfortunately they are the loudest and give us a really bad image. Its bad enough we have to put up with Simeone's antics, whom I hope leaves the club as soon as possible. Its shameful.

  26. Daniel J.M dijo:

    Europeans, "racism isnt a thing anymore" Spanish, Italian, British, Bulgerian, and many more fans continuously doing things like this …

  27. Flippa dijo:

    These same Atletico Players and Fans alone with every other club fanbase didn't have a problem when Griezmann use to do the Fortnite L Celebration dance mocking other fan base, Hypocrites and jokers they are

  28. Junior Lion dijo:


  29. GreenFace Vault dijo:

    Make me thinking…what if someday we meet and live alongside aliens? I imagine those racists would also 1000% become "speciesist" 🤭

  30. P 1 dijo:

    Absolutely disgusting , disgraceful and completely unacceptable … La Liga needs to take actions against this behavior .

  31. Arijit Pandit dijo:

    I literally saw a mf doing Nazi salute when Rodrygo scored.

  32. Dale Deson dijo:

    Keep on dancing Bro

  33. That T-shirt Guy dijo:

    The Spanish being racist again? Color me surprised.

  34. Arnab Roy dijo:

    Assletico with their Assletic fanbase. Shameful brand only known for fouling players

  35. Mr O dijo:

    As much as the Premier League is criticised, this abhorrent behaviour would not be tolerated.
    Countries like Spain and Italy need to want to eradicate behaviour like this as a society. Nothing will really change until they do.
    Unfortunately, I don't believe their citizens care enough, as scenes liike this occur every season.

  36. Vhero-Betrayze dijo:

    This is why leagues like La Liga will never be bigger than the premier league. You never see this kind of treatment as Racist get BANNED for life if they do it in the PL. Other leagues still allow it and it fosters. No worse than the Italian league though where its a serious problem (in the top 10 leagues).

  37. corie weaver dijo:

    I find it interesting that they omitted Shaka’s comments from the vid

  38. rofigueroa08 dijo:

    Being blown out of proportions , their is worse things out there than chants at a player. Over sensitive people smh.

  39. Vargas dijo:

    Great take from Sid.

  40. Zinios Box dijo:

    That's why la liga will never become no. 1 league…. Racism destroyed Seria a

  41. XXSAVAGE 2021-22 channel dijo:

    Vini is a black king ✊🏽👑 Always be proud to be yourself, no matter what anybody says.

  42. tamnad vardis dijo:

    the problem is madrid has the best talented young players in the world

  43. Dire Straits London dijo:

    Real madrid ….few players…they looking for trouble…! They act like a clowns…to be onest…!Zero IQ…! Zero respect for Atletico MAdrid suporters and zero respect for Real Madrid players…! Circus players…You score ? That s fine…act like profesional player…not like a clown…And,once again…again today Real Madrid players act like a clowns…!

  44. Manu dijo:

    Just deduct 3 points from the team of the fanbase where racism is coming from

  45. AC dijo:


  46. leo hulk dijo:

    After Real Madrid won Barcelona 4:3:3 ., they changed 4:3:3 formations .. then Neymar moved PSG . Real becomes master but they never won Blue Chelsea in the big matches except last year match.. it was his history… Only True Chelsea can command Real Madrid ..

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