'Completely Useless!' ESPN FC agree Atlético Madrid SHOULDN'T give Real Madrid guard of honour

Craig Burley, Alejandro Moreno, Frank Leboeuf and Don Hutchison join ESPN FC to react to Atlético Madrid breaking tradition by not performing the guard of honour for Real Madrid in an «attempted mockery.»

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24 respuestas a 'Completely Useless!' ESPN FC agree Atlético Madrid SHOULDN'T give Real Madrid guard of honour

  1. jones95jb dijo:

    If it was the other way around they would surely say Real Madrid should do it! They just hate Real Madrid because RM always puts English teams back on their place RM#1 rest zero

  2. andrew barbarash dijo:

    Atletico are a classless club.. their gamesmanship in Europe is almost at parody levels. So it doesn't surprise me they wouldn't do a traditional thing regardless if it is right or wrong.

  3. LC 17 dijo:

    If Arsenal can give Manchester United a guard of honour, who are Ateletcio to not give Real Madrid a guard of honour. Sheer arrogance, and no humility

  4. Alex C dijo:

    I guess it follows that players will no longer applaud their opponents when they go up to collect their winners/runners up medals at cup finals either? We won't applaud you when you win, but we'll give you a pity clap when you lose.

  5. Posma Tambunan TV dijo:

    I think Atletico should be in another league in the north pole for example with the nations that we heard in the fairy tale 😀

  6. Bob Sagit dijo:

    To much talk and debate over what? Someone winning why do we need these bragging things they should just celebrate at there place its just sad this is even a big topic its just sad we even have to discuss this and notice our lack of appreciation or love for one another . Man kind isnt working together anymore we’re working against each other in every asset . Just hurts to see the sad pettiness.

  7. Bob Sagit dijo:

    Its not that i wouldn’t do it but dont demand i do it and maybe we’ll see if i feel i should its as simple as that

  8. Bob Sagit dijo:

    To much talk . Its football . Get on with it .

  9. AmirHossein Ahmadi dijo:

    Dan is the only sensible one here. A guard of honor is a sign of respect and it's old tradition. There's no reason to refuse to do it unless you feel humiliated yourself.

  10. MartianTane dijo:

    If Real Madrid had refused this, the media would be mad. But Real Madrid don't care.

  11. ALIFEMRAL dijo:

    It's great to have some kind of unwritten rule or tradition. It's definitely not useless unless you are worm

  12. Kadar Abdullahi dijo:

    Atletico Madrid knows nothing about respect.

  13. Roy Manjo dijo:

    Barca gave betis a Guard of honor

  14. Mamunur Rashid dijo:

    Normal circumstances?

  15. Chidi Abaneke dijo:

    Atletico Madrid r jealous

  16. Gresham Gattuso dijo:

    absolutely embarrassing

  17. Sabira Khan dijo:

    Atletico madrid should not do guard of honor

  18. Caleb A dijo:

    use this comment as a dislike button

  19. Mubarak Ibraheem dijo:

    Are ESPN still salty over madrid making their predictions wrong? Its s spanish culture

  20. RedMan8501 dijo:

    Never understood the guard of honor. Absolutely comical

  21. dean corrigan dijo:

    Everyone seems to hate RM where does it come from -.-

  22. Salerio dijo:

    Focus on the game instead of these guard of honour

  23. jaeger 1982 dijo:

    Give real the respect they deserve

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