Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr Samba Dance Infront of Atletico Madrid Fans

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34 respuestas a Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr Samba Dance Infront of Atletico Madrid Fans

  1. Fili PR dijo:


  2. bLuRrY_fAcE dijo:

    Aaaah.. Music to my Madridista ears.

  3. Rodrigo Diaz dijo:

    Samba para voçé hijos de puta! 🇧🇷😍

  4. edi arapenta ketaren dijo:


  5. andreasevan gaming dijo:

    Atletico fans just being pithecantropus erectus for that moment 🙈🙈🙈

  6. Enjang Ruslan dijo:

    Atletico 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Aiman Marko dijo:

    That was brilliant ☺️ dance continue dancing

  8. 9 Ether King dijo:

    Let them waste energy trying to stop a celebration that he still done…and in front of them. Athleti fools 🤣🤣

  9. fandy realemo dijo:

    Atlético Madrid fans loser

  10. ‍‍‍My chicken is a world renowned chef dijo:

    Aww, you mad? Lemme dance more. Instead of throwing bottles, why not throw your hands?

  11. Carlos Zacarias dijo:

    Racistas merecem ser humilhados ao extremo! Ficou barato !

  12. i s dijo:

    Why atletico will never win UCL 😆

  13. networking institute dijo:

    I love this. Keep dancing 🕺 vini

  14. ji yu dijo:

    Atletico madrid player and suppoter shame shame puppy shame.

  15. Wilbert Gutierrez dijo:

    Este equipo no aprende ni la aficion cuando mas mal an tratado a un jugador mas mal les a ido solo recuerdo cuando isultaron al gran bicho y los demolio con la Juve este equipo es una escoria 🤔

  16. JJ dijo:

    that's why the original and "REAL" madrid is Real Madrid, atletico who?

  17. Jose Barreto dijo:

    Sounds like they are encouraging it not shaming it. Sounds like Puxa! And after Puxa, who doesn't throw in a "bring it home" salute?

  18. PachU dijo:

    Si bailase GRIEZMAN no es un insulto verdad?

  19. Julio Ortega dijo:

    Atletico is and it will be the bitch of Real Madrid

  20. Elnur Mammadli dijo:

    Loser club loser fans

  21. Fernando Iglesias Souto dijo:

    Racistas merecem punição

  22. SLXTH dijo:

    civilised people lool

  23. Willie Almeida dijo:

    How can people be so hateful towards this? Look at all this people in the video… you can see and hear! That is hate

  24. Koeswandi Santoso dijo:

    Atletico segunda division

  25. SOMSWED. dijo:

    Disgusting, they are ignorant, go to hell..

  26. Fish Fingers dijo:

    Atlético Madrid have no class on the pitch and clearly have no class off it either. Disgusting behaviour

  27. James Kaze dijo:

    Bunch of clowns in the stands. I heard they were calling him a monkey.

  28. baeeyouu dijo:

    trash club,player and fans..fuckofff atm

  29. Reza P dijo:

    I think footballer should do this more often. It must feel great. All those unhealthy humans paying and getting crazy angry out of their mind and they can't do shit about it and those athletes being paid a gazillion and gest to taunt thousands of people. Greatest feelings.

  30. Autophile Assured dijo:

    Classy athletico supporters as always like their players

  31. Juan Garcia dijo:

    Bien echo rodry y vini

  32. OJ SIMPSON dijo:

    Baila vini Jr and rodrygo

  33. SAMI dijo:


  34. burundi_football7 dijo:


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