Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 4-2 (agg) – Incredible Comeback from Atleti 2020

Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool 1-0
Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 2-3
liverpool vs atletico madrid champions league highlights 2020 2021
liverpool vs atletico 3-2 highlights
4k football

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8 respuestas a Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid 4-2 (agg) – Incredible Comeback from Atleti 2020

  1. Jaan C dijo:

    Best comeback at Anfield

  2. Kevaughn Douse dijo:

    But we beat in group with llorente

  3. Zolack dijo:

    Barca 3 liverpool 0 please

  4. اذكر الله يذكرك dijo:



    No big deal ,Liverpool is way better than AT.Madrid

  6. Judy Clarkson dijo:

    As a Liverpool fan, this is our most foolish game tbh. There's no reason to be that panic after they scored their first goal. All we need was 1 goal to regain the lead in aggregate, and as far as Im concerned there was still a lot of time remained after they scored their first goal. But instead of responding with such calmness, we went overboard with our approach that it left our defence exposed and suddenly we were in a real hole when Llorente scored his 2nd goal. And by that point we needed 2 goals to advance with less time. And then the rest was history.. What a shameful loss for a really good team there.

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