Manchester United 0-1 Atletico Madrid | Match Review

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The lads review this afternoons preseason match vs Atletico Madrid!

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30 respuestas a Manchester United 0-1 Atletico Madrid | Match Review

  1. Vlad The Gladiator dijo:

    Fred was good

  2. Tokin Sloff dijo:

    Horrible game, but Ten Hag will have learnt more from this one than all the others put together.

  3. Lee67 dijo:

    The 2nd half was the same old same old. McFred both losing the ball as well as their heads.

  4. RM90 dijo:

    Maguire has to be putting those chances away I am absolutely sick to death of how many opportunities he gets like that and doesn't put them away he definitely needs to work on heading the ball I can remember him scoring 1 goal from a corner from about 50 chances.

  5. Natasha Snowden dijo:

    Midfield again shite!

  6. zzzaaa0990 dijo:

    Liverpool 3 1 City,Liverpool are the best team in the world dudes.14>1 Amen.

  7. Lee Mcdermott dijo:

    Joe mctominay is getting stuck because he’s absolutely crap no question about it

  8. DMbjj dijo:

    I am very comfortable with ERIKSEN. I knew he would be class and I think he is a high level playmaker

  9. Paresh Vadgama dijo:

    You 2 are part of the bigger problem so conditioned to mediocrity that you think Maguire Fred and Rashford are suddenly good. Do you not realise they are nowhere near United standard but are willing to praise them for a meaningless friendly. Embarrassing!

  10. Thabani Brian Moyo dijo:

    Man U fans let's stop the Drama, b4 Ten Hag we were a "Dead bit". Truth be told it's only been 2 to 3 weeks and there is a massive difference in the way we playing. Lets give this team a chance to adjust to the new Manager. We are on the right track, by the time the transfer window closes, we will have more players

  11. Anoff Akonnor dijo:

    Perhaps Joao Felix wants to play for United that's why he's always scoring against us…lol

  12. Ushmush dijo:

    Maguire defended well today, but his ball play is so poor. He hit it out of play a number of times, slows play every time and passes it to the wrong foot or behind the player when he does pass. You guys are just desperate for him to do well. Maguire might start this season, but he won't finish it as 1st choice.

  13. kyle jolley dijo:

    Eth isn't a miracle worker it's unfair for him to work with what he's got. This window hasn't been anywhere near good enough. This club Man 🤔

  14. Nekro Dean Stockwell dijo:

    don't understand why we haven't tried to grab Lautaro Martinez from Inter, he's the young quality and already quite seasoned/experienced centre forward the team/squad needs/requires. As for a CDM, it should have been sorted at least three pre-seasons ago and that includes a few who offer different options, a Robbo/Keane all-around ace type that can do everything in such a crucial position and the pure destroyer/disrupting variety that also recovers possession and then instantly goes to distributing the ball forwards to whoever is available as the first stage of "progressive build-up" play, the ideal mix/blend or what both a prime Patrick Viera and Sergio Busquets offered Arsenal & Barcelona respectively.
    I mean FFS there are a good many young players around right now who have the raw talent, and potential abilities that are waiting and so very malleable once under the right tutelage/careful direction from a quality manager, head coach plus assistant(s) who specialise in such areas with the right type of young, gifted players…need to/must have scouts deployed who know what they're looking at/actually capable of identifying and shortlisting legit possible candidates.
    There's no secret to how the sausage is made so to speak.

    All the best to all, I know that every fan is equally frustrated as well as understands exactly what I've stated in this comment, just my 2 pence FWIW mind, cheers!


  15. akbar kamarudin dijo:

    I think Erik will rotate between the 4231 and 433 formations. For more attacking objectives, he will use the 4231 formation. For more defensive objectives, he will use the 433 formation.

  16. Rheinhardt Graf von Thiesenhausen dijo:

    Dude! I stuck my tongue up Joe’s ponytail once and it tasted amazing!

  17. Jaysus Christ dijo:

    One of the problems with McTominay is he's not a cdm and never has been. He was an attacking mid before being promoted to the first team and was only put there because he's a big lad. Even tho I don't think he's good enough, he's better as an 8 being able to put himself about box to box. Still lacks the quality but he's likely gonna be here for a while so if we get a proper holding mid, and can use him as a rotation player in his actual position, it'd be better.

  18. Jas Kang dijo:

    We needed players in that 6/8 position even before Matric and Pogba left

  19. Robert Rigby dijo:

    ETH didn’t even put out his best 11 today! When CR7 wants and does stay it will because of our efforts today and and what we’re going to achieve! How good was the intensity today? RR was out of the door before he came in! Pre-season is just about as the real deal, if you think different, you’ve never made money playing football!

  20. Ejamovic dijo:

    We play really well but we missed lot of clear chances! Our squad depth is really bad. We need 1 CM, 1 RW & ST.. we must get it before transfer end. Mctom wont reach level we needed, youngters arent ready for first team. I wish greenwood were here.

  21. D Mc A dijo:

    We haven’t replaced Mcfred since the mourhino days, that’s all we need to know. Until that’s changed we are going no where. No matter what single pivot, double pivot shit we try, it won’t change nothing!

  22. 4Bester dijo:

    I think it was a bright start and a decent overall performance. But the fact it was against Atletico who are so irritating and we lost, makes it feel a lot worse. There were also signs that the old shortcomings of a Fred and McTominay partnership might be an issue in certain games if we don’t get De Jong.

    Also the drop off from our first choice attackers is a bit worrying. All the other options are not the finished article physically or technically

  23. Greg Frost dijo:

    If Eriksen doesn't start every game then something is fundamentally wrong.

  24. Greg Frost dijo:

    Just get Tielemans and stop messing about Man Utd. Get Sesko too obviously.

  25. JDNGaming44 dijo:

    Slabhead was shit

  26. bargepoled dijo:

    Another example of epic shit housery from Athletico. However our record against Spanish sides is atrocious.

  27. Cris Seven dijo:

    The De Jong saga must end and end now. We should look into Kimmich, Neves, etc

  28. BluntApe dijo:

    We've signed 3 players in July. And people are still not happy. We have a full month left in the transfer market…calm the fuck down. Jesus, no one has any patience anymore. For anything in this fucked up world haha.

  29. 1colinb dijo:

    Can someone please get Bruno to cut out the whinging whenever he doesn't like the referee's call?

    The new signings are giving an improvement in their respective positions.

    Hope that infects the rest of the dressing room.

    Recovering from adversity or disappointment is part of the bargain.

    Let see what tomorrow brings.

  30. William Starck dijo:

    Any PL midfielder is an improvement on Mctominay.

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