Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid (Fights, Fouls, Red Cards)

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37 respuestas a Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid (Fights, Fouls, Red Cards)

  1. ThuKang1994 dijo:

    This atletico was scary, the current squad is a toothless lion

  2. Elmahdi bn dijo:

    Neymas vs ATM and Neymar vs ATH was always on ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥


    solo puedo decir como le ayudan al farcelona siempre

  4. gongati saikiran dijo:

    I feel Barcelona doesn't have anyone back then to fight for their teammates as Madrid and Atletico had.

  5. PURECLASS dijo:

    Vaya imagen que da el Atletico de Madrid… Lamentable

  6. Felipe Pineda dijo:

    Don't really care about any team but damn that "ATM" team is just dirty!!!!

  7. Danish dijo:

    Barcelona players always liers fall

  8. Scott Whittle dijo:

    Neymar acts so hard then cries every time he is tackled 😂

  9. mettacitta2000 dijo:

    Diego Godin, Raul Garcia, Juanfran, Gimenez…..c*nts everywhere 😂😂

  10. younes omar dijo:

    Les joueurs sont tous des voyous ça m'étonne pas

  11. Md Hussain dijo:

    Why Turan Is Getting Red Card i Don't Understand

  12. suppaman Binny dijo:

    Madrid means shit

  13. Endrit Bojaj dijo:

    ATM dont play football

  14. Rob dijo:

    What a gang of losers! These millionaires should all be ashamed of themselves and the example they are showing to young kids who worship them. You wouldn't get antics like this in an under-12's game.

  15. Amroni dijo:

    Siapa yang bermain Tidak sportip ,, Kartu merah menanti

  16. tol reet dijo:

    Ballkhផ្តល់ជូនការកំសាន្តដ៏សម្បូរបែបដូចជា បាល់ទាត់ កាសុីណូ មាន់ជល់ ប្រដាល់ ហ្គេមបាញ់ត្រី ហ្គេមស្លុត:

    👉ចុះឈ្មោះជាសមាជិក Ballkh មានសិទ្ធឈ្នះរង្វាន់ជាច្រើនសន្ធឹកសន្ធាប់

    👉Ballkh បង្វិលសងលើប្រាក់ចាញ់ខ្ពស់បំផុត 6%

    👉សេវាកម្ម 24 ម៉ោង ដាក់ – ដកប្រាក់ រហ័សទាន់ចិត្ត

  17. יעקב שאולוב dijo:

    Good to see our children like that🤍🤍😂

  18. John Wessels dijo:

    That music…….

  19. Forhad Chy dijo:

    Visca el Barca

  20. Azmi Azmi dijo:

    Most tension rivals in Spanish football especially Suarez and Neymar the victims

  21. Peace For dijo:


  22. srtj s dijo:

    As much as I despise Barca, atletico is a horrible team

  23. Siamon Ghebrehewit Debesay dijo:

    Brca still always win

  24. Daniel Soto dijo:

    Ese Godin no tenía piedad ni con Luchito Suárez 🤭🤭

  25. Mk Hasan dijo:

    নেইমার ঝগড়া বাধায় বড় ভাইদের সাহসে🤣🤣🤣

  26. Saikouba Bojang dijo:

    Suarez and Godin

  27. Alex Neagu dijo:

    This kind of atitud make me from a fan of atletico to hate this team..they dont play fotbal for a long time just break some ankles

  28. Нофел Алиев dijo:


  29. Sophia Bouaich dijo:

    Atletici😡atshi gae makidiruh ela madrid

  30. Sophia Bouaich dijo:


  31. Muana dijo:

    4:30 Neymar 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Pablo Hurtado dijo:

    Pero el Barcelona siempre le ha ganado jajaj

  33. Johnny dijo:

    I love how they treat Divemar. The harder the better.

  34. Mahfuj dijo:

    without godin, pepe, ramos like wwe without undertaker, triple h,austin,rock,rikishi,kane,y2z,edge,kevin nash, broker t, goldberg,

  35. Mira Gowaikar dijo:

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone take their shoe off and chuck it to the sidelines

  36. Muhammed Rishan dijo:


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