Christian Eriksen Makes United Debut 🔴 | Atletico Madrid 1-0 Man Utd

A recap of the penultimate pre-season fixture in Oslo 🎥

New signing Christian Eriksen made his Manchester United debut against Atletico Madrid in a game that Erik ten Hag described as ‘a tough workout.’ 👊

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44 respuestas a Christian Eriksen Makes United Debut 🔴 | Atletico Madrid 1-0 Man Utd

  1. MythicalNinja411 dijo:

    Glazers out !!!

  2. Mr.Aleexss dijo:

    Maguire out. idiot captain. play stupid. better pill jones…

  3. Trọng Hiệp Lưu dijo:

    Tuổi 34 rô nanldo còn ghi hatrich vào lưới Alentico. Các tân binh tuy tốt, nhưng đừng quá ngáo giá…(giá trị) như Shark Bình đã nói đừng ngáo giá…

  4. Roudy dijo:

    Maguire is really bad😂

  5. The BRIDGE 54 dijo:

    Rashford needed to pass that ball

  6. FELIX KEGESA dijo:

    Penalty for this kick

  7. Nuril Anwar dijo:

    Morata's favourite is Madrid and Juventus

  8. Stillbythecostaaa dijo:

    Fred 😭

  9. viewyou dijo:

    maguires aswful

  10. Adrian October dijo:

    fred is a terrible player . Liverpool fan here BTW

  11. Stephan Official dijo:

    Should of tried to sign Felix honestly.

  12. Kingston Fortune dijo:

    first time I am seeing this match, I have to say united had a host of chances but couldn’t convert…Martial, Rashford, Eriksen, and Pellistri looked really sharp…unfortunately Atletico won.

  13. Julian dijo:

    Conceded goal, Fred gets red carded
    Man U fans: our team is/played🔥

  14. Dark Lord dijo:

    man united have to understand that Rashford and elanga have no creative abilities can't even hold the ball has no ability in crossing. just watch joa felix got only half minutes but played the role of lw in crossing, and key passes and even a great finish. this is the reason ronaldo have to drop very deep when your wingers has no quality in creativeness.

  15. ALIF EHSAN A RAHIM dijo:

    Hahahah giler buhsan

  16. Seid Ahmed dijo:

    We need young midfield player

  17. Sahla. HDP dijo:

    Dude, who takes a red card in a friendly?

  18. Georges Mwaura dijo:

    Glazers out!

  19. TheVideo dijo:

    Rashford trying to beat everyone again

  20. Info Publik Riau dijo:

    Eriksen showed all along the problem has always been in the midfield, can't wait to watch him play

  21. Ngân Nguyễn dijo:

    Hay quá

  22. Anu11q7 dijo:

    Sign Marcos llorente

  23. youssef tunsie dijo:

    I was excited to watch highlights of Erickson. But then i saw a brilliant thing Maguire showed Atletico Madrid Defenders how to defend with a beautiful header. I love you Maguire

  24. Jonas Loïc dijo:


  25. Musafskills dijo:

    João Felix has been going to the Jim after the heartbreak

  26. Hisyam Helmi dijo:

    Please give cr capt

  27. La Quica dijo:

    Maguire still there? like, really?

  28. Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21 dijo:

    Eriksen a breath of fresh air

  29. Asa Yagami dijo:

    Still need to get rid of maguire, that header was clear and he missed

  30. Lazygamer588 dijo:

    I will be surprised when maguire doesn’t win ballon d or

  31. komol Kamal dijo:

    Lawak lagi kan?

  32. Toán Thầy Minh dijo:

    Mu vẫn thi đấu rất nhạt nhòa

  33. momentsworth livingfor dijo:

    now man u is a winning TEAM!

  34. Jio car Wale dijo:

    Useless Harry Maguire

  35. Priesnell Warren dijo:

    Harry McGuire is such a looser

  36. Muffinesta dijo:

    Not a Man Utd fan, but hope Rashford is able to get back to his best

  37. I am What I am dijo:

    What I have observed during the pre-season is that De Gea’s long throw not just long passing have improved and he is using them more to help the team in building from the back.

  38. lGhxstl dijo:

    Eriksen with a awesome performance and keeping the squad cool. respect.
    Even though its annoying to see him in that shirt.

  39. Lely Nur Laely dijo:

    Then hag please ronaldo in play maker..he have magic buy striker

  40. Odirile Goitseone Mathe dijo:


  41. Robert Bird dijo:

    About time rashford runs for the ball

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