Full Time at the Etihad. 90 minutes gone. 90 minutes to go.
Our Matchday Live panel discuss all the action from the quarter final first leg.
Natalie Pike is joined in the studio by Trevor Sinclair, David James and Shaun Wright-Phillips.


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  1. NanuGabrielle NOËLLE dijo:

    BEST job congratulations !

  2. sudarshan gain dijo:

    Thank you

  3. Jhamario Bernard dijo:

    Manchester city will always be my favourite team with Kevin debryne the miracle goal scorer hero for my favourite team Manchester city the best team in the world. ????????????????????????????????????????⚽⚽⚽??????????????????????

  4. Let Love Lead dijo:

    my goodness! Man City vrs Bus parked?️this is anti football???
    we know football is an entertainment sport but boring teams like athletico Madrid and others makes it unattractive these days.

  5. Человекъ Хорошевичь dijo:

    Допоможіть прошу вас!
    В Європі, в Україні вбивають людей, гвалтують жінок, вагітних жінок. Ми тримаємося 1,5 місяця, сил нема!
    Допоможіть! Ви люди чи ви демони?

  6. 柳谷竜士 dijo:

    The best team in the world !!!☺

  7. Dick Cheng dijo:

    I am Citizens Great Fan in Hong Kong

  8. sohail khan dijo:

    First it was sterling scoring the winners now its KDB huge 1-0 win going into Sunday with momentum so are Liverpool but we're different gravy??

  9. minkec djulbey dijo:

    In Madrid will be relaxing – we are in semi final, definitely – that's all what matters…. Now Liverpool…..
    We got everything before game on Sunday, April 10;
    We definitely rise CONFIDENCE for next game AND
    Liverpool MUST WIN, City DON'T- it's huge difference and pressure on Liverpool- ALL we have to do is , to be PATIENT! That's ALL – The best couch in the world and great players/ artist on soccer field from " another planet", will take care about anything rest- if any!!!
    I'm very happy that we can play vs any tactics and vs great couch and wonderful player like Atletico Madrid
    No more complains, PLEASE!!!

  10. Jints Fan dijo:

    That’ll do me. Avoid a loss & take out chance in Madrid. Let Atleti come out and beat US ! ?????????

  11. Surfer Boy dijo:

    Every time I see city with less than 3 defenders back I get nervous, this happened in the champions league final a number of times and Athletico had a very good chance on the counter. In the second leg have at least 3 defenders back at all time and let's win this.

  12. snooty dijo:

    i bet simeone's only plan for both games was getting it to penalty shootout in spain
    now his team has to score, which is good for man city because there's nothing to defend anymore and they have to open up

  13. Slidin' dijo:

    City the most boring team in the world.

  14. Edi Heryadi dijo:

    Liverpool The Best

  15. MvthFN dijo:

    Athletico Madrid played like real cowards

  16. Salzburg 49ers 4 life dijo:

    Let's go City,

  17. Salzburg 49ers 4 life dijo:

    Simone and the entire athletico are a dirty team. The coach is always on coke, the ref was bad, should have given more yellow to athelitco.

  18. Daniel Knight 14 dijo:

    I hope city bottle champions league again

  19. Tyo Rega dijo:

    City belum aman,dan Atletico masih ada peluang main di kandang sendiri…

  20. Sam Batterbee dijo:

    Phil Foden phenomenal, not to mention holding atletico madrid to 0 shots the entire game.

  21. Rafiq Yahaya dijo:

    The best team in the world ?

  22. Please Don’t Destroy dijo:

    Athletico can win this ???

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