What's behind Joao Felix's regression under Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid? | ESPN FC

Don Hutchison and Sid Lowe delve into Joao Felix’s inconsistency at Atletico Madrid following their dismissal from the UEFA Champions League vs. Chelsea. Lowe says he still doesn’t feel Felix is a good fit for Simeone’s system, and says it could be a case of a good player at the wrong club. The guys also discuss the stark differences between Chelsea and Atleti in their Champions League tie and feels Simeone’s side were out of their depth against Thomas Tuchel’s team.

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24 respuestas a What's behind Joao Felix's regression under Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid? | ESPN FC

  1. John Jafa dijo:

    Joao Felix is a good circus artist. Nothing more.

  2. Shay 99 dijo:

    Aguero is leaving, cmon Joao Felix

  3. Brian Kin dijo:

    Simple.overpriced and overrated.Haaland will be in the same mould.

  4. Luis Martins dijo:

    We saw this coming, In Benfica he had all the freedom to express himself and he scored.

  5. dhiraj tayal dijo:

    Jota ahead of him in the euros..

  6. Ying Yang dijo:

    Live from Madrid love hotel…..

  7. Rohit Pathak dijo:

    Give that kid a freedom he will show you what he’s capable of

  8. The Authentic Fan dijo:

    Atlético need a revolution. Simeone must go or adapt to a more attacking philosophy. They had barely 5 shots on goal across both legs. Too negative, and basically waiting for the opposition to make an error. Joao Felix doesn't deserve to be part of this setup. U need a team to be built around his talents. That's not happening right now. So either the manager leaves or the player asks for a transfer.

  9. biniam mersha dijo:

    Still cant believe Atletico paid 126 Mil euros for him

  10. Alternative Facts dijo:

    Joao Felix picked Athleti over Man City. Clearly he couldn't be that stupid enough to not know that Diego Is a defensive counter attacking coach. ?… he has stalled his development under him. He still has time on his side he needs to leave for the sake of his career if he wants to fulfil all that promising potential he showed in Portugal ??

  11. Tahmid Imran dijo:

    Put Felix in an Attacking team and he will give halaand and Mbappe run for their money. Not maybe in goal scoring but as an impactful player. That kid is topnotch and is capable of turning a game in a blink of an eye. He definitely isn't improving in a team like Atletico and that's a fact. Probably has a horrible agent

  12. gerardo mendoza dijo:

    As an atleti fan I hate how everyone shits on the whole team just in general and with the Joao situation gives them a bigger excuse. But really the problem is simeone. If you guys watched the first half of the season they had more attacking tactics and joao was flourishing. Then after the loss to madrid simeone went back to his defensive shell and costed us so much this season. It’s not the team it’s simeone who is the problem. I even believe simeone gotta go after this season weather we win the league or not. Why? Because he isn’t doing what is best to take atleti to the top 10point gap down to 3. Champions league have been disappointing since 2017. We are grateful for what he has done but we don’t want him turning into what happened at Arsenal and arsene

  13. Pedro Pierre dijo:

    Any attacking player would struggle in that position in atletico

  14. JDDC 9447 dijo:

    Well fortunately for Felix there's International break next week so he will play less defensively and play more attacking for the National Team so he can show the World his true talent instead of playing Diego Simeone's useless tactics that prevent Felix from shining

  15. Frank Champion dijo:

    Let’s be honest he was completely overpaid but it wasn’t his fault it was PSG paying 220 mil for Neymar that completely turned the transfer market into a joke for a while (Griezman for 100 mil, Coutinho 150 mil, Dembele 100 mil, Felix 120 mil) all of those transfers triggered by PSG’s oil money. Simeone’s style of play is toxic for a player like Joao Felix. A move to Dortmund would have been a much better stepping stone for his career.

  16. Micah Kiyimba dijo:

    He chose the wrong team..how can a tricky creative player play for Atleti and Simeone…he should've gone to Leipzig or PSG or Juve

  17. LikeTheRiver dijo:

    This Atletico conversation has been the same for the last 3 years it seems. Simeone tries to play a more fluid and attacking game but always ends up reverting back to his traditional ways and because he doesn't have his classic core of defensive masterminds, capitulates in the 2nd half of the season. Felix should go to a team like Liverpool, Dortmund, Leipzig, etc. I'd mention Barcelona too if they didn't already have so many players in the SS/10 mold (and more cash of course).

  18. Flavio Tomas dijo:

    Attacking youngsters cant be in defensive sides its like having Mbappe under simeone

  19. Russel Stephan dijo:

    Hes kinda overhyped at the moment. Hes still 21 so he still has time and haven't peaked yet. Give him time.

  20. javier book shadows contributor du dijo:

    151st comment Felix to real Madrid in summer

  21. T Banda dijo:

    UTD wanted him, they had to settle for Bruno Fernandes.

  22. Remus ML dijo:

    Fire the manager

  23. Eric Fürst dijo:

    joao felix chosed the wrong club. for his abilty, manCity would be perfect.

  24. James Ruscheinski dijo:

    Might help to play behind two forwards as drawn back forward.

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