Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid ~ Man United 4-2-3-1 Formations With Eriksen ~ Squad update

Manchester United vs Atletico madrid. Manchester United 4-2-3-1 formations with Eriksen – Malacia & Lisandro Martinez. Squad Update


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20 respuestas a Manchester United vs Atletico Madrid ~ Man United 4-2-3-1 Formations With Eriksen ~ Squad update

  1. Ziwfaz YT dijo:

    waiting for ronaldo

  2. Nyhuru Wolfgang dijo:

    You don’t know where players should be position

  3. Deeqa Dagan dijo:

    I,ll play for Manchester United in the coming future. ♥️♥️.

  4. Naziru Mada dijo:

    I will replace Fred to mack tominay

  5. Reggie Govender dijo:

    We Must Win Big. Then the Boys MUST REST for rest of the season. We are Manchester United

  6. Sumethan Arulanantham dijo:

    Playing with one holing midfielder and 2 attacking midfielders. Nope it wouldn’t happen

  7. Tham Thamloan dijo:

    ĐỘI hình này của mu ko ngại bất kỳ đối thủ nào

  8. Rory Lee Farnham dijo:

    Get rid of,De Gea.


    Sok tau

  10. Bukhaari izmail dijo:

    ths is not team yes

  11. Denis Jekim dijo:

    I rather playing Donny instead of mictominay

  12. Mayangmayum Izahar dijo:

    All the best gud luck

  13. RetroFn dijo:

    This is my preferred lineup but Martinez on the left because he's left-footed and Fred instead of Mctominay. Mctominay is terrible and would not work with Eriksen at all.

  14. Lee Howson dijo:

    Hmm some of this might work but we can't play eriksen and Bruno in the same side, and would mctominay really be able to boss the midfield, I doubt it.
    We are unbelievably desperate for a CDM

  15. Wesley Edwards dijo:

    That's my front Three…love it

  16. Anthonystar Nongsiej dijo:

    Not happen this squad maguire should be in this squad not martinez

  17. Wira Arjuna dijo:

    Ronaldo ?? ????

  18. Karl Dammer dijo:

    You do realize you missed our top striker, who has not on any terms asked to leave? And before you say he hasn't trained, he has done as much if not more than both Eriksen and Martinez…..think about it…Ronaldo will be there with a little message for Atletico fans from his feet…

  19. Mohammed Ally dijo:

    You cannot play Bruno and Ericksen both at first eleven. Who's going to play Central midfield? McTominay needs someone stronger and who can stick to central midfield

  20. Ekoku Arnold dijo:

    Best line up ever I love it

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