HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid 3-1 Man City (6-5 Aggregate)

City suffered Champions League semi-final heartbreak as Real Madrid staged a stunning late fightback to clinch a 3-1 second leg win after extra time at the Bernabeu to clinch a 6-5 win on aggregate.


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21 respuestas a HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid 3-1 Man City (6-5 Aggregate)

  1. Sbusiso Ngubane dijo:

    ? lol

  2. Alvaro Sesmero dijo:


  3. Pheonix ᳧ dijo:

    This is the best UCL semi final I've ever watched

  4. Husbandryenvy dijo:

    Still funny.

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo dijo:


  6. Tarik Tokalija dijo:

    90' Rodrygo scores for 1-1 (4-5)
    Pep: "Ok we lost…"

  7. naghme saam dijo:

    Hala Madrid ??

  8. Radia Haz dijo:

    0:38 its funny how the defender falled

  9. Enisan Oluwaseun dijo:

    The spirit of champions dwell inside Madrid.
    One of a kind in history of UCL

  10. Manuela Azzi dijo:

    Amazing match ???



  12. ABDULL4H341 dijo:

    This was actually so hard to watch. actual heartbreak❤️?

  13. Richard Edgerton dijo:

    Best semi ever

  14. ロベリアん dijo:

    0:46 that’s why City lost this game

  15. Mo Raashiii dijo:

    That Real madrid winning mentality just???…

  16. Mo Raashiii dijo:

    Hala madrid

  17. Sarmatua Pardosi dijo:

    King of comeback and king of ucl

  18. Investor Boss dijo:

    Hala Madrid

  19. Agaba Mike dijo:

    I cried on this day????????I will never forget this day in football history

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