Barcelona looked REVITALISED in their 4-2 win vs. Atletico Madrid – Burley | LaLiga | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Sid Lowe join Kay Murray to discuss Barcelona’s 4-2 win against Atletico Madrid in LaLiga. The guys debate why Atletico Madrid looked so poor and discuss whether Xavi’s side can build on this win.

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31 respuestas a Barcelona looked REVITALISED in their 4-2 win vs. Atletico Madrid – Burley | LaLiga | ESPN FC

  1. Captain Delta dijo:

    Trust the process

  2. Ujjwal Mukherjee dijo:

    One Pundit from the studio thought Barcelona looked ‘Revitalised’ but then was not sure of himself and hence asked the other Pundit if he also saw Barcelona ‘Revitalised’ on the ground too – as if that makes any difference!! And the Pundit on the ground also talked about how Real Betis has a ‘reasonable’ lead over Barcelona when actually Real Betis has 40 points from 23 matches and Barcelona has 38 points from 22 matches and can overtake Betis with a win in the next match!! Also on this same channel, some of these Pundits were laughing when Barcelona signed Adama Traore saying he was not a regular even in Wolve !! It just beats me to think these people get paid to talk like these – meaningless blabbering and no sense most of the time!

  3. LetsplayOSgames dijo:

    not only did barca play well but they played almost half an hour with 10 men and still keepet their win and not crumble like most games. i think barca will come back stronger and better alot quicker than most people thought they would. alot of people said barca will take another 2 to 3 years to come back and honestly i see them coming back abit faster than 2 to 3 maybe another year and you can see them come back strong again

  4. ras power dijo:

    Is felix need to come barca

  5. ras power dijo:

    It's so sad and confirmed that u guys are no analysis, u only can report from a game an not see the progress

  6. KS dijo:

    These studio pundits at espn always do this when Barcelona win games. It's never how 'good' Barcelona is, it's always about how 'bad' the other team is. They'll never give credit to Barcelona when it's due.

  7. Richard dijo:

    Simeone should leave laliga he had a laliga winning team and yet he fielded them in a 532 formation

  8. anthonyto1993 dijo:

    What a great club Barcelona is, make every player reduce their wages, if not your sold. The reasoning is that they didn't watch their finances and spent 100's of millions on players with high wages. Then in January they sign players using the reduced wages the players sacrificed to save the club.
    Barcelona….what a great team

  9. Shubham Gupta dijo:

    I remember these pundits saying bringing Adama Traore doesn't make any sense… Absolute morons

  10. Юлиан Георгиев dijo:

    Why don't you guys talk about Greenwood beating and raping his exgirlfriend?

  11. peterhaslund dijo:

    What's with that daft "heavy metal" in the background?

  12. DiReal 2dcore dijo:

    The signing of Adama Traore, Feran Tores, Auba and recall of Dany Alves is the best decision Barcelona has made in the face of their present financial mess. I'm not a Barca fan but watching that game brought back the euphoria and fun Camp Nou is known for.

  13. Majid Gonzalez dijo:

    Time for a new atleti manager and new style

  14. Md Mizanur Rahman dijo:

    I can see Manu will beat A Madrid easily. As a team they are just not up to the mark this season.

  15. Milind Bebarta dijo:

    Oblak has declined so hard

  16. Zone Time dijo:

    Barcelona seem to have that spark back , defensively i still think dani alves is porous , still good going forward , i love Adam traore , dembele just going to sit on the bench till the summer

  17. Kumar Deori dijo:

    This was the show which said adama won't be suited in barca

  18. Alfin Wirawan dijo:

    great performance from Barcelona, from Madridista

  19. SSS dijo:

    All the stars aligned for Barca on the day. Their play was sharp, Auba and Adama were sharp.
    But what are the odds of a Alba volley off the shin to go in the top corner? What are the odds of little Gavi outjumping a tall Atleti defender and score a header? Very low, and yet they happened one right after the other.

  20. Ndlangamie dijo:

    this was the barcelona of old much better

  21. Batyngshain Majaw dijo:

    Athletic vrs utd in the UCL would be interesting.The only two vulnerable hard to predict team left in the competition

  22. AB G dijo:

    Not a fan of any LaLiga club, but I'd love to see Betis finish in top 4 ahead of both ATM & Barca, and I genuinely wish them to get more quality players in the next transfer window!!! ?

  23. Kelly Mungomo dijo:

    Barsa is baaaaack!!

  24. Vee Murathi dijo:

    Joa' Felix..!! For Arsenal… ?

  25. Hridoy Abdullah dijo:

    Dani Alves was the best in the pitch .I was shocked to see him play so beautifully

  26. david emmanuel dijo:

    Seems simone wanna be sacked and go to united

  27. bazelnj dijo:

    this is the real Barca, only if Messi was still here.

  28. beckham9018 dijo:

    And you guys said Adama was a bad signing!! I knew he was going to be playing well such a big role

  29. Carlo Mikhail Reid dijo:

    craig humble pie

  30. Yusuf Warsame dijo:

    Ale went missing …

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