Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester City Reaction: Was Madrid TOO DEFENSIVE? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens, Frank Leboeuf and Luis Garcia react to the 0-0 draw between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City in the 2nd leg of their UEFA Champions League quarterfinal matchup.

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26 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester City Reaction: Was Madrid TOO DEFENSIVE? | ESPN FC

  1. jide * dijo:

    Exactly. Athletico Madrid are now a big team they're style of play is unacceptable. It's crude and violent.

  2. Silversilver dijo:

    This guy comparing atleti's playstyle to madrid? lol

  3. Tony 92 dijo:

    Atleti were waiting for a lucky break to get one in and go back to defending…instead they found a resolute city team which held firm

  4. Andrew Bristoe dijo:

    As a kopite Love them when they play manc enemies my criticism is not playing Suarez more ??? They have beaten lfc utd and gave city a fright the problem is the rule needs to be a limit of defending players in final pitch quarter park the bus team s spoiling the game

  5. Amen Stal dijo:

    You all are clueless really. Atleti has always been known as an attacking team. Attack is in their DNA. What they didn't do well is defense. They can score 3 goals but equally can let past 4 goals in a match. In came Simeone and changed all that and Atletico got results. It landed them 2 La Ligas 2 Europas and Champions League Final twice.
    They curbed their Attacking instinct so that they get the result by not conceeding goals. So in case of Man City, Atleti has always have that ability to fight back and Attack. It was just a matter of when to do it. They wouldn't risk it in the 1st leg. They kept it for their Home Leg. But because they've conceded 1 goal to minimize risk of falling 2-0 they've decided to All Out Attack in the 2nd Half. As you all have seen we've BROKEN City's passing game and sent them to resort to the 'Dark Arts' themselves. We've DONE that to Pep's barca and Bayern Munich way before. Simeone and Pep were no stranger to each other in The Champions League or La Liga. In fact it was Simeone's Atletico that managed to contain Messi Barca in certain matches.

    Simeone is cautious and a Master Pragmatist but that just belies the True Attacking Power of Atletico de Madrid. We have always know how to Attack.

    Didn't Kiko, Vieri, Hasselbaink, Forlan, Aguero, Fernando Torres, Falcao, Diego Costa, Griezmann, Joao Felix ring any bell ??

    You Can't be that Daft, Can You ?

  6. Marlon Campbell dijo:

    Boring now ? new debate please

  7. Adam Pheasey dijo:

    Luis does make a good point as a Real fan. Say you have benzema on Atletico and he scored two goals. No one would criticize Atletico. Fact is they don’t. Simone tried be attacking and they conceited like crazy early in the season. They almost beat the best team in the world. The best team. As a struggling La Liga team. Like it or not like it. It almost worked.

  8. Vijendra Revankar dijo:

    Loll! i dont no what's the definition of clear cut chances for frank , sometimes it feels like hes one of the most illogical pundits.

  9. Ismael Es dijo:

    Real Madrid lives in your head rent free, Luis.

  10. Putra Chill's Master dijo:

    they're desperately want to win and desperately don't want to lose ?

  11. Yandi dijo:

    When you say “Madrid”, you’re referring to Real. Atletico Madrid are referred to as “Atletico” for short.

  12. EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup dijo:

    Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!

  13. Henry Januardo dijo:

    real madrid just defense for dat psg, but atletico has been defended for so so many years so many games

  14. Giyo Giyo dijo:

    All about perspective but I admire city’s performance in that second half. That showed they’ve matured and can really grind out a result. When they win they always dominate. That win will be way more meaningful for city than a 5-0 win.

  15. Dj dijo:

    As a city fan I wasn’t worried until the second half when they actually started to play

  16. Sharad Mohip dijo:

    Frank is completely right , man city looked like children in that half …. It’s just athletico didn’t get one in.

  17. Sharad Mohip dijo:

    I thought athletico was great

  18. Alfalfa Male dijo:

    Nobody calls them Madrid. Change that title. People call them Atlético or Atleti.

  19. Tumul Gupta dijo:

    no no. you don't call atleti as madrid. there's only one madrid and that is real madrid.

  20. NabilMMSTC07 dijo:

    The simeone clap had me dead

  21. Mr facts dijo:

    City looked scared

  22. nicko foresta dijo:

    Garcia says he doesn't want to talk about the last ten minutes. Why not? That's ATM. That's who they are. Punks who can't compete so they resort to violence. Animals

  23. NewGorkCity dijo:

    As a Cityzen, kinda torn. We played a style that I never wanted us to play, but it was hella worth it given the reactions of the other team.

  24. 11Pyze dijo:

    Shaka explained that so well. Athletico playing not to lose makes them so one dimensional. Simeone need to grow up a bit. His antics especially after the game (which he lost) were embarrassing.

  25. OG 2times TI Champions dijo:

    Yes all Madrid teams (atletico and real) were defensive. They should be ban from playing.
    Not surprising at all.

  26. SHAHID WILLIE dijo:

    it was a great game to watch

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