Atletico Madrid's defeat vs. Chelsea: Is La Liga falling behind the other top leagues? | ESPN FC

Sid Lowe and Stewart Robson break down the fallout from Atletico Madrid’s 3-0 aggregate defeat vs. Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Robson says Atleti was too static and outrun by a fitter Chelsea outfit. The guys also Diego Simeone’s limitations and question if he’s the right manager to lead them to glory at Europe’s highest level.

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50 respuestas a Atletico Madrid's defeat vs. Chelsea: Is La Liga falling behind the other top leagues? | ESPN FC

  1. Dr. Diaz dijo:

    La liga is in transition. We just won CL not too long ago..relax.. thank plastic and oil money that the EPL is still alive thanks to it.

  2. Yusuf Fulat dijo:

    Spanish league is dusted.

  3. G -smith dijo:

    Since CR7 leave the league, no one even watching that league more Spanish ?? people,, even series become more watchive nowadays

  4. Billy Fitness dijo:

    Atletico got beaten up from Chelsea like no other team before.

  5. Rizzo RIZZO dijo:

    Short answer, yes. Athleti’s style of play has been totally exposed and no one is intimidated by them in the slightest. They didn’t push because they can’t. The team isn’t built to play from behind.

  6. LuckyPewPew dijo:

    its okay, there was a 4 year period where english teams were trash in the champions league, german teams as well, and french teams still kinda are, and italian teams definitely still are, they'll bounce back eventually

  7. mumtaz haider dijo:

    Atletico Madrid will still win La Liga this season inshallah and Chelsea will win UEFA Champions League title this season.

  8. mumtaz haider dijo:

    Spain sucks England rocks.

  9. lord garmadon dijo:

    3 from pl
    2 from Bundesliga
    1 from la liga and ligue 1
    0 from serie a

  10. haitch04 dijo:

    Maybe give credit to Chelsea for Atletico looking well beaten. They and Simeone are one of the best sides in Europe, made to look ordinary be a very good Chelsea side.

  11. Don Juan dijo:

    La Liga is a finished league.

    Bayern and ManCity would completly destroy La Liga and make it "their" league.

  12. Rohan Kanungo dijo:

    Why this discussion was not made when
    Liverpool knocked out Bayern(bundesliga leaders) at last 16 of UCL2019
    When Atleti knocked out the EPL leaders last season

  13. Alex Estefes dijo:

    Wow la liga falling behind I watched like half the 2nd leg of Barca vs psg. Barcelona looked way better just the finishing couldn’t watch the rest cause I had a game but seems like they could’ve had the comeback

  14. ankon dijo:

    Simeone and guardiola are frauds

  15. Jean Jacques Lundi dijo:

    Why must leagues be compared in this simplistic manner? Why must I have this in my football daily dose? English fans diminishing other leagues, a FORCED competition between two leagues that doesn't really exist. Gimme a break!

    Can't stand the narratives in football anymore. Let me just watch football without forcing these agendas and storylines on me please! It's disrepectful to people's intelligence.

  16. futy room dijo:

    Check previous many years who were lossing la liga or english leagu

  17. King of the Bridge dijo:

    They are poor since Costa left. Big dressing room loss.

  18. Russel Stephan dijo:

    Wow. Sid is so good. More of him pls

  19. Mr. Chocolate dijo:

    Just like Van der Vaart said, Joao Felix is a fine player but he’s at the wrong club.

  20. Jay Almeida dijo:

    So much la liga salty bois

  21. Manik Tandon dijo:

    Say this when real defeats liverpool ( a barca fan here)

  22. Ismail Suleiman dijo:

    Sack Ale Moreno and give his wages to Sid

  23. BlueBlood manny dijo:

    La Liga fans super mad ?

  24. Brandon Giordano dijo:

    I remember them beating Liverpool very well lol I was pissed for like 2 weeks ?. Chelsea are a good team. I think it's more chelsea so good than atleti so bad

  25. Daily Dose of Scripture. DDS dijo:

    Athletico Madrid are a top team Chelsea were just too good for them… stop trynna discredit Chelsea that’s all these pundit do.

  26. James Ruscheinski dijo:

    Athletico Madrid would probably be better served with counterattack than high press for transition.

  27. The A Entertainer dijo:

    We Fucked this channel Up !

  28. James Ruscheinski dijo:

    Athletico Madrid may be more focused on La Liga, perhaps a more realizable goal at this time.

  29. N. Hoffmann dijo:

    behind premiere league, yes sure. but i think its still number 2 bc bundesliga and seria a are not rocking either.

  30. Prime Time dijo:

    without xavi iniesta messi and ronaldo this is what la liga has always been… a testament to the those players

  31. Lenox Hamese dijo:

    I demand Sid be a permanent pundit!

  32. billgets prosper dijo:

    These people sometimes they sound like they don’t know what they are talking about , before Liverpool won the champions league which they couldn’t even come close the next season by the way, when was last time an English club won it ? Between that I was either Madrid or barca so now all of the sudden la liga is farmer’s league ? Really?

  33. PRANAV P PILLAI dijo:

    Barcelona will become one among the top 3 team in Europe next season. They are building in a right way but others are hanging on their older team members.

  34. K.O dijo:

    Chelsea was toying with laliga leaders?

  35. Tamim dijo:

    Last 7-10 year premier league teams have been bottling in Europe and they don't talk about that

  36. Tamim dijo:

    Bruh Spanish teams just had only 2 bad seasons in Europe but they are gonna be back next season more stronger

  37. Gemma Louise dijo:

    Not ready wolves will smoke guys

  38. Gemma Louise dijo:

    This is not la liga ….we are the premier league the best and the hardest league in the world

  39. A M dijo:

    La Liga farmers league

  40. Pemba Lama dijo:

    They are antilaliga lol

  41. Tharcisse dijo:

    When you win 8 CL's and 9 UEL's in 15 years, a decline is natural. Football has cycles, something that these 'journalists' fail to understand. See you all in 5 years when La Liga's back to dominating again ??.

  42. sam huggins dijo:

    Kovacic is a very quick player

  43. Wai Kian Khoo dijo:

    Laliga dominated ucl for so long, it is time to step aside for a few years

  44. Chloe Chen dijo:

    As much as I'm loving it, La Liga's decline won't last. The most talented young footballers from Central and South America will always want to play for Real and Barcelona and if they can't get there they will go to Atletico, Sevilla and Valencia. On top of that Spain continues to produce good players of their own.

  45. R Ba dijo:

    What other leagues ? La liga has been dominating europe for the last 12 years , Only bayern have been up there with Barcelona and Rm and the europa peague was dominated by sevilla , these guys hype English teams like they are winning it year after year ,I wonder what would they say if Liverpool and city won 2 or 3 UCLs in the last decade

  46. - Xcess dijo:

    Remember this Chelsea team is a lot better than the Chelsea from a month ago. Atletico didn’t play amazing at all but still I think this shows quality of tuchels Chelsea rather than leagues

  47. Txsj 1 dijo:

    Thank you for watching espn on you to

  48. Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal dijo:

    Well one thing that has been in favour for English teams is that their away ties were played on neutral grounds … ??‍♂️

  49. Shreyash Sinha dijo:

    La liga have two average seasons in the champions league (even then they've had teams as far as quarter finals) and suddenly they're not good?

    Absolutely not.. Barcelona are going to do much better the next season and as soon as Real sign a good forward.. which they definitely will.. we'll see them back in the semi finals at least.. probably from next season.

  50. Scruffa Stuff dijo:

    Laliga has been behind for a long time.. there was a time where they had a lot of the greatest players. That slowed down. Now with Neymar and Ronaldo gone, it's getting worse.

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