Sancho Scores Again! ? | Man Utd 2-2 Aston Villa | Highlights

Enjoy the highlights of our final game on Tour against Aston Villa in Perth ??

United opened the scoring through a Jadon Sancho volley in the first half, before an own goal doubled our lead. Leon Bailey pulled one back for Aston Villa early in the second half and managed to equalise in the last moments of the game.

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33 respuestas a Sancho Scores Again! ? | Man Utd 2-2 Aston Villa | Highlights

  1. bruno mirambi dijo:


  2. Regdu Geht dijo:

    we concede

  3. Ayush Shankar dijo:

    Maguire is doing well as compared to previous season….

  4. Catur Ari dijo:

    maguire out?

  5. vjrZ$ ☯️ dijo:

    same problems look lindelof two goals of your side he is so slow.

  6. AD70. dijo:

    No CR7 no problem.
    Send this message to CR7.THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN, LEAVE NOW!!!!.

  7. meshack inganji dijo:

    liam bailey is so underated????

  8. senni bgon dijo:

    A fit Leon looks dangerous asf We cant have slow defenders around players like that

  9. S A S dijo:

    Maguire misses a sitter

  10. shani yan dijo:

    Honestly, I'm happy for Maguire. I hope he can keep this form

  11. FIVE STARS✨ dijo:

    Wow, brilliant performance from Bailey

  12. Michael Daley dijo:

    Bailey was it for Me! Great stuff! He scored, made the dripple got the corner, took the corner, his team pulled level

  13. matitwox dijo:

    2:38 maguire :OOOO

  14. irishlockpicker dijo:

    Our village football team plays on a far better pitch than this piece of rubbish . Utd starting off the way they finished last season …. conceding goal for fun , don't you just love Maguire's brilliant defending

  15. Blay Amoah dijo:

    United need to get their hands on Bailey if we can’t get Antony

  16. cnmmd qiuoo dijo:

    him to the bench lol

  17. Sandjon Gaël dijo:

    Manchester can’t win with this team … wake up

  18. Eric Wang dijo:

    not going to lie, maguire is playing very well in this match, hope he going to be back to his prime again

  19. B Williams dijo:

    Sancho is going to be so dangerous this season
    Finally getting used to united now they actually have a coach

  20. Potato Sawatdee dijo:

    meoh789 slot

  21. Potato Sawatdee dijo:


  22. Mack Daddy dijo:

    Utd fans going from winning the league to middle table in 3 games..
    Same ol same ol

  23. Einar Johan Skandsen dijo:

    de Gea problem exposed. He is stuck on the line on corners

  24. Slyme's CriB dijo:

    Why's no one talking about Fred in that DM role?

  25. kuste 5g dijo:

    Am so grateful to Maguire

  26. lee verrall dijo:

    I hope this can be baileys season, I was gutted arsenal didn’t try and sign him before villa, but I think this mite be his year to shine

  27. southdowns2009 dijo:

    Maguire has got to go

  28. hıyar dijo:

    Sancho ??????????

  29. JJ dijo:

    PLEASE Maguire, take the Barca offer! He will have that block pictured and framed in his house…

  30. Rafael Giner dijo:

    United Fans since I'm 6 I'll be hella happy if we hit the road this season and can be on top 3 (of course even better if we win it) and start the new era of United doing nothing but winning everything as it was meant to be.
    Greetings to you all from Peru

  31. Haley Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME ? dijo:

    Sancho having the spotlight, he was brilliant. The team worked well in attacks, and tbh for this match, Maguire did decent in defence

  32. Jason Royalte dijo:

    Bailey playing well

  33. toijg avnnr dijo:

    Honestly, I'm happy for Maguire. I hope he can keep this form

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