EXCLUSIVE ➡️ Stefan Savic backs Atletico Madrid to NOT give Real Madrid the guard of honor | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes speaks to Atletico Madrid’s Stefan Savic ahead of the Madrid Derby where they square off against newly-crowned LaLiga champions, Real Madrid.
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23 respuestas a EXCLUSIVE ➡️ Stefan Savic backs Atletico Madrid to NOT give Real Madrid the guard of honor | ESPN FC

  1. MontenegrinIcon dijo:

    Idk what y’all talking about, this guy can defend .. of course I’m Montenegrin but I’m a Real fan so that counteracts any bias I may have

  2. DOGGOMORPH dijo:

    If you think about it Atletico reach the final with a loanee keeper in 2014 which is brilliant

    If they had won it would be great right now he have a chance to win it if real wins

  3. DOGGOMORPH dijo:

    Censor lan jiao la eh

  4. Ali a dijo:

    Savic should how classless he is again and again! No glass atletic Will Always be second in Madrid!

  5. Edwyn gotta Amador dijo:

    Watching this now as a Barca fan I want real to destroy them 5-0

  6. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Less Alexis, more Gemma

  7. RH dijo:

    Average defender with a big mouth.

  8. Noah Sebeslav dijo:

    Savic a ?

  9. Hazard D dijo:

    Who don’t care for a guard of honor . We already know we are champions

  10. Jahin Akhyar dijo:

    He has only one expression

  11. James Sims aka The Real JimJam dijo:

    Disrespectful if you ask me, you should always give a team a guard of honour when possible

  12. Sir Switch Crookington dijo:

    ESPN really wanting clicks. How many times can you post a variation of the same story?

  13. Pedro Pierre dijo:

    Who cares? We know what Atletico is

  14. Pablo Nava dijo:

    ESPN deleting comments because their boss Mickey Mouse is against free speech. Savic is a real bad footballer. Thanks and have a good day.

  15. Srikrishna dijo:

    This guy is so bang average . Wouldn't play for any of the league's cl sides.

  16. madtitan_bringerofgenocide dijo:

    This man is jealous of jack grealish hair ?

  17. Iambigjones dijo:

    ESPN expects us to watch their content but delete our comments when we try to engage, even when nothing disrespectful was said. I'm done with this channel.

  18. Omar Al-Fayez dijo:

    Legends say that Savic is waiting at the Madrid airport for the Man City squad

  19. Brando dijo:

    Atletico are a disgrace. The Culture is rotten there.

  20. Adolf Dassler dijo:

    Style of play? It's not a style you should be proud of.

  21. MrKaravaj dijo:

    He is not a good defender. Only fights – wanna be Ramos but with no quality

  22. freshtea dijo:

    Real Madrid gave them a guard of honor in the 2014 n 2016 UCL finals so why can’t they do it ?

  23. Pako X dijo:

    It’s okay Madrid didn’t want to give it to Barca in 2018 so what’s the difference now?

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