HIGHLIGHTS | Atletico 0-0 Man City | Champions League Second Leg | Through to the Semi-Final!

City booked our passage through to the Champions League semi-finals thanks to a hard fought goalless draw at Atletico Madrid in our quarter-final second leg.


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23 respuestas a HIGHLIGHTS | Atletico 0-0 Man City | Champions League Second Leg | Through to the Semi-Final!

  1. Vishu N dijo:

    Got lucky to get past the best defense.. & theatrics of Foden..
    Deservedly beaten me by pep's eternal rivals REAL..

  2. vishu777 nalubandu dijo:

    Deservedly loose against RM

  3. vishu777 nalubandu dijo:

    Lucky to go past ATM

  4. Michael Goulbourne dijo:

    Man city team and coaching staff will make history ok.

  5. Ruddy Romero dijo:

    Apik rek


    Man Sity ?

  7. 캐스퍼 dijo:

    One of the dirtiest opponents to our blues, especially they're the most bored team in the world get off at

  8. masimba mandengenda dijo:

    competitive play but embarassingly biased english commentary

  9. azeri.editiz dijo:

    Dont respect

  10. Hawwa Friyadh dijo:

    0:20 looks like stones got his shirt pulled. If it was it should have been a penalty. Where was VAR?

  11. Mario Draganić dijo:

    Ne slavite previše.
    Dolazi vam još jedan Madrid.
    To be continued…
    Bravo Atletico,kakvi atletičari
    City come in Real life?

  12. ASAD ABBAS dijo:

    Only athletico can give tough time to any club in the world. What a intense match i have ever seen

  13. Madhuri Deo dijo:

    Even as a city fan i have to admit Manchester is red ?

  14. Sándor dijo:

    atletico=lumberjack team as their coach was 😀

  15. Aan Jufrianto dijo:

    Keras ATM

  16. Nosep Saepudin dijo:

    I love Putin

  17. Nosep Saepudin dijo:

    Yes URAA

  18. philip mountfield dijo:

    What a disgrace to football atletico Madrid are.

  19. Agung Yevana dijo:

    city is the real fu*k team!!!

  20. Let Love Lead dijo:

    ???i knew nature wouldn't allow anti football Atlantico Madrid to thrive over super Manchester City that continue to entertain the world with scintillating football.??
    5-5-0 is unacceptable in modern football.
    ?️ i know the anti football fans will still bring flimsy excuses here??
    ✅we know football is an entertainment sport but boring teams like athletico Madrid and others makes it unattractive these days.

  21. Rahmat Agusandi dijo:

    +9 minutes?.?

  22. Md Afnan dijo:

    Manchester City lost to Real Madrid in the semiffinals and won the title in the final from Bangladesh ????????

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