Time to takeover Bayern Munich for 10 seasons in FIFA 22 Career Mode. Can we win the Bundesliga every single season?

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25 respuestas a I Takeover BAYERN MUNICH for 10 SEASONS and BREAK ALL RECORDS!!?

  1. Dawa Lama dijo:

    Next Manchester United?

  2. Noah Wiksell dijo:

    Make a arsenal 10 season video

  3. Marcello Ciottta dijo:

    do you use so Fifa

  4. Anónimo dijo:

    Eh. What is z2u? ay!

  5. Mjmj dijo:

    Alas! I hate z2u. It‘s everywhere yeah,

  6. Haziq Danial dijo:

    Ryan Gravenbech is Bayern Munich New Player

  7. sadiomanegoat dijo:

    How do u get unlimited money in career mode?

  8. tjayy Huruvs dijo:

    why replase mane

  9. Mario Ulasika dijo:

    A bit fitting that you won only 26 trophies in 26 minutes

  10. Marcus Bruhn dijo:

    Would love to see a 10 season with Sheffield wednesday next, a club with a lot of history that deserves new glory

  11. J M dijo:

    You to managed them contracts sir. You always messed up the contracts and sim too fast

  12. NextPlay dijo:

    'He's the best football player in the wales' ?

  13. Kata dijo:

    love this takeover 🙂 !!!

  14. Josefire2003 dijo:

    S2g please do a loyon 10 seasons takeover and make them better than psg

  15. wydpanda dijo:

    you should be able to make 2 signings and one signing for depth (like 75-80 overall depending on the club)

  16. Seth Brown-Johnson dijo:

    S2g should take over his own create a club team in spain

  17. Lalo Kage dijo:

    YouTubers still click baiting in 2022

  18. YtK tv dijo:

    S2G's edits are underrated.

  19. Lord Vader 666 dijo:

    Please try Ajax next would be interesting

  20. Ahmad Farzam dijo:

    Next time for CAM try signing Florian Wirtz from Leverkusen

  21. Tharmes Deventheren dijo:

    Since both Sancho and Erling Haaland left Dortmund..do a takeover video of Dortmund..it will be very interesting

  22. JVC-79 dijo:

    S2g u should make a super league with all the good teams so it isn’t as easy and then the career modes will last longer

  23. Jure Stare dijo:

    Ea bias at its best

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