Atletico Interested in Emerson Royal! [GOOD MORNIGN TOTTENHAM CLIPS]

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34 respuestas a Atletico Interested in Emerson Royal! [GOOD MORNIGN TOTTENHAM CLIPS]

  1. Paul Graham dijo:

    Where does Japhet come in to this right side

  2. NepaliYuva dijo:

    Emerson is the goat

  3. Matthew M dijo:

    If the dude develops a cross he could be pretty darn good.

  4. Peter Lee dijo:

    If you are a fan with Ambition….you KNOW Emerson Royal has to go

  5. David Beeson dijo:

    Spence is no better than Emerson. You guys wanting him gone, 🙄. Honestly, think of the players we would’ve lost out on if we had this attitude.

  6. Joe O'Shea dijo:

    He’s only had one season first season in the prem he could come good

  7. Stephen dijo:

    Keep Emerson, find a ready made RWB

  8. Tyrone John dijo:

    10 to 15 from kulersevski, 18 to 20 to 25 each from Son & Kane we will contend for the league title.

  9. Tyrone John dijo:

    I don't mind keeping Emerson he'll get better 4 to 5 goals maximum, Persic may get us 10.

  10. Daniel Hewson dijo:

    I wish people would get off Emerson's back. He's only 22 and has massive potential as he clearly showed in the final third of the season. You go on about Conte developing all other players of a similar age, but not him. I find that very strange. Give the boy a chance. It's amazing how everyone is excited about Spence, who has not kicked a ball in anger in the PL. Please explain this to me.

  11. Niki Mitchell dijo:

    he's had one season, I doubt he'll be sold

  12. Ryan dijo:

    we NEED to keep him lol. He showed up towards the end. It takes time to get used to EPL. with new signing he'll improve so much

  13. zukispur dijo:


  14. Josiah Dodo dijo:

    Atletico might develop Emerson . So get rid of him and bring in better quality .

  15. The Realist dijo:

    Emerson needs to stay, I don't know why he gets stick from fans, what he can't cross so he's no good? Look at all the games he's played we haven't lost in the majority of them, defensively he's a good player and imo I don't see Spence being any better than Emerson, he was awful against Huddersfield and was even worse for England scoring an own goal.

  16. john racher dijo:

    If we did sell Emerson, we will need to buy a replacement. Djed Spence not experienced enough if deal goes through, and Doherty last I heard will be side-lined until December!

  17. john racher dijo:

    Brilliant content again guys, but you do really need to check your spelling, too many errors lately 😁

  18. Justin Tharagan dijo:

    I need to see 2 cbs, 2rwbs, a creative mid and 2 fwds come in we do that and it’s a 10/10 window. Do not stop demanding spurs fans cause with conte CL money, the 150 from ENIC, nfl games, stadium revenue and player sales there is no reason we shouldn’t go all out this summer for conte

  19. SOURCESTV GH 🇬🇭UK dijo:

    Doherty is worse player

  20. giuseppe ciabatti dijo:

    I thought Altletico were after Matinez….

  21. Congo Dubz dijo:

    I can’t see Emerson going after only just 1 season in the prem. I think Doherty maybe the 1 that’s out the door, I think his on his 3rd season at spurs only had bout a month of delivering good performances. Remember it has been Emerson in most big games from last season. Liverpool home and away, Man City home and away and a few more big games. If conte wants him gone then it’s all good with me but if he wants him 2 stay I’m good with that also especially with a pre season with conte. COYS

  22. Playar-T dijo:

    Swap him for Carasco plus Cash would be a better mover .. Carrasco is a Utility player can play both Right & LWB , RW & LW

  23. Donie Nagle dijo:

    Pretty good full back, terrible wing back.

  24. Justin Damon dijo:

    What I've seen Emerson's gameplay is very good. I rate him as very good player

  25. Mr Alphonz dijo:

    Does the guy doing the title cards have dyslexia?


  26. Glenn Hoddle dijo:

    My prayers have been answered ! He is an ok only defender but simply atrocious as a wing back. He's a decent guy but let's be honest, he is just not good enough. Spence in, Royal out.

  27. tero tours dijo:

    Manager knows it better

  28. Mysterious Gamer dijo:

    I dont think buying Spence and having Spence and Doherty as our RWBs is a good option the wise move would be to sell Emerson buy Spence loan him to Forest for a year and buy a more promising sound RWB. Well thats just my opinion whats yours?

  29. grahame crump dijo:

    Bite their hand off

  30. Panago dijo:

    I believe next season we'll see SPURS play occasionally 4-3-3.

  31. NUKA MAGE dijo:

    I’m a Emersonsexual I don’t want him to go tbh

  32. Abdul Askar dijo:

    Royal reminds me of Danilo! Never been a fan! They work hard both but no brain

  33. Perseus dijo:

    it's actually 'atlético'

  34. Scott Hynam dijo:

    First, Coys 🐓

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