James Rodriguez a good fit for Atletico Madrid? Philippe Coutinho back to Liverpool? | Extra Time

Steve Nicol, Julien Laurens and Dan Thomas of ESPN FC answer fan questions in Extra Time, including: what the first training session is like with a new team, after Antoine Griezmann got nutmegged twice at his first Barcelona practice, (2:10) whether or not James Rodriguez would be a good signing for Atletico Madrid, (4:09) if Nicol would bring Philippe Coutinho back to Liverpool from Barcelona this transfer window, (5:11) and if anyone is missing Craig Burley during his vacation.

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20 respuestas a James Rodriguez a good fit for Atletico Madrid? Philippe Coutinho back to Liverpool? | Extra Time

  1. Alondwe Mkhize dijo:

    James should go back to bayern munich and coutinho stays at bayern

  2. Mike Lindsay dijo:

    like if u love football comm if u love basketball
    1:54 ??
    ? ? ? ? ??

  3. Asad R dijo:

    Spot on stevie nicol. The level drops but the boy origi can finish

  4. Jonn Stewart dijo:

    like did they forget he played in a midfield three for the majority of his liverpool career

  5. Daniel Hackett dijo:

    Problem with coutinho is hes a 10 but neither barca nor liverpool play with one. Hed be perfect at man or Arsenal actually

  6. Nick dijo:

    Over 4 mins of total bollocks

  7. Red Squirrel dijo:

    It's been said that Klopp has kept Coutinho's mojo in his Anfield locker and will get it back on his return…..seems legit

  8. Kriimson dijo:

    i refuse to pay back for a guy who thought he was better than the club he was on just to lose to that SAME club and we go on to win the champions leauge XD

  9. Xavier Hargraves dijo:

    James should go to Juve

  10. Matrix dijo:

    I dont think klopp should change his style to fit coutinho .. And liverpool defend better without him .

  11. Drome Dario dijo:

    James rodriguez probably go to napoli. 90% not atletico

  12. Mahmood A dijo:

    I hate when these guys go off topic I’m here for football not whether some dude can spell his name or not ?

  13. Akash Swain dijo:

    Hope countinho join Liverpool… He may be the best for the team…

  14. George Lambert dijo:

    Two flops

  15. Paul Murphy dijo:

    Turn the fucking music off you prats!

  16. STUDY IQ dijo:

    De light reach turin.. Juventus 2019 champion league winner.

  17. Zizou dijo:

    simeone would have to change his formation to fit james and it could be just as defensive. a 4-3-1-2 diamond in midfield with james behind morata and felix and 2 defensive midfielders and a box to box behind james

  18. FeelsBadMan n dijo:

    Why the fuck would Liverpool sign Coutinho back? he did trash in barcelona for almost 2 years.. what's the point of wasting money on nothing? They won the CL without him..

  19. John Wormley dijo:

    Imagine coutinho coming to liverpool and winning the champions league for the 7th time …….

  20. Vandana Tiwari dijo:

    James should go to nepoli tbh or juve to be at best

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