MASSIVE opportunity missed! Barcelona and Atletico Madrid hand Real Madrid title shot | ESPN FC

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona both blow their chance to take control of the La Liga title race after a tame 0-0 draw. ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik explains why he was unimpressed with the performances from everyone in Barcelona camp, including Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and coach Ronald Koeman, and assesses the title hopes for Real Madrid, who will win La Liga if they can win their four remaining games.

0:00 Was the game itself a let down?
1:29 Why were Barca reluctant to chase the game?
3:34 Are Barca paying the price for Koeman as coach?
4:31 Assessing Real Madrid’s title hopes
5:27 Is this the lowest quality La Liga we’ve seen?

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43 respuestas a MASSIVE opportunity missed! Barcelona and Atletico Madrid hand Real Madrid title shot | ESPN FC

  1. Mark Power dijo:

    See that peno Seville got. Utter ballix. Needs investigation

  2. obiora nnaji dijo:

    who's here after the Madrid loss

  3. Thuam Samte dijo:

    FC BARCELONA Coach make so much mistakes on the player confidence like Riqui Puig…instead of puting Moriba since Ruqui Puig has more Experian in club how they play than Moriba… that why Fc Barcelona need to change The Coach

  4. ANUBIS dijo:

    some people watch game, Some highlights

  5. Giuseppe Conte dijo:

    Barcelona are finished

  6. SM 7s dijo:

    Pepsi can't score against big teams , people don't call him a bottler for no reason ??, man's been stat padding against farmers the whole season and people think he actually did something this season lol, just see his stats vs top table teams and bottom feeders and you'll know the difference, it's nothing out of the ordinary that he bottled it again.

  7. Dinesh Rijal dijo:

    Messi was quite good I think.

  8. Wishva krish dijo:

    When Messi leaves
    Just buy dybala and make him face of the team and buy good defenders and wingers that’s it

  9. Ronny Ron dijo:

    Wow – here's an honest analysis. Thank you Janusz Michallik – nothing really from Barca, including Messi who did just one run

  10. Paul Brady dijo:

    Good, sensible analysis from Janusz. Simple fact is you have 4 flawed teams contesting the title this year. Thankfully that makes for an exciting run-in in Spain, for once, but these teams have declined markedly in recent seasons. Will be a very interesting close season for them this Summer.

  11. Henry Manuel dijo:

    What he is saying is true. No easy games for anyone. RM has the toughest 4 games followed by ATM n barca can win the remaining 3. So its anybody's title

  12. bonkerzisgood dijo:

    Dembele is so bad at finishing it’s crazy. He should just train finishing every day until he can score these simple chances

  13. SHAHID WILLIE dijo:

    barca not clinical enuff

  14. Devin Halim dijo:

    I have funny feeling real Madrid Will hand it back ???

  15. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Diego should have used Felix when Lemar went off. Busquets also really wasn't replaced. He was so crucial. I am shocked Koeman didn't trust Pjanic more

  16. javonpryce dijo:

    WHY IS GRIEZMANN STILL STARTING? His back is always turned away from the goal when he has the ball. At least Dembele tries to charge, and wins half of his duo's. Griezmann is worse than Coutinho.
    Ricky Puig, Trincado, or even Braithwaite would offer more help to Messi

  17. AG7 dijo:

    Barca need a team manager.. we win at all cause.. bayern a team, robert the main man… so barca need a team, messi the main man

  18. AG7 dijo:

    Sorry koeman.. i respect you have done good things..But your not the man for the job.. u have not won a big team yet… after 10 tries..

  19. Ibrahim Shahid dijo:

    Why can’t y’all just adust your stupid expectations for Barcelona and Real Madrid. Why do people still think Madrid and Barca still have their golden generation players, they don’t, Barcelona is in a transition season. This fool janujz has the most ridiculous take on this game smh

  20. ytproject dijo:

    "nothing from Lionel Messi, except for the maze run"
    He is talking as if he could do what leo did.?
    Our loss has to be blamed on Koeman.
    I don't even know y he is in barca, he was sacked in Everton and didn't do anything for Netherlands.
    When Xavi comes next season Barca will return to it's glory.

  21. Arsenal Fan dijo:

    Its still anyone title to claim to be honest. Meaning Atletico, Real or Barcelona. Anyone can drop points. No match is a sure win…. if Atletico and real don't drop any points. Then it will be down to goal difference… Atletico usually don't go for many goals in a game. So that's where real would seize the title

  22. Мартин Бранков dijo:

    Cadiz and Granada matches ruined Barcelona’s chances!

  23. manish yadav dijo:

    Messi again ghosted in big match

  24. LORD MESSI dijo:

    koeman is the big problem ?? koeman out

  25. Mubarak Ibraheem dijo:

    He lost the first half against madrid too badly.. Atleti should have scored in the first half. Clearly, after the 4 games barca played madrid sides.. they are inferior to both madrid teams..

  26. javier book shadows contributor du dijo:

    222nd comment

  27. Kayode Bradnock dijo:

    But athletico have higher goal difference and Madrid have one game in hand which makes them level so I’m a bit confused on how Madrid would win

  28. rajeev gauchan dijo:

    Honestly as a massive Barc fan , I believe we can still win it..Madrid gonna bottle 1 match if not more for sure, Athleti might loose a match n right now we have the weaker opponent compared to RM n ATM. If we win the rest , we r the champion..Mark my word..viscaelbarça??Why every goal keeper becomes a spiderman against Barca , i dont understand ?

  29. Ryan Allen dijo:

    Nothing from Messi? Did this guy watch the game? Every positive move forward was because of him

  30. RedSnapper 17 dijo:

    Koaman isn’t the man to lead Barcelona going back to the old guard stubborn fool it’s over for pique busquest Sergio rebeto

  31. Utsav Basu dijo:

    Bottelona for a reason

  32. Vini Jr_best dijo:

    Messi disappears in big matches

  33. Evangelos Panayiotis Chadjianastasiou dijo:

    Nothing from messi ?? You don’t know what you are talking about …

  34. Kareem Lawson dijo:

    Dull game tbh but if Messi scored that goal on that solo run, dam lool?

  35. SI Gaming dijo:

    Ah the great messi this is why messi is nothing to ronaldo. Ronaldo when pressured place diamonds and messi when pressured becomes coal

  36. Sagar Ranjan dijo:

    Real likely to win the league

  37. Anuj Bansal dijo:

    Why would you let Suarez leave because he is old and then try to sign Aguero who is nearly same age as Suarez and injury prone. Doesn't make sense

  38. Will Hull dijo:

    Looks like athletico Madrid championship to lose. Would be poetic justice for the teams that tried to do a super league lol

  39. Andrae Taylor dijo:

    As far as it goes if Messi don't have a good game it's all over for barcelona. And it's a very poor u can't expect him to do it all the time.

  40. Fede Valverde dijo:

    This is what happens when you build a system to cater to one player, even when we had Ronaldo we played as a team and everyone was invested in their role. Players won't get confidence if the ball has to be at Messi feet all the time, what will they do when he retires and they don't have him to bring the ball up?

  41. No I'm Spartacus dijo:

    As a barca fan gutted with the result but if was a poor performance by the team and I thought Atletico looked the better team.

  42. Claude Makelele dijo:

    These clowns will blame Mourinho for this result.

  43. citystar2318 dijo:

    Messi IS Barcelona; if he has a bad game, there’s literally no one else to step up and take over the game, at least not anymore. Ansu Fati is sorely missed.

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