Tactical Analysis : Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool | How Ancelotti Won The Champions League (again)|

What tactics were on display in the Champions League?
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21 respuestas a Tactical Analysis : Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool | How Ancelotti Won The Champions League (again)|

  1. Football Made Simple dijo:

    What are your thoughts on the Champions League?

  2. felipe rodríguez dijo:

    How to win without being the best, that should be the title of the epic road of RM in this CL. By no means I say this as an insult, I think what they did is of outstading quality, maybe it came from clear and maybe simple ideas, stoicism and a very very very strong mentality. Congrats to RM fans.

  3. ᙡesker dijo:

    As a Liverpool fan, i have got to say, Real Madrid really deserved it. Though imo Liverpool played better, Real's mentality is on a different level not even mad Real won honestly, just know that we played good. Real had a really great run and defyed the odds, honestly noone expected Real to win but i have always known that Real were gonna go far because of their determination and mentallity. A part of me died when Liverpool lost but in the end Real won it fair and square this time.

  4. Joe Leon dijo:


  5. Darth Vader dijo:

    Klopp wont change the style. We will continue playing this way. Doesn't matter if it is Real Madrid, or Nottingham Forrest. Next season, when the 5 subs rule is in place, Liverpool will be much stronger at the tail end of the season. While the XG favoured us, the problem was we were too tired to maintain the press. Real got lucky, as usual.

  6. Unwana Udosen dijo:

    Do Argentina

  7. SOMICO TV dijo:

    Spanish teams do game easy when meet the english teams excluding chelsea.

  8. media football dijo:

    But still many say its "Luck". A wining club as big as real madrid dont go by making history with simply " Luck" .They just sty their rival weaknesses and make the most out of their chances..

  9. Taitea Kopyte dijo:

    Seems like Liverpool players are slacking off due to their tremendous confidence. And that is a bad sign for things to come. Even Ancelotti quoted that Liverpool were easier than PSG, Man City and even Chelsea. That is a worrying sign. If Klopp doesn't re-tweak his formation, next season might prove to be worse than the latter. Actually, Real were not an opposing side compared to the likes of Man City or Liverpool specifically, but they outdone them both. That's why we love the game.

  10. Audiotronix South-Africa dijo:

    Liverpool are still a developing team who are winning silverware. They did exceptionally well to play basically 4 finals this season. Hats off to them. The quadruple is unbelievably on the cards now. We are coming. YNWA.

  11. Hansa Maru dijo:

    As madridista, this approach was so risky if the GK did not shown his best performance. However, win is a win. Hala Madrid

  12. MICO WILLIAMS dijo:

    Real Champions find a way, Loserpool lost, so ?, sweet ?⚽

  13. Beku Dzengoh dijo:

    Very true, when you go past intermilan, PSG, Chelsea, Man city over 2legs and finally beat Liverpool in their current form only a fool would dispute and throw shade to the path of that victory….this was a battle hardened and experienced Madrid unit that played cohesively as a team with humility and eventually they proved that they are the best team in Europe, hala Madrid Campeones #14

  14. Beltrán Figueroa dijo:

    “Real again were outplayed”, wtf you have to do for these ridiculous football pundits to recognize greatness. PSG, Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool all beat the dust to RM this season ( all of them in 2 leg games, except for Liverpool), yet this guy thinks RM were outplayed… Gimme a break

  15. Shashikant Mallik dijo:

    In that final Liverpool played the way Real Madrid wanted them to play

  16. rmorris2106 dijo:

    RM can't and couldn't compete with Liverpool football wise and had to play a low block and hoped for a set piece, or break away goal, which they got. When the RM goalkeeper is the MOTM, it shows the pressure they were under and on another night they could have easily been down 2, or 3 nil down, before the goal and could have also pegged back after they scored, but for the goalie.

  17. Hrzn II dijo:

    Klopp and Pepp have no plan B. They insist with their game and never change. Ancelotti has plenty of different solutions and is a master in getting the right players from the bench. Ancelotti took them both to school and back.

  18. David Barker dijo:

    Real Madrid played a better overall game rather than solely relying on pressing high up the pitch as the only real tactic that most of these other top teams claim to play. When the game got tactical they had no answer for Real's more complete game.

  19. chris ojekpen dijo:

    You can have a great play all you want; but for For Real Madrid; 'It's either the best (trophy) or nothing'!

  20. chris ojekpen dijo:

    You don't underrate the grand master craftsman. The English willl never know the prolific mind of the 'futbol' devine don Angelotti!

  21. gumdeo dijo:

    Carlo is a genius, most successful coach in CL history.

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