Atletico Madrid v Man City | UEFA Champions League | Matchday Live

Paul Dickov, Andy Morrison and Trevor Sinclair join Natalie Pike for Matchday Live ahead of Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg at Atletico Madrid. The pre-match show will begin at 18:40 BST.


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Get closer to the likes of Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Phil Foden and the rest of Pep Guardiola’s team.

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36 respuestas a Atletico Madrid v Man City | UEFA Champions League | Matchday Live

  1. Бемо Аширбеко dijo:

    Piggy Pep

  2. Issa Diamanka dijo:

    Bonjour ?

  3. Hugo L dijo:

    Bravo à vous , ATM sort de la LDC et vous vous êtes des champion bravo

  4. D Man dijo:

    City is too good for champion legue

  5. Sanz Duller dijo:

    Cityzens saya doain bisa juara piala semua

  6. yaxye siciid dijo:

    I love atalntiko

  7. Nurex Nas dijo:

    City for the champions league ??

  8. Hakim Sasha Official dijo:

    Play don't worry by hakim sasha

  9. Kurt Punches Things dijo:

    well it was a very Ugly win but advancing to next round >>>>> the way you achieved this

  10. Unknown Soldier dijo:

    Foden is absolitely pathetic rolling around like hed been shot

  11. melayu punah dijo:

    Bali indonesia??? hadir suport man city


  12. Rahmat Ikhsan dijo:

    benzema unstoppable ?

  13. phil dijo:

    ATM get a taste of their own medicine

  14. Stefan H dijo:

    Atletico joke of a club, they had no intention of playing football today. They had designated foden and KDB hitmen tonight. This disgrace of a team has nothing to do in any european competition

  15. KELSHAZ MUSIC dijo:

    It was a tough game but we have make it,, against a starbon team we're city the blue ? moon ???? well done boys ??

  16. Neo Varley Downes dijo:

    Dear oh dear…The Champions League. THE most prestigious Domestic Cup Competition in Europe and these two turned it into a bad, sad joke. Quite rightly Felipe was sent off, but I do not blame Savic one little bit for pulling Foden off the pitch. Went down like he had been shot and the truth is the kick-out, although petulant, was nothing. Foden finds himself off the pitch and then rolls back onto it, knowing full well what he was doing…Sorry, but in anyone's book, that is cheating, pathetic Gamesmanship. Edison was just as bad, as were a lot of other City Players, as were Atletico Players, including Simeone, although i do not blame him either for showing frustration. Too much of these kind of tactics have found themselves into the game and they really have to be stamped out. Both City and Atletico shamed themselves tonight and this is NOT what the CL was invented for, when it was first dreamed up….One word…"Pathetic". This was truly a sad night for Football and all it is "supposed" to stand for.

  17. Mohamed Yaal Yoonus Ali dijo:

    Can’t wait for benzema to destroy city

  18. Dick Cheng dijo:

    Comparing Home and Visit on score side, 0:0 but on the fouls, I don't think Atletico Coach behaving not good especially approaching the added time. He, Diego Simeone, is failed to his supporters

  19. Hendri Supriadi dijo:

    From Indonesia fans…..c'mon City.

  20. Hendri Supriadi dijo:

    Will be Champion in UCL can prove this year…c'mon City….c'mon City…

  21. Samuel Adaramola dijo:

    Hmm tough match

  22. Tidal Rautu dijo:

    Man city didn't look good bruh . Athletico is weak this year but yet wow

  23. shafeeque dijo:

    City sucks

  24. Hassan. o k dijo:

    Manchester City is live a lion in the english Champions and just like a mouse ? in the Champions league. Liverpool and Chelsea deserve to represent england in the Champions League

  25. Aaron McIntyre dijo:

    Savic bitter because he failed as a City player, nobody even remembers him

  26. ankit bansal dijo:

    I love how Atletico Madrid got the taste of thier own medicine ? , Now they will know how it feels to be on the other side . I just loved the way we defeated them at their own game in second half

  27. Leonard Makadu dijo:

    Winners won't quit

  28. kevinlap.17 dijo:

    Man City ??

  29. Sauveur Jacques dijo:

    Bonswa konbyn atlético Madrid AP men nen la.

  30. Musa dijo:

    The hell is this

  31. 10 Subs. CHALLENGE with 0 video dijo:

    I'm the bald guy!

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