Andy Tate Is Not Happy! | Fancams | Man United 0-1 Atletico Madrid

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Adam McKola speaks to Andy Tate following United vs Atletico Madrid in the Champions League which saw United knocked out in the round of 16.

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29 respuestas a Andy Tate Is Not Happy! | Fancams | Man United 0-1 Atletico Madrid

  1. Abu Surf dijo:

    Is the Maguire rants for me ??? ??I’m a Liverpool fan,big fan of Andy post-match interviews.

  2. Ryan Ryan dijo:

    andy tate hasn't been happy since after alex left….,whats new….,

  3. Adam Christopher dijo:

    Let's hear Andy's take on the lastest mauling by Liverpool

  4. shahjaa dijo:

    4:00 throwback moment

  5. Richie Mason dijo:

    Apart from de gea, varane and ronaldo get rid of the lot of them they are absolute dog shit every one of them this isnt man united its over for us now

  6. Donbor Sangriang dijo:

    Mop the pitch

  7. Shanna Crossman dijo:

    Love this guy

  8. Adam Marshall dijo:

    As a Liverpool fan, I'm loving this ?

  9. Mr Miyagi dijo:

    Best fan cam ive seen give andy a raise !!! He spoke from the heart and my god he was spot on!!! But for aslong as the glazers own us we will always be shit sadly we need a new owner

  10. A P dijo:

    This is classic Andy. Pure gold. Would love to hear his post-Champions League thoughts on Glazer in Bahrain, Rangnick in Barbados, Sancho in Dubai, Neville's related tweet, etc.

  11. Mark Hawes dijo:

    If Margot Robbie offered Andy a hj he'd find something to moan about in a high pitched squeeky tone

  12. Harry Virdee dijo:

    Ur team is finished! Hahahha ?

  13. Robert Doyle dijo:

    Andy is never feckin happy.

  14. Favourite TT dijo:

    Where is Progba? Highly paid midfielder shit.

  15. Hakim dijo:

    Utd in ruins. No European football at all next season. Hopefully Utd gets relegated, Glazers sell the club and start afresh.

  16. doomplatoon dijo:

    How long before Andy realises David Moyes was the right man…

  17. roberto c dijo:

    Ha ha this is what you want – proper passionate fan speaking the truth ?

  18. Andrew Lawrence dijo:

    Maguire needs to go. He is average on his best day. He should be a squad rotation player. He’s not a captain and barely first team material.

  19. Tombo Slice dijo:

    These players will give up against Liverpool as well

  20. City Rokka dijo:

    Was all part of the Master plan eh Andy????

  21. bede'76 dijo:

    Andy PoTateToe he's sick of them, he says, United won't do well as long as Slabby Maguire plays and captains

  22. Ryan Milligan dijo:


  23. Sam Sneek dijo:

    Clubs in the final stages of death…. the rebuild needed THIS summer just in the forward positions is going to cost 200m…. not hit rock bottom yet

  24. 3chords dijo:

    It’s not Maguire’s fault he is shite. We got ripped off by Leicester.

  25. Mel Appleyard dijo:

    Love andy tate

  26. David dijo:

    One of the best interviews all season, am a Liverpool fan and been watching lots. Been more entertaining than the football.

  27. Nitin Gons dijo:

    "Why is Harry Maguire the captain of this club?"
    A casual question ?

  28. Veronsome dijo:

    Completely agree with Andy

  29. Joey Stocato dijo:

    Seeing the United fans turning on rashford is just depressing. I'm a Liverpool fan (although Im from Manchester and live here) and rashford is a great local player who has been massively overplayed and for years, no respect given to his development (like city have with foden or Liverpool with Trent) and now hes had a patch of bad form and United fans are regurgitating daily mail articles about it being because he helps children lol

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