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Liverpool vs Real Madrid Champions League final Live watchalong with Mark Goldbridge. TWITCH Link

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29 respuestas a LIVE LIVERPOOL vs REAL MADRID CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL Watchalong with Mark Goldbridge

  1. Cristian Kiorri dijo:

    Hey what did sallah say?
    Revenge? He said about Revenge?
    Lol he didn't get the revenge and I was surprised that sallah played the whole match
    Hmm that comment of sallah reminds me of karius comment back in 2018 ?

  2. moreblack dijo:

    Liverpool played 3 cup finals this year, and didn't score a single goal in any of them.

  3. Cons Ferns dijo:

    1:36:11 benz offside goal

    2:12:00 vini goal

  4. Craig Waters dijo:

    Awesome ?

  5. LE0 GT dijo:

    Real gave English teams the Ropadope

  6. The Neut dijo:

    0 goals in 330 mins of cup finals. Surely panic stations, and the killer instinct and finishing was lacking. Madrid deserved to win after having the toughest CL run, beating psg and top 3 teams of PL.

  7. james Morgan dijo:

    Van Dijk's attempt to stop the cross was a bit odd !

  8. Dose Of Clips dijo:

    I said it once and I’ll say it again Vinicius jr has a higher ceiling then haaland and mbappe

  9. AmirHossein Ahmadi dijo:

    As a Madrid fan it's nice to see we've made y'all happy by beating Liverpool cuz their fans are of course absolutely insufferable. Enjoy!
    Thanks for the compliments at the end of the video as well 🙂

  10. Akshay Pk dijo:


  11. Yaren Taa dijo:

    Seriously how can you parade carabao and fa Cup. ???

  12. Arty Darker dijo:

    Dani Carvajal showed us who is the best RB in the world

  13. HonestBarkaDogFan dijo:

    Had to put an end to the English dominance

  14. sctmcg dijo:

    People saying Madrid were lucky – they beat the Champions of 3 major domestic leagues as well as the current World Champions and all it took was 1 goal to beat Liverpool, ‘the greatest team in the world’.

  15. Jonny Byrne dijo:

    Anchollti is up there with Ferguson

  16. Ayush Garg dijo:

    Everyone except the English media hacks gave Madrid a 50-50 chance against Liverpool but they underestimated just like they did with Italy in Euro finals

  17. Agan Braganca dijo:

    I think even city give Madrid a better fight than liVARpool ?

  18. United_PODCAST dijo:

    Mbappe must be crying right now

  19. Elijah Moyo dijo:

    Markito?your funny as always great content mate I knew that Madrid would win before even the game started guess I should be a coach already Hala Madrid

  20. Alwin dijo:

    Liverpool has always been overrated & arrogant, they can celebrate their two tinpot cups while dreaming of impossible quadruple.

  21. Arceus7 dijo:

    Liverpool litterly scored 0 goals in three finals this season…?

  22. J dijo:

    So glorious to see the scousers humbled. "Quadruple incoming" they said??? ?you'll never get pepper sprayed alone?????

  23. manen. dijo:

    That English commentary was so baised towards liverpool. Shameful. Makes it even sweeter

  24. kevin williams dijo:

    Valverde's cross not cavajal

  25. Sheetal SB dijo:

    Whatever this haters might say We are proud of this team this was such a good season ! YNWA ♥️

  26. kevin williams dijo:

    If the ball comes off a defender even if I'm in an offside position not affecting play then I'm not offside intentional or not, can't hold the opponent hostage for an untentional or tentional. Crazy rule. Football rules delusional and all, Killing the sport????‍♂️

  27. kevin williams dijo:

    I know that was a goal that bezema had scored??‍♂️

  28. Jim Behr dijo:

    Lets all laugh at the scousers.

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