Tactical Analysis : Manchester City 1-0 Atletico Madrid | Pep & Simeone's Contrasting Styles |

What tactics did Pep use to break down Simeone?
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25 respuestas a Tactical Analysis : Manchester City 1-0 Atletico Madrid | Pep & Simeone's Contrasting Styles |

  1. Suryo Ardi dijo:

    Man, 5-5-0 is not even cattenacios, cattenacio is 5-3-2, they using man to man marking and 1 Libero (on modern day it modified using playmaker / Winger to built up) it completely different

  2. Catalin Darii dijo:

    0 shots they parked the bus

  3. Rachit 21 dijo:

    This match and second leg match was so fucking good. Diego simeone dropped a masterclass at qfs

  4. GoodWillRacing dijo:

    Could you please add game time stamps to your videos? Really enjoy watching them and looking back at the game in “real time” to see the changes made tactically.

    Thank you ??

  5. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2069? dijo:

    Anything can happen tomorrow, but in my opinion only a bad refereeing (like both games against Liverpool) will stop Atleti from winning this.

  6. K M D 123 dijo:

    No right or wrong way to play football, winning is what matters

  7. Inspire Momentum dijo:

    The tie is far from over. But there will be more spaces in Wanda. If Atletico get an early goal which they will try to do.. City might lose the tie.

  8. BeerLicious dijo:

    I've seen Atletico play like that but that day , it was just over the top. I saw them playing like this against Liverpool , United , Barca , real Madrid as well but there was never Fking 5-5-0 or even 10-0-0. In this match , it was just horrible to watch them as a football fan. I've always liked simeone , i greatly likes how his team played against Liverpool as they showed quick counters , some ball possession , something & not just shit.

  9. blueSkyIs1 dijo:

    Simeone's sub at 68' min was a bit too early, in my opinion, had he waited for another 10 min to sub Grisman, he may have come on top 1:0 instead. Pep made a very smart substitution in response to exploit the little crack Simeone offered. Great work by Foden and KDB. It was a very cerebral and tactical game. Looking forward to the second leg.

  10. Jan Vuković dijo:

    Only the fact that atleti played 5-5-0 is enough to know that atleti knew even before the game that they wont score. Their goal was to either play 0:0 or lose by one goal only (as happend). Now they have everything in their hands

  11. Ganime Street dijo:

    Atleti's tactic is an eyesore that's why they'll never be a world class team

  12. Cole dijo:

    City really needed 6 attackers to score ONE goal ?????‍♂️??‍♂️ Simeone is crazy

  13. Mikey duds dijo:

    What would happen if both teams played 5 5 0 ? ? the ref would be like wtf

  14. Fatih Yildiz dijo:

    Same tactic against city next week in wanda and create chanches with quick players like correa and cunha ?⚪️?⚪️ #AúpaAtleti #NuncaDejesDeCreer #Cholismo

  15. Turnips dijo:

    I am still of the view that Atletico will win the tie over all.

  16. Dalil eddine Slimani dijo:

    A manager paid 20 million euro per year and spent 500 million euro for the players to play with 10 defenders.

  17. Mahdi dijo:

    The way Atletico play disgusts me.

  18. Abel Mokopakgosi dijo:

    How do you give Pep a 7 with all the risk he took to win the game? You mean he was .5 better than terrorist football of Atleti??

  19. Kingpee Prints dijo:

    Don't be shy, show us what Atleti did in attack.

  20. AS CANDY dijo:

    simeone 7 – pep 8

  21. kevin walters dijo:

    A lof of people don't understand the determination it takes to defend fully for 90 mins. If you've watched atletico (or italy) you'll understand that not conceding is very important in such ties. To an amateur fan this tie may seem like it's over; but I will say it's far from over.

  22. kevin walters dijo:

    Diego Simeone's tactics were spot on. He hoped for a nil nil draw (because away goals don't mean anything anymore). He fell short once. He still has a chance of winning this fixture.

  23. iLove cookies dijo:

    The real formations:
    Man city: 4-3-3
    Atlético: 9-1

  24. L&R M. M dijo:

    Athlecto will beat city at home

  25. Dinis Fonseca dijo:

    Simeone* not Simioni

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