Juventus vs Atletico Madrid debate: Ronaldo's brilliance or Simeone's negligence? | Champions League

Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC offer post-match analysis for Juventus vs. Atletico Madrid, which Juve won 3-0 for a 3-2 aggregate victory in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. They discuss Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat trick, Federico Bernardeschi’s performance, Diego Simeone’s tactics, Massimiliano Allegri’s tactics for Juve, Atleti’s lack of goals and chances and more.

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48 respuestas a Juventus vs Atletico Madrid debate: Ronaldo's brilliance or Simeone's negligence? | Champions League

  1. Devon Senn dijo:

    Gab… Juve was always there? How many players did they loose before they got Ronaldo? Idiotic thing to say.


    These guys have always downplayd Ronnie

    They will never accept him as a top guy.

  3. RAMI dijo:

    RONALDO IS THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER THAT WILL EVER EXIST. Pessi only leads his team too failure hahahaha

  4. Chinmay Hawaldar dijo:

    The irony here is that Juve did go out against Porto 2 years later ??

  5. SinABC Tricks dijo:

    Watching them since 2017
    their hypocrisy never ends
    When Ronaldo scores,Becoz opposition plays bad
    When messi scores,how great he is
    My foot

  6. Mr Saeen dijo:

    Bunch of salty dudes

  7. Faiad Nibir dijo:

    The greatest man in the football history ??

  8. Mizaq Khan dijo:

    Go and get some double chin reduced you fat pricks

  9. Sanglun Lunkim dijo:

    Griezmaan and Diego semone be like why alway me???

  10. Apeu Meol dijo:

    Champions League Cup Titles
    CR7 have five ( 5 )

    How many Champions League Barcelona and Atlético Madrid Won in the entire club history?

  11. Benjamin Melvin dijo:

    These pundits are fake.

  12. Frank De boer dijo:

    Lol these fools like taking away the credit from ronaldo

  13. MR. SAMI PLAYS dijo:

    3:21 where is this guys hairline

  14. keke keke dijo:

    Here after ronaldo lifted UEFA with Juventus

  15. fcporto porto dijo:

    There always a excuse … these guys are haters all Messi fans

  16. Football fan around the world dijo:

    I just want to go inside the screen and punch the bald guy in the face he's a Cristiano Ronaldo hater and he's trying to make excuses

  17. 20 times dijo:

    After that first leg there were only ever 2 outcomes in game 2. A dogged atletico 0-0 performance to win 2-0 on aggregate, or a ronaldo hatrick to secure a 3-0 second leg win. This man does it time and time again. Relentless. Goat.

  18. Kevin Garcia dijo:

    Ale finds a way to hate Ronaldo I haven’t seen it yet but I know it’s coming

  19. Tushar Namboodiri dijo:

    And 1 year later…..atletico knocked liverpool out in the same style that stevie criticized……

  20. Farhan hassan dijo:

    Ale amd Steve classless ??? ??

  21. RV YAMZ dijo:

    True Cristiano Ronaldo fans aren't surprised !!!
    Cristiano Ronaldo did the same against Wolfsburg in UCL, Spain in WC. He scored hat-tricks against Atletico Madrid in la liga n ucl before…
    Only jealous hater like you are pretending as if CR7 hasn't done magic night before?

  22. IRON F dijo:

    Next tropy UCL to JUvE 2019-2020 LIKE

  23. RV YAMZ dijo:

    After this game, these haters will never ever predict or write off any CR7 team's untill the match is fully completed. Even if only 10 mins left to finish the match, they will remember this memory n shut their mouth tightly??

  24. bladewolf_legion dijo:

    Looking back at this is so funny
    Messi has a good game=Goat
    Ronaldo has a good game=tHeRe tWo SidEs to eVeRy stOry

  25. bhushan patil dijo:

    Ronaldos brilliance………

  26. Seun T Reacts dijo:

    Craig and his hate for Ronaldo. Craig isn't legendary but his hatred for Ronaldo is unrivaled.

  27. immanuel reeves dijo:

    Just fucking look at the video "espn celebrates ronaldo" at 1:50….this video was after ronaldo scored 5 goals against bayern munich in both legs in quarterfinal,and then a hattrick in first leg of semifinal vs atletico madrid in 2017…all these pundits are like literally saying "we all know messi is 'head and shoulders' above ronaldo,…..then balh blah is ronaldo the second best in the world…" such a ronaldo hater..Didnt even give him credit when its due..i fucking hate these guys so much!! Seriously i doubt even if ronaldo wins a world cup ever,i'm 200% positive they'll make an argument case for messi

  28. Josfur Gaming dijo:

    its so amusing to see this MESSI fanboys reporters having to somehow say something good about the GOAT CR7….. the trio of hating LOSERS. HAHAHA

  29. jhankar malakar dijo:


  30. believer dijo:

    Remind me of wolfsberg comeback
    No hate for messi but cristiano is big match player
    Barca lost to Atletico in Quarter final
    Ronaldo win from Atletico cr7 hattrick against them
    Barca lost to roma
    Ronaldo win from roma
    Barca lost to juventus
    Ronaldo win ucl final from juve
    No hate for messi
    But ronaldo is the greatest
    Plz dont bark on my comment if you have no answer

  31. atul kumar dijo:

    These fuckers will never give credit to Ronaldo…even if he wins 10 Champions League…They hate Ronnie to the core…

  32. Saed Aslam dijo:

    When Barcelona wins its Messi's masterclass but when Juventus or Real Madrid wins its negligence by the other team

  33. Gabriel dijo:

    Weren’t these assholes doubting Ronaldo and Juve lol.. ?

  34. zee max James dijo:

    Please stop betting against any team Ronaldo is because u will lose trust me

  35. Ryan Cash dijo:

    Ronaldo was magic Forzajuve CR7 on the whole team was perfect on the night

  36. momo dijo:

    You don't need 4 pundits lol get rid of the Alejandro dude

  37. Adrian Dane Kenny M.D. dijo:

    or even the cheers from the crowd. or a mark history.

  38. Adrian Dane Kenny M.D. dijo:

    craig burley might still want to head a soccer ball for aesthetic reasons. that heading does damage the frontal lobes, and so him heading a soccer ball will damage his fronal lobes, even repeatedly. as well as even one time. but sometimes it is still worth it. excellent goals, and often evne getting a girl, or a woman.

  39. Rictusgrin dijo:

    Lmaoooo. Weren't these clueless fucks criticizing CR7 for showing five fingers?? CR7 just took a big shit in your mouths you fucking slums

  40. RND dijo:

    CRISTIANO RONALDO IS JUST THE GOAT…. when you move round the world and conquer every periphery then you're king

  41. Edguin Manuel dijo:

    Messi scores a hat trick against Betis and these guys praise him like a King. Ronaldo scores a hat trick against ATM in the Champions League and they don’t appreciate his greatness at all. Some of these pundits disgust me. CR7=?

  42. Internet Fam dijo:

    What fee 100m for the best player in the world? Neymar was 200m hasn't done squat they could have been eliminated and Ronaldo would have still been a bargain just off of his jersey sales..

  43. DaveSstation dijo:

    Ronaldo earned his money back first week in Turin on jersey sales alone.

  44. Joao Pereira dijo:

    I think they should educate themselves about Porto

  45. ?️SaTaNiCalso dijo:


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