Is Atletico Madrid in danger of not finishing in the top 4? ESPN FC answers ?

Is Atletico Madrid in danger of not finishing in the top 4? ESPN FC answers ?
The ESPN FC crew reacts to Athletic Club defeating Atletico Madrid 2-0 in LaLiga.


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38 respuestas a Is Atletico Madrid in danger of not finishing in the top 4? ESPN FC answers ?

  1. Arihant Tyagi dijo:

    Betis deserves top 4

  2. 612 Ent dijo:

    Imagine if RM gets out of the ucl n take their anger on ATM n when Betis get win against us or just beat em for saying they won’t give us guard of honor ??‍♂️

  3. Srikrishna dijo:

    atletico madrid were so lucky that both real and barca were in a transition last season. They are one of the worst teams in europe.

  4. Keltoi dijo:

    Good. Glad to know that their spot will go to a team that actually plays on the pitch.

  5. David Blandin dijo:

    Why should they qualify,so they can play a 5 – 5- 0 system in the CL again?

  6. Shubham Vashishtha dijo:

    Felix is overrated

  7. Fellas in Paris dijo:

    I don’t actually know who will get 4th bc both teams have pretty hard match ups for the end of the season.

  8. Ali Jason dijo:

    Wenger played the entire world of football, everyone sees top 4 as a trophy now.

  9. Shafiur Shihab dijo:

    It will great….plz god, i dont want to seee this bus parking team again

  10. Jay just dijo:

    Betis should just qualify

  11. Mr. Blake dijo:

    Atleti is not the same like last year or the previous years. I think with Simeone can play attacking football as we've seen with players like Felix and Grezzie while maintaining a great defense which Aleti is know for. Right now they look like they don't have an identity and are exhausted and I think part of it is because of Simeone's style. Yes the players knew what kind of style they will play under Simeone when they were going to sign but I feel that they want to attack more. They need to put themselves together for next season

  12. AJ M dijo:

    GOOD! No more ugly football, Simeone and the rest of the clown show in the champions league

  13. GANGSTER dijo:

    Barcelona should sign Felix and he should go to Barca for his own good ?

  14. Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel dijo:

    Football wins when terrorist like Simeone lose

  15. Sarthak dijo:

    Haram ball vs Haram ball ??

  16. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Diego has to leave. he has run his course

  17. k dijo:

    Majority of people here wanting Atletico's manager to change are not Atletico Madrid fans.

  18. Omair Sheikh dijo:

    They will still end up in the top 4 unfortunately because Betis and Sociedad fumble when it matters

  19. jswats92 dijo:

    ESPN hire a new YouTube manager, your clips are getting cut too early it cuts off the person in mid talk

  20. londonparis [parislondon] dijo:

    Aupa Atleti!

  21. Roy Newton dijo:

    Welcome to Barcelona Jaoo Felix

  22. Nazran dijo:

    Simeone need to stop being the coach. If he love the club, he of all people should know. Atletico doesn't have players like arda turan, costa, filipe luis anymore. Change is needed. Atletico blew their chances to sign new coach when conte was a free agent before

  23. Fiyin1 dijo:

    I hope so. Tired of seeing their dreadful football in the UCL..

  24. sublime dijo:

    Top 4 will be:

    1. Real Madrid
    2. Sevilla
    3. Atletico Madrid
    4. Real Betis

  25. Mr facts dijo:

    Does anyone wonder why penaldo fc channel doesn't do this with penaldo and united with his picture who is 100 percent not qualifying ???

  26. Unruly Rebel dijo:

    Atletico need a attacking style manager

  27. Unruly Rebel dijo:

    Alot of clubs would celebrate if Atletico drop out of CL ?

  28. Kenan Djoker dijo:

    Last Year they Was lucky to be Champions Hala Madrid

  29. RM Man dijo:

    Atletico put back in their place. They thought they'd easily retain the title at the start of the season with Real and Barca as "weakened" teams

    Guard of honour next week. Always overshadowed by the bigger and better neighbours ?

  30. Siyabonga Khumalo dijo:

    It's time for Simeone to leave. It's time for players like Griezman and Felix to play according to their strength under new manager.

  31. Brando dijo:

    Time to move on from Simeone. This team should be so much better with the players they have. He has the fans bamboozled and He's holding the club hostage.

  32. Intruder dijo:

    Thank God. Those primitive creatures don't belong in UCL.

  33. Dev Raz dijo:

    I think it’s the right time to move on from Simeone. Next season Atletico should rebuild their squad with a new manger. Ernesto Valverde or Antonio Conte will be perfect for the job.

  34. Pedro Pierre dijo:

    Honestly, if they dont finish 4th, that would be the best way to get Atletico some much needed reinforcements, because man, Simeone is not changing his style and some of those players are just not made to play it.

  35. _BAKZ_ dijo:

    Inaki Williams owns atletico

  36. KING KARIM dijo:

    Gaurd of honour at Wanda next week ???

  37. Basic dijo:

    not really barca dont win tomorrow, leaves them all In contention to even finish 2nd too

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