Inside the stadium for Atletico Madrid vs Man City – Jack Grealish and Savic begin a 40 man scuffle in the 98th minute of the match…
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  1. Orel Dai dijo:

    Another great video mate! AUPA ATLETI ! <3

  2. Marty_85 dijo:

    2:24 ????????????????????????

  3. Joseph Gemin dijo:

    Wallace and Gromit.

  4. GB_ Yassine dijo:

    What app is he using???

  5. Molly Woodcock dijo:

    Probably just couldn't understand what grealish was saying

  6. Lazy Turtle dijo:

    Love the videos Thogden but you need to get a better camera, you current one struggles to keep its focus and its a shame because you are in such beautiful places. No hate at all.

  7. Mus1907 dijo:

    Where do you buy the tickets?

  8. Carolin Stolte-Folcz dijo:

    Please look FC Bayern vs.Dortmund

  9. maddog maddog dijo:

    Why you panting bro did you get chased on the way out by the spaniards haha

  10. Oscar Wild Channel dijo:

    Drinking "sangría" in la Plaza Mayor is the last thing a real Spanish would do…Tourist trap, mate…

  11. Hulk dijo:

    fans city …..mierda

  12. Hulk dijo:

    fans city….. mierda la peor aficion de europa.

  13. Luffytaro dijo:

    can you visit casablanca next friday a good one Rca vs Ahly second leg it will be crazy

  14. lupugo dijo:

    that dude at 3:40 was so swedish lmao

  15. Jo dijo:

    What part of madrid supports Real and what part supports Atletico? Is there any geographical division ?

  16. JMAD754 gaming dijo:

    Thogden you should go to Paris stadium known as the Parc de princes to watch a very big rival game Psg Marseille

  17. umxyrK dijo:

    Premier league predictions ?

  18. IAmAPoirotShip dijo:

    Savić should have got a red, not just Felipe but savić as well,

  19. Oskr dijo:

    Could you go to a swedish derby its crazy

  20. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Manchester City are increasingly likely to sign Erling Haaland this summer, especially if Kylian Mbappe moves to Real Madrid

  21. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Midfielder Nemanja Matic has announced he will leave Manchester United at the end of the 2021/22 season

  22. Parker JD dijo:

    Good to see Chompy on the vid big up MCFC Lads

  23. imad faour dijo:

    are you gonna see the real madrid vs city game at the stadium

  24. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Arsenal are interested in signing Hoffenheim's Austria midfielder Florian Grillitsch, 26, on a free transfer this summer

  25. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Newcastle have offered Benfica 60m euros (£50m) for Uruguay striker Darwin Nunez, 22, to try to fend off a queue of Premier League rivals vying to sign him.

  26. Frankie Elliott dijo:

    I swear you just end up at the maddest games

  27. Elijah Mwanga dijo:

    Savic has posters of grealish in his bedroom

  28. Zacky_is_cracked dijo:

    athletico are horrid. the way they play and the players

  29. TobyonYT dijo:

    Thogden were you at the Doncaster vs Bolton game today I was there but I support donny

  30. Mister Randomiser dijo:

    Athletico Madrid were just lucky against MU by far in 2nd leg. I just hope Felipe and Savic both get there legs snapped and well done MC for knocking those snakey rat bastards Athletico Madrid out

  31. MrBirdman dijo:

    Beautiful stadium and what an atmosphere!!

  32. Andriana Pavlika dijo:

    Can he have Leicester City vs Roma?????

  33. Zwaps dijo:

    Bro you Realy need to go to Marseille vs Feyenoord two clubs whith amazing fans

  34. António Santos dijo:

    Savic ?

  35. Jan Vuković dijo:

    Best video so far on this channel

  36. Dobir Ahmed dijo:

    nice looking bro ?

  37. sp9s dijo:

    how can thogden afford to watch all these games?

  38. ajmol abedin dijo:

    Sean Dyche sacked by Burnley after 10 years at club

  39. Mr Nevski dijo:

    We need a Bolton video

  40. Nicola Skabek dijo:

    I don't personally follow any soccer matches,who won can I ask

  41. Arsh_10 dijo:

    Theo you should go to the FA cup semi final, Liverpool vs man city

  42. Anamitra Sikdar dijo:

    10:00 that guy got the prediction spot on.

  43. Luis Rabal perez dijo:

    Viva el Atlético de Madrid ❤️

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