ESPN FC panel divided on Atletico Madrid’s lack of Guard of Honor | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew recap Atletico Madrid’s 1-0 win over Real Madrid, in particular the lack of a Guard of Honor to newly-crowned LaLiga Champions, Real Madrid.

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47 respuestas a ESPN FC panel divided on Atletico Madrid’s lack of Guard of Honor | ESPN FC

  1. Prasanna Sangalgikar dijo:

    Real Madrid didn’t give Barcelona the guard of honour when Zidane was coach , so they can’t expect fthat from anyone else

  2. rochak niroula dijo:

    lol i dont expect atletico to give us anything, makes it only better to win these salty mofos!!! Hala madrid !! thanks for 2 CL hehe

  3. Marc Van der Bilt dijo:

    no guard of honor? childish.

  4. SomePerson dijo:

    I think Madrid did the same to Barca a few years ago. So I don’t think it’s a big deal. I wouldn’t want real to give Atletico Madrid a guard of honor either. Doesn’t change much since we’ve won the league and they had pretty much a useless year tbh

  5. Mbulai Kalamai dijo:

    Well its real madrid that started the disrespect

  6. vinny seurattan dijo:

    That's why Atletico are where they are in football.

  7. cjewelz dijo:

    Garcia made a very important point about the values that a guard of honour brings. Sport is one of the very few ways that mankind can settle their differences in a relatively civilised manner. For that, Atletico should have swallowed their pride and done it.

  8. Broadcast Mafia dijo:

    Craig burley is the worst pundit. He just sits there and acts grumpy all the time. "This is boring". Then leave ESPN. All the viewers would rather you leave the show. You suck.

  9. Seyi Olaleye dijo:

    It's not by Force, it doesn't cost Real the title so nobody should care

  10. Phillip Mukama dijo:

    That is a tradition of football. ATM were dirsepectful

  11. LONE WOLF dijo:

    But once Atleti didn't do it ,the other teams remaining will also decide not to do

  12. Rafay Noor dijo:

    It's just a nice gesture. Doing it makes you look nice. Choosing not to do it makes you look petty.

  13. Darkstar8473 dijo:

    Show respect … mate there was respect but it's a bitter rival that edge has been lost from football for ages. I see United players hugging and kissing City and Liverpool players after games all the time and it pisses me off.

  14. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    no one cares. it's boring

  15. Kelly Mungomo dijo:

    These clowns

  16. Akash Deep dijo:

    Atletico are a classless pathetic team.

  17. Ejuet dijo:

    That's why Madrid should have taken that game serious and beat them… I hope they don't get into the top 4

  18. Tobias Banks dijo:

    Madrid never gets the respect we deserve, we don’t care we’ll just keep winning trophies!

  19. Avinash Madhavan dijo:

    Perfectly understand Burley's opinion…. But in the same line, why the pre match handshake? Why taking the knee? Chuck them out as well….

  20. Santiago Ch dijo:

    It's funny how the media is painting Atletico as these cartoon villians… the guard of honor is just a fancy gesture, not a requirement by any means

  21. Fuzilé Luthando D'Alessandro dijo:

    FC Barcelona and Atletico don't give the guard of honor to Real Madrid. we've gotten used to them acting like it since Raúl was our captain ??

  22. Mr. Blake dijo:

    Everyone is downgrading Atleti's win by saying they are a disgrace, Ancelotti played his B team, the match wasn't important, they couldn't score more, even with Real's B team they were struggling, etc. Every match is important and a win is a win. You have to play good every game regardless of which team your facing so stop making excuses for Real

  23. Stephen Kellie dijo:

    Craig who hit the heights of Scottish football , you know sometimes I like to here other’s opinion if it’s traditional keep it up to many good thing have gone bye and bye.

  24. Kenneth Holbrecht dijo:

    Well you knew what the tradition was before the season …. if Barcelona can do it for real and visa versa … bad losers

  25. shyam sundar dijo:

    Rival teams should never give guard of honor.. if they do then its a disgrace for the club, for their history and for the fans..

  26. oosa dijo:

    The question is: has real Madrid ever given one to Barcelona?

  27. vidAm90 dijo:

    Real Madrid gonna get trashed in the next season.

  28. dru sawadye dijo:

    But at least we won the league Hala madrid

  29. Bheem Agnihotri dijo:

    common it's a sport not a war, when someone wins a season giving respect goes a long way in making sport big and pass on that tradition to nextgen

  30. ⛔️LIVE CAM & [S]E[X] - CHECK PROFILE⛔️ dijo:

    He always make me happy or makes me enjoy the rest of the day n;

  31. ⛔️LIVE CAM & [S]E[X] - CHECK PROFILE⛔️ dijo:

    I Love Your Videos It's So Funny And Never Failed To Make My Day Better!? W5?

  32. J dijo:

    Could careless we got a trophy so not worried

  33. Tricky dijo:

    Does anyone really think any ateltico player or personnel would've even slightly meant it when they did it if they had??? No, so it's ridiculous to keep doing it anyway. Nobody actually honors anything, it's more sarcastic than anything. Just get rid of it, it means nothing

  34. Shawn7108 dijo:

    I think the guard of honor should be reserved only for home games in the stadium of the champions.
    Atletico and Betis had their guard of honor this season when they played at home, but didn't when they played away.

  35. Louis I dijo:

    Petty atlético all respect was thrown out the window

  36. cvarikos dijo:

    To be honest – its probably the grown up, mature thing to do but its an immeasurable, intangible thing. So the priority is low from a clubs perspective. Personally I think thats a passive aggressive immature attitude which can have a knock on effect.

  37. JD Stan dijo:

    FIX IT!!!!

  38. Foiz Ahmed dijo:

    RM did not do it for Barcelona

  39. Christian WAG dijo:

    Madrid, who cares or bothers much about this team in the ist place …lmao

  40. Edis Lettuce dijo:

    guard of honors are just very strange to me, why would a rival applaud another rival for their league title win, it literally doesn't mean anything, i understood why barca did it with real betis because real betis were big underdogs this season and they won the Copa del rey for the first time since 2005, guard of honors should be respected more for teams that rarely win trophies and that they respect them, idk if city win the league this season, it really won't bother me if liverpool, united, etc didn't give us a guard of honor, that is why rivals exist in football people

  41. Economic Erudite dijo:

    Quite simply, Real Madrid destroyed the tradition in 2018. Barcelona won La Liga, but Madrid refused to give Barcelona a guard of honour.

    Since then, it’s become irrelevant. Real Madrid killed the tradition. They can’t do that to Barcelona, but then demand to receive one from Atleti.

  42. B Zizou dijo:

    There’s a huge difference btw showing your opponent respect vs showing them appreciation. But Craig is old and grumpy he’s mad about everything


    I'm a Madrid fan and that guard of honour is irrelevant. It won't erase the fact that Madrid won the league.

  44. Eight Francs dijo:

    Rivalry is an essential part of sports.

    (Whether you like it or not).

    The guard of honour is unnecessary mockery.

  45. unun septium dijo:

    It is pointless.

  46. Toni Edwards dijo:

    Welldone to Atletico for not doing the guard. No guard should be given to the biggest cheats in footballing history. Atletico will never forget how they were cheated a UCL title by the referees of Real Madrid.

  47. GOOD DAy dijo:

    These are the same people you think playing 3 matches a week at Christmas is great because it's traditional and complaint when managers for outside think it's stupid
    Whlie respecting the crowned Campion is useless lol
    If Atletico don't want to do it just play better and win the league

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