Luis Suarez, Barca vs Atletico Madrid 😱⚽️ #suarez #football #shorts

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46 respuestas a Luis Suarez, Barca vs Atletico Madrid 😱⚽️ #suarez #football #shorts

  1. FC Motivate dijo:

    He deserves everything ❤️

  2. NINJAAAAA dijo:

    respect 🫡

  3. aio dijo:

    I'm a Real Madrid fan but I really really miss barca's Suarez 😔😔

  4. atjep kurnaedi dijo:

    Bro what is happening to our era the best era of football is ending faster than we thought😭😢

  5. TDigital dijo:

    I’ll never forgive That pathetic excuse of a manager Kolmen for what he did to my club legend.

  6. Ninja gaming SIU dijo:

    Not Luis Suarez it is chewy Suarez

  7. Ninja gaming SIU dijo:

    Not Luis Suarez it is chewy Suarez

  8. My Best Friend Football dijo:

    I miss suarez just like messi in barça 🙁

  9. Aj13wms🔥 dijo:

    He should go to psg to reunited MSN since mbappe is leaving and psg will have no stirker

  10. Joel Campbell dijo:


  11. Sen Sahir dijo:

    Aupa atleti 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Mad Bro kolkata dijo:

    Maybe PSG buys Him

    1,2,3 Not only you, and me …

  13. Abdullah Jadoon dijo:

    It was a very dark day in my clubs history

  14. Arnav Rajadhyax dijo:

    I’m a barca fan and I hated Koeman for everything he did, including booting Suarez from the club. Koeman will go down in history as a failure, Suarez will go down as a legend.

  15. Yazeed Almaz dijo:

    Noble Luis Suarez dybala cheileni maybe lewi

  16. hidde.070 dijo:

    okay for the last time, koeman HAS NOT kicked suarez out of barca he had to say it because of bichtomeu

  17. PRATEEK SINGH dijo:

    hence proved , respect is everything

  18. I know I’m gay when I’m saying this but dijo:

    I hate koeman he did nothing but kick Suarez the goat 9

  19. SlayStationMadFut22 dijo:

    Wait he left Suarez left Atletico

  20. Sergical dijo:

    As a Cule fan from birth and my entire 48 years of life, Barça has repeatedly disrespected their best players and stars especially the foreign players on roster except Cryuff. It’s has mostly to do with the mostly pathetic and corrupt presidents that the club has had. Cheap bastards mostly and some nothing more than separatists and political agenda based.

  21. Rush bi dijo:

    Barcelona need to treat player 1st Ronaldinho then messi no this player

  22. Charle Spraggs dijo:

    This is probably why koeman is a bad manager for bacelona

  23. TaHiR AoAb dijo:

    wow atletico de madrid fans know how to respect their legends while koemon just becomes won of the mangers in history

  24. olaf17 dijo:

    Welcome to aston villa???!!!

  25. Ivan Plus dijo:

    Messi and Suarez deserved better farewell match on Camp Nou

  26. Daksh Varshney dijo:

    It is because of koeman
    Even messi was angry with the behaviour

  27. J van Es dijo:

    Sorry but it wasnt koeman but money

  28. BusterTheD0G dijo:

    Has Suarez retired? Where is he going next

  29. Harry Maguire dijo:

    Man koeman just did not transform barca into a shit club also made great player cry I swear idc if he’s a good player or not he has been the worst manager , kicking out a great st for no reason jeez he must have had health issues

  30. Adhidev Shyju dijo:

    Koemen is the worst manager

  31. Majd Yacoub dijo:

    And people say koeman is better then xavi xavi would’ve never fired him

  32. clx2 dijo:

    Imagine if he joins psg and msn starts again

  33. Aymaan s khan dijo:

    Deserved Suarez good bye legend good bye

  34. Aadhams Family dijo:

    Bruh I swear everyone is retiring now

  35. xFrostz dijo:

    What team is he going too?

  36. orange Juice dijo:

    Where is pucho going tell me pls

  37. Aiman Sal dijo:

    In the end of the day, it's not about where you did better. It's about where you feel appreciated

  38. Aaron dijo:

    The Barca fans loved Lucho the club never gave a good farewell like he did in atleti

    Heck they didnt even give a fitting farewell to Messi

  39. rishab chopra dijo:

    wait is he retiring??

  40. SHRUJU dijo:

    Komen was a great basterd

  41. Pablo R dijo:

    Barca💩 atletico😎

  42. Future Farmer dijo:

    Barca fans never love their legends

  43. Goate dijo:


  44. Aspzii dijo:

    if xavi was the coach then it was diff

  45. ⚽️CaseyMark⚽️ dijo:

    Aboustle legend he should win a ballon dor

  46. MIP football dijo:

    Is he retiring or just leaving the club?

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