'Not A Penalty' | Diego Simeone Press Conference | Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool

During his post-match press conference, Diego Simeone discusses the decision to overturn a penalty for his side Atletico Madrid in their 3-2 Champions League loss to Liverpool.


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27 respuestas a 'Not A Penalty' | Diego Simeone Press Conference | Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool

  1. Del Shunsuke dijo:

    He will never admit

  2. Goh Eng cheong dijo:


  3. Pal Sih dijo:

    This guy has no sportsmanship.

  4. Peter o' Farrell dijo:


  5. Alden Padilla dijo:

    simeone was actualy being honest here and praised the referee. He was talking about atletico penalty being rightfully overturned….i am actually surprised he was so honest here. he didn't talk about liverpool penalty at all but the title is very misleading lol.

  6. FLASH dijo:

    crymadrid with diego cryminione

  7. nithieya vinesh dijo:

    Diego Someone used cowardly tactics against Liverpool at their own stadium. It's very clear that DS asked his players to play very defensively & hit Liverpool at the counter. It's backfired big time and after conceding two goals only, the AM players attacked Liverpool & scored two goals. Overall AM have good players but was instructed by DS to use negative tactics. It's very shamefull that a team like them have to resort to poor tactics. AM also have the worst fans who adore this ugly tactics. Come to Anfield. Liverpool players will teach DS & AM players how to play in front of their fans like real men.

  8. Kahsi Mana dijo:

    Never know that this man has no class at all.

  9. SSC TRICKS ! dijo:

    പേടി തൊണ്ടൻ ??
    തോറ്റപ്പോൾ ഓടി പോയി അയ്യേ സിമയോണി ചെ മോശം വളരെ മോശം ???

  10. Hansel Sim dijo:

    Majority of players in Spanish league are cry babies just like him , oh ya he's more arrogant n snob coach. These players like to dive n pretend like something very bad really happen, turns out they still running around. Booooo to the coach n players. No sportsmanship at all. Sore loser!!

  11. khaled Mohamed dijo:

    Before you say anything you must check YouTube first, you did shack hand in the home game last time when you won over Liverpool ?

  12. Imelda McIntyre dijo:

    Thank God Liverpool finally punished The FLITY bastards! You can keep their style of football in Spain..

  13. Atuk Encem dijo:

    Nowadays every corner there are the cameras to confirm the exact situation. So, don't gives an excuses to camouflage the failure..

  14. John Mawatt dijo:

    Diego Simeone lost his courtesy of civility because he never expect Liverpool can ever win the game. He blandly admitted kicking on the head was not a red card.

  15. 2gigahijau dijo:

    Never liked him as a player and a manager, now as a human being, this guy is full of himself

  16. J L dijo:

    the best part was when this sore loser running down the tunnel like a tunnel rat lol

  17. Renzo Cotta dijo:

    Todo un caballero Simeone …

  18. sebastian alegria dijo:

    As a fan, you always want a little bit more from football teams like Atletico Madrid however, they failed. As far as I'm concerned I don't like Simeone's football philosophy, if you let me choose between Klopp & him, I would rather Klopp because you already know what he proposes, when his team plays on the pitch.

  19. Kenneth Mccalla dijo:

    Diego Simeon as the next Liverpool manager if klopp was to ever leave Liverpool ..thumb up if u agree ?

  20. Fozi Zain dijo:

    Childish, selfish, egoistic and not a gentleman.ATM is a big established club and the manager is throwing tantrums like a naughty child.

  21. Nader Moustafa dijo:

    It's not Salah who destroyed ATL Madrid . But Liverpool .
    We are Eleven players

  22. Daily Corvid dijo:

    Yeah wasn't a penalty and Fury never KO'd Wilder either lollll

  23. LFC FAN dijo:

    A sore loser at best. Let's go Simione.

  24. Matias Cantavenera dijo:

    I speak Spanish and those subtitles were so wrong at times. But all and all the man spoke so well and so respectful I was not expecting that. Said the referee was correct in all his calls, I am shocked but I have to say very impressed by Simeone.

  25. Ry Mental dijo:

    Who is Lee Wallace!??

  26. Henrique Coelho dijo:

    Guys I think this subtitles were the worst ever, he was a bad sportsman by running away instead of shaking hands but everything else he said including saying he agrees with the refs decision wether its against him or on his favour was quite sensible and good sport, dont let the title make your opinion.
    I didnt catch the time where he said it wasnt a penalty too, maybe ive missed it but i dont think he said it.

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