Juventus 'pooped their pants' vs. Atletico Madrid – Gab Marcotti | Serie Awesome

ESPN FC’s Serie Awesome crew Mina Rzouki, Gab Marcotti and Paolo Bandini recap Juventus’ Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid, including:
(0:16) How Massimiliano Allegri may be to blame for the defeat
(1:15) Juve’s «cynical» style of play is addressed
(2:17) Gab feels Allegri’s side «pooped their pants» against Atletico
(4:54) Paolo questions Mattia De Sciglio’s inclusion over Cancelo
(6:05) Diego Costa’s significant impact despite not featuring much this season.

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41 respuestas a Juventus 'pooped their pants' vs. Atletico Madrid – Gab Marcotti | Serie Awesome

  1. J R dijo:

    Anyone here after the comeback? Now it's two EPL teams in the finals of UCL and Europa

  2. Vikram Thakur dijo:

    Eat shit now you fucking bunch of idiots!

  3. Mathew Tecco dijo:

    Juventus pooped their pants?… well, Atletico ate all that shit today ?

  4. Ashil dijo:


  5. Anonymous Duh dijo:

    Penaldo and his nub mates getting crushed by players who don't dive, cheat and absolutely fight for the win

  6. R9 vs DEL PIERO dijo:

    Sforza sturaro?

  7. Louis Dyson dijo:

    "Those sheep are far away" – Father Ted Crilly

  8. Makainternational dijo:

    I only knew Gab from ESPN when they only show his head shot! For his view on matters in the studio. I never knew he was orca fat! Must be all the Italian food so I don’t blame him!

  9. Sadaqah Jariyah dijo:

    Juventus is too defensive there is no attack.

  10. Seasn dijo:

    Bullshit Ronaldo Will Come Back In 2nd Leg Remeber Real And Atletico Have A Good Defense Its A Hard Game Talk About Messi's Argentina Why Ronaldo Only You Bias Bitches Watch 2nd Leg Is Gonna Be A Comeback Shut The Fuck Up ESPEN YOU WIN SOME YOU FUCKING LOSE SOME NOT EVERYONE FUCKING WINS ALL THE TIME REAL WONT GO 20 CHAMPIONS LEAUGE STREAK RONALDO IS OLD AND GIVE HIM TIME WHy Are ESPEN So FUCKING Ranty Lets All Dislike This Video They Try Yelling At PLayers And Don't Do Shit And JUst Say Shit These Guys Are So Annyoing JUst Ranting About Bullshit If I Dont Find A Rant About Messi These Bitches Are Only Talking About Ronaldo WHich Is So Horrid By ESPEN

  11. JFK dijo:

    I didn't know Gab was so fat

  12. Paul dijo:

    Has CGI shrunk the woman? Gab plays at least 6 in midfield

  13. Adil Chana dijo:

    Wow gab calm down

  14. Yash Shah dijo:

    Holy shit Gab is an absolute unit. Couldn't tell from just his upper half but from this angle you really get to know a person.

  15. englewood price dijo:

    as someone that have watched juve all season. I tell you flat out juve has been poor all season. but have relied on individual performances to win. I think part of the problem is this 3 man midfield. the last time juve had a great midfield was with vidal, Pirlo, Pogba. since then juve has had a mediocre midfiled. next problem you are asking Dybala to come deep and help create. he looks lost. the solution to the problem is to utilize the strength of the team. which is the attack all these world class wingers/ strikers use them. juve has 6 of them available now use 4 of them on the pitch. play a 4231 like in the past. mandzukic, Ronaldo, Dybala, bernardeshi. you have Kean and Costa to come off the bench. when you play the 4231 it helps solve the Dybala problem because he will be playing closer to goal and playing centrally. it would help Ronaldo as well because with so much attackers you can almost overwelm a defence. Ronaldo would get open more. I guarantee if juve play this system would overturn this tie.

  16. steven lafferty dijo:

    Ffs a thought gab had a 6 pack n shit ?didnt know he was a lard ass , he loves his pasta n wine

  17. Big Smoke dijo:

    Layout of this show is awful. Looks awkward, no one looks comfortable. Get a table ESPN ffs.

  18. presh xd dijo:

    What an absolute unit!

  19. ManojCM7 dijo:

    If Allegri misses this UCL then wait for Zidane to come if he doesn't join Chelsea. Mark my words

  20. Adil Jakatoore Ahmed dijo:

    Loved it lol juve merda out

  21. Rene Gonzalez dijo:

    gaw damn gab, what the fuck. bro

  22. Shimul Robin dijo:

    Hey, shit-face. At first, I thought you're pregnant. Now I know, your belly is full of pile of poops.

  23. /// PM dijo:

    Who’s the elephant in the room?
    gab you’re so FAT

  24. Gabriel Galea dijo:

    Couldnt agree more with Gab.. so dissapointed as a juve fan

  25. M. Pathak dijo:

    Isn't it too early for all the celebrations nd all these discussions..
    I mean knockouts are still played in d leg format!!!! for a reason!! Isn't it??

  26. Hanafi Salleh dijo:

    When juve gets eliminated they will hire zidane to win the champions league. And that wont happen.

  27. Hanafi Salleh dijo:

    That girl is utter rubbish.. she probably watch juve’s game only..

  28. Obama Care dijo:

    I blame Ronaldo, Dybala should be playing more and Ronaldo is just a one season cash grab, I am a Juve fan and Ronaldo is cool to have but we need Dybala, he’s op is Europe.

  29. Raman K dijo:

    All creadit goes to DIEGO SIMEONE… he won tactical battle

  30. Integra Gemi dijo:

    When you are in a finished league as Serie A or overrated as premier league. Is obviously. People Blame PSG but best players in the world actually came from Ligue 1.

  31. daniel figueroa dijo:

    As a Juve fan, Gab is right. We have played horrible all season, Allegri thinks defense will always win, and yeah, maybe in Serie A it will. But Atalanta and Parma have shown that if you come at us, you’ll compete against our non-attractive ass. All this money on attackers, and we barely squeeze out 1-0 wins. The culture needs to change, and Allegri needs to leave. He has not strategy when it comes to how to attack and play attacking football.

  32. Orgil Orgildinho dijo:

    Seriously, who is the video person, using wide lens is wrong here? Result is that girl in the back looks three times smaller

  33. Joseph Porco dijo:

    Gab is too much of a Pocchetino lover to see through him and Spurs. Pocchetino hasn't won a trophy in over 4 seasons at Tottenham and it's not like Tottenham are poor. Their value is 10th most in the world out all football clubs. The fact that you guys are comparing Tottenham to Juve and Pocchetino to Allegri in any way is a complete joke. Also Gab a win is a win. Even if your team doesn't play well and still wins it's good. You just need to go on the training ground and improve after a match like that. Italian Football TV is the best English Serie A talk by far.

  34. Patrick Kandráč dijo:

    What a nonsense Gab is blabbing about? So Juventus are playing BAD, that´s WHY THEY ARE 1st in their league WITHOUT LOSING ANY MATCH against teams like Inter or Napoli. They lost second match in the season so now they´re so BAAAAAD, sure, I´m positive that Gab was watching every match diligently. 😀

  35. Gerald S dijo:

    love a good poopy pants analogy

  36. Steve Laurent dijo:

    Gab Marcotti looks like a beluga whale !!!

  37. trinikenshin dijo:

    Usually agree with Gab … but not this time . Allegri is overrated garbage

  38. Anthony OWUSU dijo:

    That witch was all cocky in earlier video

  39. rainbowthegod dijo:


  40. Kreese2008 dijo:

    Gab is a polar bear.

  41. Emmanuel Manuel dijo:

    Wow Gab's a big guy

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