Man City vs Real Madrid | A place in the Champions League Final at stake…

Big night in the Champions League. Are you ready for it?


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Get closer to the likes of Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez, Phil Foden and the rest of Pep Guardiola’s team.

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32 respuestas a Man City vs Real Madrid | A place in the Champions League Final at stake…

  1. jose manuel martinez collado dijo:

    El Real Madrid…el equipo mas grande del mundo,un club de fútbol que se financia con sus ingresos donde los socios eligen a su presidente y son los dueños del Club.Enfrente un equipo sin historia ,irrelevante prácticamente hasta que fue comprado por los árabes.como casi toda la totalidad de la Premier en manos de árabes o norteamericanos.El Madrid le tirará encima todo el peso de su historia al equipo árabe.

  2. MoRpH dijo:

    2nd leg don't bottle this city. Last year we lost to chelsea after all the hard work, we are not losing CL this season.

  3. Calvary Crusader dijo:

    I wish the wonderful Man City could have played in the town of Chillingbourne instead.

  4. Aslan Leo 2015 dijo:

    COME ON CITY ?????

  5. Aman Choudhary dijo:

    Love from India

  6. Carolina Guasch dijo:

    Real Madrid is only giant at corruption and at having all Spanish referees in their pocket. The referee school is in Madrid and all give them undeserved penalties. They are a fascist time where the weekly ministers reunions used to take place until the so-called Socialists won 2 years ago. The city of Madrid gave the Bernabéu stadium situated in the Center of town. Their catalanophobia is launched by all their media daily (which is most They hate Pep.

  7. Juremi Ricardo dijo:

    Smoga Man City thn ini juara…

  8. PandaPotter dijo:

    I predict 2-1 city!

  9. Khalid Alshahwani dijo:

    You gonna get destroyed by real

  10. minandmotion dijo:

    Come on City! ????

  11. Sundus Ali dijo:


  12. Phú Trần dijo:

    Real + ref + var = win

  13. Tomasín dijo:

    Are you prepared to receive the real traps of Madrid and his 40 thieves?
    In any case, Don Corleone Pérez, his referees and his media are waiting for you at Mafia City (Madrid). Don't worry, they're going to have their share of robberies.
    Buena suerte ?

  14. Tatevik Yedoyan dijo:

    ??De Bruyne

  15. Trade Indices with Bayo using Price Action dijo:

    ? Cityzens, we win tonight!!!

  16. Jawad Mortada dijo:

    MNC 2-1

  17. Belta Genius dijo:

    As one Manchester city ? will win real Madrid ???

  18. بوربون zero dijo:

    Go Manchester city go ??

  19. Rock City dijo:

    M City and RMD ,Both of them are my idols, I hope they play well

  20. Zooe Jalaludin dijo:

    Rame nihh

  21. T33K4Y dijo:


  22. •_ dijo:

    Good Luck to both teams

  23. Lucas Candia dijo:

    You can do it city

  24. Arnisto Chiguvara dijo:

    Citizens fans, what are your expectations for tonight's lineup? Write your predictions in the comments?????

  25. ★ ??? ???? ?? ★ dijo:

    Manchester City ??????????????????????????????

  26. سموكر dijo:

    ?Real Madrid Inshallah

  27. Arman_Shegebaev dijo:

    Manchester City ??????????????????????????????

  28. Cees Luiken dijo:

    Hope fore the win??

  29. Shib sankar Laha dijo:

    With pep we can dominate

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