ATLETICO vs MAN CITY & LIVERPOOL vs BENFICA Watchalong with Mark Goldbridge

Atletico vs Man City & Liverpool vs Benfica Champions League watchalong with Mark Goldbridge. TWITCH Link

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40 respuestas a ATLETICO vs MAN CITY & LIVERPOOL vs BENFICA Watchalong with Mark Goldbridge

  1. Koff__The__Fuckings__Choff dijo:

    Thông tin có ích đấy

  2. Rollin' not Strollin' dijo:

    You're take is shocking! ???

  3. Craig Waters dijo:

    Awesome video

  4. Jack Moore dijo:

    Embarrassing 60 year old man????

  5. Zak Khelfa dijo:

    This man is clueless

  6. Joe Robinson dijo:

    Is ake one of the shortest signings we have had ??? I thought he was outstanding last night.

  7. username dijo:

    biased man ushited fan

  8. yash dijo:

    nathan ake would be your best defender mate

  9. Deborah Mellor dijo:

    You better up grade your pay for view he follows through on phils left also savic head buts sterling

  10. sam biani dijo:

    Your refereeing skills is at man united level.

  11. Penguin007 dijo:

    If you’re a united fan and didn’t want Athletico to win, then that’s mental.

  12. Paul Hudson dijo:

    Foden rolling 7 times and a summersault to make sure he's on the pitch ? city complained when madrid did these things.

  13. Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters dijo:

    Out of Allllll the youtubers…. why you doing these games??? All you wanna do is Talk bout United! Had to turn off, very poor!

  14. Rahul Singh dijo:

    Mark do your squad for Qatar will.

  15. Mark Harris dijo:

    All the Utd fans and Smugbridge hoping upon hope that City and Liverpool don't get through. ?? Suck it up ladies ??

  16. Bakail Frozen dijo:

    gotta give it up for city for pissing off the atletico team and fans lol the crowd was intense i loved it

  17. Andreas Beck dijo:

    Mark: It was a good tackle and on the follow through he caught Foden. I don't see anything wrong with that

    If the same was done to a United player

    Mark: Red card! Get him out! Might have well as took out a gun and shoot him!

  18. Sonic dijo:

    Nathan Ake is good tho

  19. I'm subscribing to anyone who subbs me dijo:

    I think we can all agree that legendary content creator like this make our day ❤❤

  20. Mas A dijo:

    Timestamp guy where are you? I love you ?

  21. sakib Mir dijo:

    Atletico Madrid should be banned in UCL

  22. SoccerNotFootball dijo:

    Althetico deserved a win

  23. kawsarahmad dijo:

    1:55:07 – Phil Foden Foul and Handbags

  24. Bjorn Ragnarsson dijo:

    If Liverpool beat Villareal and make the final it's gonna be Klopp's 3rd final within 5 seasons. 4th final in 9 years if you add Dortmund as well. In the 10 years before Klopp came in, Liverpool only qualified 4 times for the Champions League. Stunning

  25. cohan mrtmr dijo:

    honestly marks reaction to them minutes of madness are so contrasted to every other reaction I have seen, them green eyes have never been so bright pal. Also saying Ake is one of our worst signings ever is crazy, clearly didn't watch the game Ake was amazing when he came on for us, and he is better than any defender Utd have got. This man knows nothing about football and it shows, he really said Atletico and Savic was in the right to drag foden of the pitch phahahaha

  26. YMO dijo:

    Goldbridge is a DISGRACE for siding with Felipe. Felipe tackled and kicked him. This shows you only watch United game and never an objective sports man. DISGRACEFUL Goldbridge. Shameful

  27. ricardohrn dijo:

    Looked like a Libertadores game

  28. Rick Catley dijo:

    1:55:20 atleti brawl

  29. Romeo Daley Jr dijo:

    Mark says simeone's football is boring and yet it has got him more success in the last decade than United. He's a winner who is willing to do and gives everything to win and he drives that into his players. He should be Manchester United manager. Ten Haag might play pretty football but he ain't no Deigo Simeone

  30. light case dijo:

    Thank God Man city won, Atletico play boring no football

  31. lewis clarke dijo:

    If Neymar did what Foden did then Savic isn’t the one being called the disgrace…those commentators in that game were tragic to listen to, bias is unreal

  32. Zac Tyson dijo:

    How can you say Felipe didn’t deserve a red ? him and Savic should have been sent walking!

  33. Nathan mcarthur dijo:

    If this was United goldbridge would’ve gone mad at the last 10 mins

  34. kevin mole dijo:

    well Atletico are poor they beat your lot

  35. Tell All dijo:

    we were too hard with United! All mighty City barely escaped out of this one! Simeone and them are no joke in the Champions League

  36. CynicallyVibed dijo:

    Think atletico is the worst team city could have faced purely because of their style

  37. Jonny Blood dijo:

    Sorry Mark but coming from a United fan, your Felipe/Foden take is woeful… it was a good tackle by Felipe but he literally flips his whole body to kick Foden and then the way Athletico and especially Savic behaved was disgraceful

  38. Jack Boyle dijo:

    “Nathan ake one of citys shittest signings” the arrogance of goldbridge is crazy considering this guys favourite players is Bruno and Luke shaw?

  39. Rohan Chatterjee dijo:

    45 +12 added minutes and the ball was only in play for 27 minutes. Atletico ?

  40. Owen Wharton dijo:

    Tyson fury vs Dillan whyte won’t be as good as city vs athletico

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