Atletico Madrid VS FC Barcelona 1-1 ● All Goals: Reaction

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37 respuestas a Atletico Madrid VS FC Barcelona 1-1 ● All Goals: Reaction

  1. Βασιλης dijo:

    Rip Saul after Suarez!

  2. Brandon Avila dijo:

    you freaked me out on that suarez goal

  3. Mohammed Suleman Mustaq dijo:

    Pique is getting destroyed. First by benzema and now Griezmann

  4. Class Gnabry dijo:

    Perfect result for real madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid both dropped 2 points

  5. Greenaudit 259 dijo:

    React to top ten showboat player 2016/2017

  6. Pro Gamer dijo:

    Ter stegen constantly improving 2nd best goalkeeper in la liga

  7. Alden. dijo:

    I love your reaction man!

  8. reset dijo:

    Just because he shaved

  9. Leander Peter dijo:

    You're covering you're face with the screen???

  10. Manos Uchiha dijo:

    Luis is really underated 😮 I see some super Messi fans saying he looks average in the same team with Messi….what I see though….he saves the team from defeats and ties when Messi won't find the way to the nets! He is actually as important as Messi in Barca for me 💪

  11. Tehmoor Hussain dijo:

    Any idea how competitive atletico will be when costa will play for them….🤔🤔

  12. aMyth dijo:

    At least we didn't loss like Madrid r now

  13. brick wall dijo:

    there are 2 types of dominating in football
    1.Barca and Bayern style where they will keep most of the possession even when the other team plays better and has more chances , better chances and more goals
    2.Good performance type of dominance which is observed when a team plays extremely good…here they keep both possession , have better chances and score more goals
    the problem with Bayern and Barca is that they think they dominated the game and played better even when they play the 1st type of dominating style

  14. Genius Species dijo:

    I like your videos though am a Madrid fan. But to be honest, Andre Gomes was better than every other Barca player except for Messi and Suarez.

  15. uki akicha dijo:

    Even chelsea beat atletico 😂

  16. Schadenfreude dijo:

    I've been a subscriber for a while and i've been wondering, What's your 2nd favourite team? My favourite team is Real Madrid and my 2nd is Átletico de Madrid, So i we're kinda rivals lol

  17. Amy Bella dijo:

    MarvNTreyHD Blog- I fully AGREE WITH YOU, What happened when they put in Paulinho and Roberto? The game changed, this coach is a MORON, Gomes sucks! Paul and Roberto should start. Paul and Messi can play together very well, last time they did they destroyed the other team. These coaches no shit about the game. The only reason why I come to this channel is because of your expression lol

  18. Not CR dijo:

    Should've won the game denis NEEDS to start over Gomes

  19. rohezie dijo:

    great video at least we didn't lose.

  20. MrElijah1998 dijo:

    Getafe will win la liga😂

  21. Prince Of Persia dijo:

    You have to give credit to Gomes, he had a sharp match

  22. joe Morrison dijo:

    We on that ass bar a fans hala Madrid!!!

  23. samir melgar dijo:

    hala madriddd

  24. Fiurela Polan dijo:

    Atletico is a great team, am happy with a tie, rather than loose 3 points

  25. Enrique Valencia dijo:

    hahaha I think this is my favorite video so far from the whole channel

  26. Daniel Germano dijo:

    why you keep hating andre gomes ? yes he may not be the best midfielder that barca have, but he deserves to play no matter what! PS: why you didnt put the part when gomes almost assist suarez ? oh and suares is a shit nothing more than a average player!

  27. Gøłdęñ Böÿ dijo:

    i like your reaction man hhhhhhhhh

  28. Andersson93 dijo:

    Can't stand Gomeeeez

  29. b 88 dijo:

    That was a great game

  30. O.F dijo:

    Hating on Valderde isnt right in my opinion

  31. bas h dijo:

    This tie benefit real madrid the most

  32. Vincent Rodriguez dijo:

    That new stadium looks amazing. But at the end of the day all that matters, is that Barcelona didn't win the game : )

  33. Ji sung goat dijo:

    Rip pique 🙏🏽

  34. Nathan Matamoros dijo:


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