Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona | Live Watch Along | La Liga 2021/22

FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid. Barcelona live watch along for La Liga 2021/22 match week 8. Barcelona looking for better results after the defeat away to Benfica in Champions League.

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5 respuestas a Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona | Live Watch Along | La Liga 2021/22

  1. The Undefeated Moustache John dijo:

    Well that didn't go according to plan … Heads up high, culers. We have a long season ahead of us and we have to stick together through the bad times. Supporting the club now is how you earn the right to support the club when we are at our best. DO NOT GIVE IN TO NEGATIVITY! VISCA BARCA! ??

  2. Visca El Barca dijo:

    Keeping Koeman is like Polishing a turd.

  3. mabc dijo:

    Were are you from dude hahaha you're Hilarious. I'm from Uruguay but I live in England. In my country we take the football more wildly that we should hahaha your way is so smoothly ??

  4. Boris Negrarosa dijo:

    I heard your last words about supporting the club. You are totally right, many fans support Barca just because of Messi. Now they're going through a massive identity crisis. Some of them will come to terms with it. You will soon get rid of the phonies. I'm no Barca fan but thanks for a cool show.

  5. Tiago official in uk dijo:

    mierda para Barça

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