Liverpool’s UCL loss vs. Atletico Madrid: Diego Simeone masterclass or overrated Reds? | Extra Time

(0:00) Is Stevie okay after Liverpool’s dramatic Champions League round of 16 exit at the hand of Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid?
(0:50) Would it have been better if Jurgen Klopp had Reds loanee Loris Karius back in goal instead of Adrian, with first-choice goalkeeper Alisson out injured?
(1:16) Should full credit go to Simeone, or has Klopp’s side been exposed as overrated?
(3:09) Is Ale willing to change his opinion about Alvaro Morata?
(4:03) Do Liverpool still have a claim to be the best team in the world?
(6:46) And will PSG finally win the Champions League after their comeback win vs. Borussia Dortmund?

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30 respuestas a Liverpool’s UCL loss vs. Atletico Madrid: Diego Simeone masterclass or overrated Reds? | Extra Time

  1. That Grey M3 dijo:

    overrated reds

  2. yousuf ali dijo:

    I came here for salty Liverpool fans

  3. Neon colour marker • 8 years ago dijo:

    Last year they made Karius walk alone
    This year they’ll make Adrian walk alone
    Blaming on 1 player for loss over 2 legs of UCL fixture really contradicts the “YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE” phrase in Liverpool anthem, so might as well Remove that catchy and fake line from anthem.

  4. Sbusiso ndwandwe dijo:

    spain the kings of UEFA

  5. ward4mj dijo:

    The way ale pronounce players and clubs is so annoying

  6. Muhammad Ishaq dijo:

    Most funny things they lose at there home 😂😂😂 champions .. wait what

  7. Mx Dlc dijo:

    Liverpool fans left Adrian walk alone. And dont remember he didnt received goal in 90 minutes, Allíson did and they lost at Madrid. You better search for another anthem liverfools.

  8. Rohan Shrikhande dijo:

    Oh I love this. None of them have liked the result. That's very very sweet to watch

  9. harsimran bajwa dijo:

    Came Here To watch Stevie Say The champions League isn't important enough for Liverpool and they should just focus on the most important premier league title

  10. Aavash Lamsal dijo:

    Overrated Liverpool

  11. KrapsenHelb dijo:

    Indeed Adrian is not a world class goalkeeper and is projected to be the 2nd goalkeeper behind Allison. But the problem is that he doesn't have mentality that a goalkeeper should have. Liverpool should mind goalkeeper stuff after Karius disaster

  12. Natsuu dijo:

    Is Stevie ok? 🙈🙈this is a troll episode…. 😅😂

  13. José Manuel D dijo:

    Almost everybody is blaming Adrian and that seems unfair to me. First, if Liverpool forwards had been more effective and Liverpool had gone through probably nobody would remember Adrian mistake. Second, Adrian mistake was a wrong clearance of the ball, but when Joao Felix received the ball it didn't look such a clear goal chance, it took a very good finish from Llorente to score that goal and nobody is recognizing that. Third, if Liverpool is the best team in the world they should be able to get over a 2-1 result, there were plenty of time left. Fourth, Llorente second goal, against the opposition of 3 Liverpool defenders, was a brilliant finish and I don't think that was Adrians fault. Atletico played on a very conservative mood while there were leading the aggregate score (until 2-0) from that moment on they changed gear and scored 3 goals in 20 minutes.

  14. Noleen Peake dijo:

    Atletico is a top collective team,very much underated,plus coach,Give credit where its due,Atletico were more clinical.

  15. GODFREY CHENGO dijo:

    They lost to a better side. That's all I can say. When Liverpool scored Who else saw Semeone telling his boys to take it easy? I respect this guy, klop and his boys should accept, know and say their opponents has a better plan than them.

  16. Eagle87 dijo:

    Overrated Liverpool that somehow got lucky last year and won the CL. Premier League is the weakest league at the moment.

  17. quietstorm dijo:

    Liverpool fans got knocked off their high horse just a little. 🤣

  18. Flying solo dijo:

    I’m not saying it’s a masterclass as it’s not a style of play I like – doesn’t matter if it’s my team (Spurs) doing it or I’m watching a game as a neutral. However, I’m willing to accept it on this occasion for 2 reasons:

    1) Andy Robertson.
    You remember him, the guy who totally disrespected Messi last season at Anfield. If you haven’t seen it; google it. He should be thankful he even gets to share the same pitch as him. Then we move on to his comments after the first leg vs Atleti…. ‘They celebrated like the won the tie… their players kept falling over (he’d know all about that, he plays with Mo “Greg Louganis” Salah)… they’ve still got to come to Anfield so we’ll see….’

    Talking all that big talk and bravado that he and his teammates couldn’t back up. Absolute bell-end!!!

    2) Klopp and Owen’s Cry-athon.
    Staggering hypocrisy from the pair of them when you consider their greatest achievements (CL win last season and the fake treble in 2001) came off the back of playing dull, cautious, safety-first football that didn’t involve dominating possession. Liverpool had something like 38% of the ball vs Spurs in the final last season, and Houllier wasn’t exactly having Liverpool play football the Cruyff way when they defended and counter-attacked their way to glory.

    Have that you whingeing scousers!!!!

  19. Abir dijo:

    So a single goalkeeper KO liverpool …. well that makes lfc an overrated team

  20. Aman dijo:

    Liverpool is overrated…watch them for another season and then everyone would agree, only VVD isn't overrated at Liverpool!

  21. paul tyson dijo:

    last one out turn the light off …

  22. Nikhil Athreya dijo:

    Adrian ,the absolute atletico legend!..😂

  23. Exitt dijo:

    Liverpool is OVERRATED!!! Believe me!!!

  24. Sami’yi dijo:

    5:44 it hit Stevie feels bad

  25. HONG KONG 香港本地介紹 HK local gem guide dijo:

    a alisson did something too

  26. HONG KONG 香港本地介紹 HK local gem guide dijo:

    adriam.did.ok before

  27. HONG KONG 香港本地介紹 HK local gem guide dijo:

    we will.come back.much stronger next.season but we needback up.strikers not origi

  28. HONG KONG 香港本地介紹 HK local gem guide dijo:

    but we had a lot luck before in.2018 m.2019

  29. HONG KONG 香港本地介紹 HK local gem guide dijo:

    luck ran out

  30. P Sumathi dijo:

    ESPN = idiots of the world

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