Was Barcelona’s 4-2 win vs. Atletico Madrid their BEST performance under Xavi?! | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls Show) discuss Barcelona’s crushing 4-2 win vs. Atletico Madrid in LaLiga. Juls agrees that this was Barcelona’s best performance under Xavi, whilst the guys are also critical of Atletico Madrid.

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32 respuestas a Was Barcelona’s 4-2 win vs. Atletico Madrid their BEST performance under Xavi?! | ESPN FC

  1. Pablo Cariño dijo:

    Why are they trynna take away so much credit from Barcelona? They played good and could improve throughout other games. But they were just shoving them in the trash as to say they got lucky to score all 4 goals and it wouldn’t happens again. Sounds like he was hating.

  2. carl dare dijo:

    'He can try it the rest of his life he will never score'

  3. Partha Bangthai dijo:

    Barca defense is still pathetic and need to work on defense. Plus need a new defensive midfielder and this time ,a physically strong , hard tackling one. And only Xavi can do that.

  4. ben sher dijo:

    Not even the best under xavi but at least the best team performance in the last 3 Years. Running pressing passing and everything with pace

  5. Ify Sergio aiden dijo:

    This French man don't know how to make analysis of football. So stop making analysis of football, watch Copa Del Rey you will see that he's score this kind of goal. J b journaliste

  6. ervin ervo dijo:

    Try all his life and wont score? Mate its a dropkick and he's a pro. I score those for fun and i dont need AlL mY LiFe tO TrY.

  7. Daniel Galea dijo:

    Expected goals were low because they played with 10 men for almost half an hour. What do you think would happen as Atleti try and get back in the game and leaves even more spaces behind and Barça have 11 players?

  8. Anthony Tlhaole dijo:

    I don't wanna lie these guys are just haters?

  9. everything has an ending dijo:

    So called experts lmfao disguised Barca haters they just drear the that the struggles of Barca won’t take as long as they’ve hoped for ??????


    Dani Alves game is modified in a way by manager that he can be used in full capacity… Generally, wingbacks take the run on wings. But Dani is asked to go in middle of pitch… This allows him to be defensively ready… Cut the opposition play by pressing in mid itself and runing back from middle is safe for his lungs rather running from wing. Very intelligent player used very intelligently… As he plays in Mid in brasil, it also helps

  11. orlando jackson dijo:

    I hate ESPN fc clowns cause they always diss barca never give page

  12. Procash Floyd dijo:

    a few days ago everyone was laughing at Dani alves saying he was 70 years old. Who's laughing now!!

  13. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    They weren't that good, Atleti was just that bad.

    Simeone won't win the UCL with them, they need to move on

  14. YLLI dijo:

    even when barca prevail, espn fc still look to criticize its insaneee..

  15. Jay L dijo:

    The fat guy said, Xabi wouldn’t amount to any thing at Barca, as a coach.

  16. Tongai Mhishi dijo:

    Imagine how you guys spent hours on your show slandering Barcelona on your podcast then when they win you just praise them for 2 minutes smh

  17. Mc Lovin dijo:

    ESPN pundits annoying & deluted as usual..

  18. Anthon Osorio Fitness dijo:

    If that football game was a piece of art, Xavi would be Picasso. He outacted simione like boss

  19. izzy hassan dijo:

    Simeone…overrated manager with fat salary…

  20. Obihood1 dijo:

    Bunch of haters and cry babies

  21. Ibrahim Khalil Abubakar dijo:

    Thank you ESPN for bringing back the old "Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube…"

  22. Manny Yard dijo:

    Why are people complaining that ESPN always talks sh-t about Adama. We' don't see the racial abuse that fans(hooligans) does against Black players? ESPN has to be a bit more subtle about it. They can't just say the n word. They would lose their sponsors.

  23. The Bernys dijo:

    Wym Jordi Alba can try again he never gonna score that type of goal again? He scored a goal like that vs Granada in copa Dey ray come back

  24. Hillary Wandera dijo:

    Traore will always cross that ball in… No one can stop him

  25. RandomClips dijo:

    1:40 this guy is dumb asf HAHA. yes he always goes outside but you can't do anything about it . he is to strong and it will be very hard to take a ball of someone that is strong fast and smart. this guy is 90kg and talking like he could stop adama with how much of a beast he is

  26. BeastRitualist dijo:

    I'd go a step further and say it was there best performances in years.

  27. LF Creations dijo:

    These guys downplaying Traore and calling him a one trick pony yet his got the most dribble take ons in the prem since 2019, if he was a one trick pony don't u think people would stop him???

  28. Мартин Бранков dijo:

    Unbelievable game and win for FC Barcelona! ? ?

  29. simon abildgaard dijo:

    Jesus Christ, you guys are always hard to impress…?

  30. Geo Garcia dijo:

    Jordi alba won't score like that again, I never seen such a hater. If you're going to get people to come and stay on the game make sure they do it professionally, these guys sounded like they were anti-barsa

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